How to wind hair with an iron: a step-by-step guide

Together with a hairdryer and a curling ironing iron for the hair is strongEntered the arsenal of hairdressers, both professional and home-grown, that is, most women. They can be used for laying both straight and curly hair, polishing, straightening and smoothing them.

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If the iron is high-quality, then it has a universalRange of applications, so that the fuse is gradually pushed into the background. The iron is able to perform the most original ideas and create the effects that modern fashion dictates, for example, when a lock is not curled along the entire length, but only on one particular site. The iron also allows you to make a light wave on your hair.

How to wind hair with ironing?

Before use, ironing should be carefullyPrepare the hair: wash it with shampoo, apply conditioner and still some kind of remedy that will protect the hair from the heat. No foam or gel for styling, too, not do, so prepare them in advance.

For additional hair protection it is useful to applyOn dry hair also a cream for their food (that he was warm, rub it or him preliminary in arms or hand). This will create another degree of protection from thermal exposure, because even ceramic coating ironing can not always guarantee complete safety for the hair.

On the straight hair will look great charming curly locks.

  1. To get a large S-wave, take a small iron, whose width is not more than 2 cm, and how to warm it up.
  2. The larger the wave you want, the thicker the strand that the iron will clamp. He must clamp his hair as close as possible to the roots and be in a strictly vertical position.
  3. Strongly holding the strand, you need to start turning the iron in a semicircle, then the hair will wind around one side of it.
  4. Further, the iron is slowly advanced towards the endFixed strands, not stopping for a second. If you stop, an ugly transverse line appears on the hair, so the slipping of the ironing along the curl should be continuous.

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Sometimes there is a need to screw in the ends of the hair or slightly adjust the hair around the edges. When cutting the square, the iron is held at right angles to the curling strand.

  • Hair should be securely wrapped around and turn the iron inside or out, depending on what you want to get as a result.
  • With an extended haircut, the hair should be clamped a short distance from the edge of the strand (2-4 cm).

Thus, the iron can be used for any haircut - short, long or long.

The effect of disheveled curls can be achieved by using a small amount of styling products.

If you want a hairstyle to look neat, that is called a hair to the hair, then you will have to use a lot of mousse or gel for styling.

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