How beautiful to braid hair?

Gone are the days when it was thought that"Spit is a girlish beauty." But even just a braided thick and long braid always attracts the attention of the opposite sex to the girl (perhaps, just because now it is a rarity). Fortunately, fashion again returns to its roots, and the braid becomes, as they say, a fashionable trend. Girls with braids look always young and romantic, wherever they appear - in the institute, at work or in any company. Of course, an adult woman is unlikely to fit the fact that the young girl so beautiful, but the glamorous French pigtails look great on ladies of any age.

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The peculiarity of French braids isThe fact that the hair looks as if braided inside, as they say, "over the skin." However, in order to braid a neat and beautiful French pigtail, you will need a certain skill and training.

How to braid a French braid?

With your thumbs, draw a straight line from the temples to the middle of the back of your head. Since weaving the braid begins with this hair, they need to be assembled and smoothed.

  • Smoothed hair is divided into three parts equally.
  • Start to weave braids as usual, making 2-3 weaves.
  • From the third or fourth weave to eachStrands begin to add small strands of hair to the middle strand, when it is crossed. To do this, with one hand hold the three main strands, and with the thumb of the other hand carry a straight line back over the scalp (as described in item 1).
  • Taken the string smooth and add to that strand of braid, which overlaps the middle strand.
  • The weave is continued until all the hair is used, and the remainder of the braid is weaved in the usual way.
  • The end of the braid is fixed with elastic band.

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To learn how to braid a French braid,Requires not only great art, but also training. It can be weaved more tightly or more freely, add strands of different thickness or begin to weave a braid from different places on the head. Train and you will succeed!

How to braid an ordinary braid?

  • All hair should be carefully combed and carefully divided into three equal parts.
  • While holding all the strands, the right strand should be thrown across the middle strand, so that the middle one passes under it to the right.
  • Now the left strand is thrown across the middle strand, so that the middle pass under it to the left.
  • This process all the time repeats: to the right through the middle, to the left through the middle, until you reach about half the palm (or higher, if desired) to the end of the hair.
  • To fix the end of the braid is usually used elastic band, which can be covered with a beautiful barrette or ribbon.

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Braid braiding requires a good eye toTo divide the hair equally, and all the strands were of equal thickness, and also the accuracy, so that the hair did not get out of the braid and it had a well-groomed, neat appearance. The main thing is to know how to braid your hair, and your skills and skills will eventually work.

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