Fashionable hair cautery: with photos before and after

One of the types of hair treatment, their reconstruction, or what is now commonly called bioremediation, is the procedure of cauterization.</ P>

Cautery technology includesSequential restoration of the inner part of the hair first, then of the middle, and then of the surface. To restore your hair, you can choose hot or cold cauterization, depending on what condition your hair is in and what the wizard will advise you.

The fineness of the procedure

For severely damaged hair, usuallyRecommended cold cauterization, and for hair in a critical condition - hot. Hot cauterization is performed only in beauty salons, and cold cauterization, although difficult, but it is also possible to carry out at home.

Hot cauterization, held in beauty salons, includes several stages:

  1. First, the hair is washed with a special shampoo,Providing the maximum restoration of hair, and the use of another shampoo is impossible, because to achieve the result allows only a combination of special means, the useful actions of which "accumulate" in the structure of the hair.
  2. On the hair dried using a towel, the serum is applied for cauterization.
  3. With the help of a hair dryer, the hair is completely dried, andThen the master ironing them with a hairdresser's iron. This stage, as a rule, is impossible when the hair is cauterized at home. Ironing allows the heat to "insert" all the beneficial substances in the serum into the inner structure of the hair.
  4. The master flushes the hair with flowing warm water, without the use of shampoo.
  5. This stage involves applying pro-concentrate to wet hair. Its action lasts for 15 minutes, then the pro-concentrate is washed off with water.
  6. The master treats hair with a two-phase spray,The action of which is aimed at restoring the hair, the spray covers the cuticles of the hair, which eliminates the visited ends, and also counteracts negative external influences.
  7. At the request of the client, the hair fits into the chosen hairstyle.

Cold hair cauterization at homeIs carried out almost as well as hot, but the hairdresser's ironing is not used. At home, this procedure replaces the drying of hair hot after application of the serum for cauterization. In the rest, cold cauterization of hair at home repeats all the above mentioned stages. Cold cauterization is carried out in the case when the hair was exposed to a chemical wave, as it retains the shape of the curl and simultaneously restores the structure of the hair.

In order for the effectiveness of cauterization to beThe maximum is advised to exercise it 4 times in a row within a month, at regular intervals. You can combine cauterization at home with additional care measures that have been recommended by the master. It is this combination that allows to maintain the effect achieved during cauterization. As a rule, such products include special lotions, aerosols, masks and shampoos.

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Cauterization allows for a long time to forget about the problem of split ends, as it seals the cuticles of the hair.

The only disadvantage of cauterization is that,That it is not recommended to dye your hair during the entire procedure. The fact is that coloring with chemical dyes neutralizes cauterization, and vice versa, cauterization removes the dye.

Even one cauterization procedure is substantiallyAffects the appearance and condition of the hair, but if the hair has been clarified, the cauterization is less noticeable, since it takes more time to fill the "empty" hair structure with the active substances.

Cauterization in the salon and coldCauterization at home, held regularly, will help hair quickly restore structure and appearance, hair will become healthy and strong, and the possibilities of creating a variety of hairstyles will expand significantly.

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