4 proven ways to straighten hair after a perm

Many women want elastic curls, and someoneDreams of straight hair ... So I want to say: Well, we are such mysterious! In any case, both options are quite achievable: a good hairdresser will perform miracles: both beautiful curls and silky smooth hair.</ P>

I want to change the color of my hair - it's also not a problem. 15 minutes and the brunette will become a blonde and vice versa. And for someone, the next question becomes urgent: how to straighten hair after a perm?

The reasons for this decision can be different: Not satisfied with the quality of the wave, curls lost shape, in the end - the mood changed. But almost all women know that chemical perm very weakens hair, and hair straightening - the procedure is far from useful, the hair becomes thinner and weaker.

However, for those who still really want - there is such an opportunity. Even four.

How to straighten hair after "chemistry"?

  1. So, the first way. In time it gives the fastest effect, but also the shortest - straightening with electric ironing. With the help of small efforts, letting the strands of hair pass between the hot pressing press, the hair straightens. The effect of this method persists for several days.
  2. Method two - using a chemicalComposition that is applied to the hair. Then use the clamp, and in the end - the conditioner. In this case, sodium hydroxide is usually used, which straightens even the strongest curls, and ammonium thioglycinate. Since the first drug literally turns hair into a hawk - self-respecting chemistry manufacturers for straightening have long since abandoned its use.
  3. The third method that is used on hard hair is the use of hydroxide rectifiers.
  4. The last, the fourth method is the most delicate and is recommended for weakened and damaged hair. Also used chemical composition, which includes disulfide and ammonium sulphide.

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After any of the methods, the hair will requireThe most careful attitude: you can not wash your head for the first few days (about 2-3 days), pull your hair in tight ponytails or braids, use hairpins. To comb hair it is necessary especially cautiously. You can not use a hairdryer for a while. To care for hair will take a lot of effort and money: nourishing and moisturizing masks and wraps, balms and special shampoos.

But still: Try not to experiment with your hair, any effect of hair dryers, irons, and even more so of chemical agents, causes irreparable damage to your hair. And most importantly, do not forget that each of the women - it's individuality, respectively, and the reaction to the chemical wave and the subsequent straightening will be different.

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