Styling hair with a diffuser for medium and long hair

Using a diffuser - a special nozzle on the hair dryer- You can form a curly hair. The principle of the diffuser is that the airflow spreads through the hair, but the curls do not scatter. In addition, the head of the diffuser has teeth that lift the hair at the roots and thereby give them an extra volume.</ P>

Styling hair with a diffuser

The diffuser with a wide head helps gentlyTo dry hair without ripples and is used mainly for short hair. The newest types of diffusers have long and straight teeth, thanks to which the straight hair becomes more voluminous, and their ends are smoothed.

To straighten curly hair of medium and long length, a diffuser nozzle with combing action is used.

To lay curly hair, short or medium length, it is better to use the nozzle-diffuser with short "fingers", and if the hair is long and thick - a nozzle with smooth "fingers."

If you have long straight hair, then an extra volume will give the hair a "supervolume" attachment.

If the hair is short, then you can use a hair dryer, which will not only dry your hair, but also help you to lay your hair and give it volume.

How to arrange a curly hair with a diffuser

Before using the diffuser, the hair should be washed, lightly patted with a dry towel and immediately apply mousse, cream or milk.

Then turn on the diffuser at a low speed and a low temperature and start drying your hair. That's all.

Styling hair with diffuser, photo

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How to Arrange the Diffuser with Dry Hair

Since the effect of the diffuser on the hair is very gentle, and the heat distribution is uniform, it is ideal for laying thin dry hair.

How to arrange the diffuser thin hair?

  • Set the speed to 1 and start to dry the thin hair from the roots.
  • Continue drying, while keeping the hairdryer at right angles to the surface of the head. Thanks to this, the hair at the roots is raised, and the hair is more voluminous.
  • After the hair in the root zone is dried, go to the drying of the ends of the hair.

In conclusion, blow out your hair with cold air - it will fix it.

Variants of hair styling with a diffuser can be viewed on video:

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