What is a Bonding? How to arm hair at home?

If the saying "there is good, where we are not" about you, then you, for sure, have often thought about changing the image, dissatisfiedly considering in the mirror your natural hair color.</ P>

Indeed, as studies show, only a small percentage of the fair sex are completely satisfied with their hair and do not want to change the "color".

A fairly significant part of girls and womenWas repainted several times and eventually returned to the original color, finding its own natural ideal in it. The rest of the "peacocks", thanks to chemical dyes picked up the right shade of hair and now serene happy.

If you just stand still on the threshold of greatTransformations and thirst with the head, in the literal sense of the word, to plunge into the world of stellar styling, we offer a trial and fairly sparing way to change the color of hair, which is called broning.

What is hidden behind the term "bronzing"?

Do not be frightened by an incomprehensible word, since thisThe term is nothing more than the intertwining of two foreign words. Anyone who is familiar even with basic English will easily translate two components: "brown" and "blond". That is, the combination of brown-haired and blonde, or even easier: brown plus white. Here in this simple morphology lies the whole meaning of the term barber.

By the way, bronzing is a kind ofKnown in the world of fashion coloring hair, when individual strands are painted in different colors. True, a relative of this procedure, which we are talking about today, has a slightly calmer disposition and gives the effect of staining, as close as possible to natural color.

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What are the advantages of the mauve ton?

  • The fact is that the game of color accents makes it possible to advantageously add volume to thin hair and visually make them more kind, more splendid and thicker.
  • To the same, the bronzing "knows how" to hide the gray hair, which, of course, women will appreciate.
  • Also, this coloring allows you to emphasize the complexion, make it younger and fresh, because often, only by changing the shade of hair, the weak sex literally changes in the face beyond recognition.
  • Undoubtedly, another important advantage for womenPractical and girls who value their time is the fact that the bronzing does not require frequent tinting, and even overgrown hair looks impressive without getting out of the picture.

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Bronding at home

If you seriously dare to touchHairdresser's novelty, but do not know how to arm hair yourself at home, do not worry, because this technique is happy with the simple for execution even for beginners, it is important only to follow certain rules.

One of them is the selection of the right shades. To get the desired versatility you need to stock up with a lighter tone and dark color, and the color difference should not exceed three tones, otherwise your head will become a watermelon rather. It is also worth taking into account your own natural shade of hair. If you are a blonde, blow your hair out to the average shaten and then proceed with the bronzing. Owners of dark blond hair were luckier: their color can be used as a base without additional staining. Brunettes will have to slacken the blackness a little, again to the middle or classic shaten.

Hair coloring, photo

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The "base" is ready, now you can safely proceed with the armoring.

  1. We divide the hair into strands, and, not necessarilyEqual and better not thick, to achieve maximum naturalness, and begin the coloring. By the way, light colors will not go from the head itself, to give the volume back away from the roots of hair centimeter and only then we expose the hair to the dye.
  2. Those who have already painted in the home, knowAll further procedure on the tooth. It is better for beginners to read the instructions of a particular dye, as, depending on the means, the waiting time can vary considerably.
  3. Then carefully wash off the paint and enjoy the new color solution of your head of hair.

Certainly, to make a reservation in the homeYou can only take responsibility for the result, and only you, probably, therefore most girls and women still trust their precious beauty with the hands of a professional, especially since the procedure does not take much time and effort. And the bold weak sex can only wish good luck and achieve the desired result.

How to make hair ironing at home you can see in the video below, using the example of ombre:

Author: Lobastova Oksana

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