How to learn to cut hair correctly with a typewriter

How to learn to cut hair correctly with a machine?

We acquire professional or householdMachines for hair cutting, driven by different motivations. Someone because of the reluctance to throw money out of the family budget (as they say, and no hair, and money too!), Someone used to do everything himself, well, someone I am because of a fierce love for the acquisition of related professions!</ P>

Haircut with a machine - creative action andVery exciting! Of course, if you do not just clip under the smallest nozzle, vernacularly "to zero", and gradually master all the skills and tricks of this interesting case.

Buying a machine is a new stage in creating a styling, but the experience does not come right away, you need a little patience, and of course, practical exercises.

The second is not always easily given, or rather, it is not easy to give your family and friends in your hands, who are afraid of being shaved nalyso!

Rules and Recommendations

How to learn to cut your hair properly with a machine andCreate at first not masterpieces of hairdressing art, but quite tolerable hairstyles? Probably, you should thoroughly study the rules of using a hair clipper. They are often attached to the instructions for use. And only when you learn to perform the simplest haircuts and edging, you need to get acquainted with more complex hairstyles.

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  1. In order that it would be easier to cut, and the machine lasted as long as possible, you need to cut only dry and clean hair.
  2. When drying hair, try to direct air in the directions in which the final hairstyle will lie.
  3. Before each use, properly lubricate the machine, then its course will be confident and soft.
  4. Before the beginning of a hairstyle it is necessary to seat "client" so that its top was well visible to you, and close its shoulders and neck with a towel.
  5. Comb your hair well, and examine the condition of the scalp for injuries, scars, warts and depressions, and keep them in mind when doing work.
  6. Start work with the back of the head and cut small strands, keeping the machine's tilt relative to the head.
  7. Move the machine, pushing movements, only then you can achieve uniform haircut.
  8. If you are not yet confident in your abilities, thenBegin to cut with the largest nozzle, and then go to those that are smaller. When working with the machine, be careful and do not injure the ears and unevenness of the "landscape"!

Now that you have a good machine, you canTo proceed and to model man's hairstyles! How to learn to cut hair properly with a machine while doing model sporting haircuts? It's very simple, because the fashion for men's hairstyles is quite conservative, and with the help of a machine you can easily achieve an ideally designed head.

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How to use a machine to make a haircut "half-box"

Very fashionable and today there is a hairstyle "half-box", which can be done with the help of a typewriter.

This haircut as a result demonstrates the length of the hair no more than 8 cm on the parietal areas of the head, and at least 5 cm on the remaining sections.

  • The rules of haircuts are such that cleanly washed and dried hair is removed by the machine along the entire circumference of the head, starting from the left side, in stripes, one after another.
  • After you perform a haircut on the occipital part of the head, try to make sure that when you cut the temples, the hair on them was of equal length and even shape.
  • Carefully make a fringing behind the ears, on the neck and at the temples, the smallest nozzle, but try not to cut excess.
  • The penultimate stage of the haircut should beThe correction of the line going from the middle of the occipital protrusion towards the crown, and then to the left temple, gradually, by strips, and then also to the right side.
  • As soon as you finish cutting, carefully look, whether there are no "paths", that is protruding hairs of other length, correct a hairstyle, check up all hands, by the touch.

Well, look at the result! Surely you will like your first professional experience, and you will be happy to share with your friends your secrets and how to learn how to properly cut your hair with a typewriter.

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