Grandmother's secrets of beauty of hair: we get recipes from the chest

Considering old photos, you probablyPaid attention to how beautiful were the hair of our grandmothers and great-grandmothers. And it is not accidental that hair in many fairy tales and bylins is mentioned as the greatest virtue of a woman.</ P>

Our grandmothers knew a lot about beautiful hair. And the price is worthless to us if we can not keep grandmother's secrets of beautiful hair, as they are often much more effective than fashionable styling products and shampoos filled with chemistry.

The best recipes of our great-grandmothers

In the villages, many women are still, following folk wisdom, washing their heads with egg yolks.

  • Rye bread and camphor

There is in the grandmother's chest and the recipe is uniquehair masks. It was used by women who after their births had lost their hair, with the help of which they restored their beautiful braids completely. You need rye bread, the darkest one you'll find, soak in water, then stretch your hands, warm and drop a couple of drops of camphor oil into this slurry.

Apply the resulting mixture to the scalp, but do not moisten the hair. The head should be warm.

Wrap your head with cellophane, a towel, andWalk with this mask for about an hour. Rinse, then rinse your hair with shampoo. It is clear that the effect of the mask should be expected at least after several times of application, but gradually it can bring your hair into order.

  • Hot pepper

A great helper in the struggle for beautiful thickLong hair was always for our grandmothers and great-grandmothers bitter hot red pepper. Better means against hair loss and to accelerate their growth simply have not yet come up.

To make pepper tincture, which thenYou need to rub into the roots of your hair once a week immediately after washing your head, you need to insist two peppers on a bottle of vodka for two weeks. Be careful when carrying out this procedure - use a cotton swab and gloves.

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  • Decoction of burdock root

Fashionable hair conditioner for today also hasReplacement - decoction of burdock root. And you do not need to skip your lips skeptically - this proven tool is the best at coping with intricate hair. Dried root of burdock should be poured with steep boiling water, insist for an hour, then strain and rinse them hair after washing.

  • Flax seed for styling

There is a grandmother's trunk and an alternativeEvery possible means for styling hair. If you are trying to maintain the elasticity of the wave, then you should use the decoction of the flax seed. Rinse with this broth hair, dry them, and then curl on hair curlers or forceps. Here you will see, your curls will please you much longer than usual.

  • Vinegar against dandruff

Dandruff - a problem that did not appear todayAnd not even yesterday: she also spoiled life during the youth of our grandmothers. Experts advise cope with dandruff with fruit vinegar: rub the roots of hair with apple cider vinegar, warm the cellophane bag and towel and rest for an hour. Flush and enjoy the effect.

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  • Kombucha for volume and shine

Remember the wonderful tea mushroom that is ripeningIn three-liter cans in many Russian cuisines? It turns out that its liquid is an excellent hair conditioner that can strengthen hair, make it stiffer and more voluminous. In addition, thanks to such a conditioner, the hair gets a healthy shine, and their color becomes brighter and juicier.

  • Egg Shampoo

Even shampoo can be prepared on its own inHome conditions: take about 150 grams of water, 1 tablespoon of soda, 2 tablespoons of vodka, and also add egg yolk or gelatin. This shampoo not only cleanses hair well, but also enriches them with vitamins and beneficial substances.

As you can see, grandmother's secrets of beautiful hair, which have survived to our days, are worthwhile not only to take a closer look at them, but also to take them into service.

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