How to get golden hair? Or gold hair dye

The most offensive for newly-minted blondes isCondition of their hair after discoloration. No matter how elegant the chosen hue is, the hair turns into a lifeless straw. How to achieve a gentle golden hue, so that hair retained its appeal and health?</ P>

First of all, decide on the tone of the light paint. Do not take warm shades like peach or rosewood. Warm hues at home staining almost always give the hair an unpleasant rust. Ashy colors will be the best option. However, a pale face with a silver hue can only exacerbate, giving an unpleasant, ghostly color to the image as a whole.

When starting to color, remember that the scalpItself generates heat. Under the influence of heat, the dyeing reaction occurs faster, so it's worth starting the staining from the ends, applying the dye on the strands from the middle to the tips. Simple, but a little time consuming technique will allow you to get uniform hair coloring along the entire length.

After dyeing in any color, the hair becomesSimilar to a sponge, which gladly absorbs dust and sebum. To maintain the original color, you need to close the opened pores with special air conditioners and sprays. The sun and hot hair dryer can etch out color, giving it a boring and dull shade.

How to get golden hair?

  • Treasured golden blond is achieved by gentle discoloration or tinting with gold paint of natural light hair.
  • Discolored hair can have a rusty hue, which can be etched with special acid formulations, but do not try them at home.
  • Light blond or hazel hair can have a pleasant golden hue, if you add a little gold pigment to the paint.
  • The sparkling strands of hair will attract the admiring glances of others, and you will have a good mood and confidence in your own attractiveness.
  • Rinsing hair with chamomile infusion is the most inexpensive and proven folk remedy for giving hair a golden hue.
  • Various conditioners and shampoos for lightHair is aimed at preserving the golden color of the curls and maintaining their health after chemical procedures. In the summer, give preference to an air conditioner with a UV filter - the elements fixed on the hair will not allow solar radiation to burn out the color and destructively affect the hair.
  • Going to the beach, remember that somePaints can give your hair an unpleasant greenish shade when exposed to seawater. In a chlorinated pool, use a hat or just not wet your hair, picking them with a hair clip.

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Top hair colors to help you get a golden hue

  • L'Oreal Recital Preference "Pure gold",
  • Brillance 814 color - Golden blonde,
  • Wella Wellaton 9/3 color - Golden blonde,
  • Revlon Colorsilk 7G (71) color - Golden blonde.

Take care of your hair, often pampering them with nutritiousBalms and forget about the straw. All procedures for discoloration of hair or even lightening are best entrusted to a professional. The master in the salon surely will be able to evenly dye his hair, achieving a noble shade of golden blond. Shine on health!

Anna Patina

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