How to wind hair on tongs: a step-by-step guide

If you need to quickly pack up at homeHair curls, then you can use forceps. This is a good and reliable way to create a beautiful hairstyle, but it should not be abused, because the thermal impact does not go to the hair for good.

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How correctly to wind hair with forceps?

For this purpose,Temperature regulator, then you will be able not only to control the process itself, but also to protect your hair from exposure to too much temperature, which has a destructive effect on your hair. For a healthy, "thick" hair, this procedure, if not done too often, may not have consequences, but if the hair is thin, let alone weakened, then from the intense thermal impact, the ends will begin to be cut and broken. Therefore, for thin hair, it is best to use a low temperature mode.

So, let's talk about how to wind hair on the tongs.

  • First of all, the forceps must be plugged in and heated to the required temperature.
  • Dry hair should be combed properlyDirection of growth, and then divided into zones and individual strands. It is usually recommended to start the haircut with hair growing on the vertex. Separate a small strand, comb it again, raise it perpendicularly upwards and, opening the forceps, insert them into the basal zone of the strand.
  • After that, the forceps should be closed and turned to yourself, fixing for a few minutes. Thus, the direction of the lock is fixed.
  • After that, the forceps should be slightly opened and gradually moved to the ends of the hair, evenly opening and closing them. Thanks to this, the hair in the locks is not damaged.
  • At the tips of the hair, the forceps should be closed and the thread wound in the necessary direction, with a comb between the forceps and the skin.

How to wind hair with forceps, photo

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The other strands are wound in the same way. The direction and shape of the curls you choose yourself in accordance with the planned hairdress: you can get a curl along the entire length of the strand, or only at its ends, so that the hairdo gets the final look; Curls can be directed inward or outward.

After each strand is processed, the curls must be gently combed with a natural bristle brush and laid.

Note that the curling tongs canUse no more than 1-2 times a week, since the hair is exposed to thermal effects, and this is very harmful: the structure of the hair is broken, they are dried, lose its shine and silky. Therefore, if you do not want your hair to turn into a lifeless patch, do not abuse the curling tongs.

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