Forms of bangs. How to choose the right bangs?

The shape of the bangs. How to choose the right bangs?

Run a succession of centuries and decades, the fashion changes, hair styles change, and she remains - kind heart bangs.</ P>

It would seem that you can change in this directHair straightening up to the eyebrows? Do not tell me. The shape of the bangs has hardly less variations than the hairstyle. For each shape and size of the face, for each age, if you like, for each character and for each situation.

The bang basically goes to all. Everything depends on the desire and ability to wear it.

How to choose the right bangs? You can consult a lady's master, and you can choose the most suitable form, guided by the simplest advice.

"The pony has a long bang of gentle silk"

Charming children's song is liked by all. But whether everyone likes it, and most importantly, whether everyone is wearing a long bang - the question is serious.

  • On a round face such a bang just cuts the forehead, further emphasizing the rounded lines of the cheeks and chin.
  • But on the elongated face, a long strand on her forehead simply suggests, she visually shortens and widens her face.
  • Well it will look and on the oval face - here it is already possible to experiment with the length. However, a girl with an oval face can afford any bangs, and everything will be to her face.
  • There are faces of a square form - nothing terrible,And here a straight, true, shortened or milled bangs can come to the rescue. With her face will appear more rounded and small, besides the accent will be shifted to the eyes.

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The shape of the bang depends on the structure of the hair. It's one thing if the hair is smooth. And if curly? Of such hair, a bang can not be built. Although you can just highlight a not very dense strand and lay it on its side. And if you really want a real bang, you have to use ironing. A straight bang on curly hair, too, looks very interesting.

Thick bangs, beginning almost from the top of the head, are made to give the hair volume. In addition, they can visually expand too narrow a face.

Graduated bangs are in fashion

True, there is not always a need for it. But for the owner of a round face, such a bang - just a godsend.

The extremely short graded bang emphasizes the beauty of the face, without shortening it, and emphasizes the barely closed forehead.

Girls with a triangular face shape often admitErrors in the choice of bangs, further emphasizing the imbalance. They will use only one form of bangs - an arcuate, which will soften the corners. With an elongated face, it is recommended to stop the selection on a long graduated bang.

Graduated bangs, photo

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Slanting bangs

Asymmetric bangs not only look stylish,But also helps to solve several problems, for example, to cut off the overly sharp forms of a square face. A long oblique fringe perfectly complements the hairstyle and with the correct oval facial structure.

Good straight hair is good in itself. And if you add to the image of a rare or filirovannuyu long bangs, slightly combed sideways - it's very beautiful.

Oblique fringe. a photo

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Ladies of delicate age

There comes a time when something is time and disguise. How correctly to pick up a bang if the slightly begun to swell a face oval or a morshchinka on a forehead became visible?

Not thick, but rather a rare straight bangs successfullyCope with the task: and the forehead is not visible, and the eyes are underlined. This technique helps to look much younger. True, with weak and hairless bangs can not turn out clear, it will have to "put" a little with the help of varnish or gel.

There is a small caveat: If a woman has a too small face, a fringe is contraindicated to her - her face will become even smaller. It is better to open your forehead and proudly wear a minor time. In the end, well-laid hair and proper make-up mean as much as masking defects.

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We have already said that the bangs are practicallyEvery woman? The main thing is to decide your style and not to break the harmony in your image. And if the experiment was still unsuccessful - well, very soon the clipped strand will grow, and you will be ready for new experiments.

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