How to beautifully wind hair: ideas and tips

Soft curls or wavy curls alwaysGive the appearance of an extraordinary femininity and romanticism. But what to do if nature has not rewarded you with such wealth? Today this problem is solved very easily. You can use a chemical wave or create for each specific case a new original hairstyle. At home, this will require a curling iron and curlers.

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Too often use a curling bar is not worth it, soAs its thermal impact on the hair does not bring them anything good: they become dry, brittle, the tips are split. That is why when using curling irons or special curling irons, you need to apply a protective agent to the hair, especially to their tips, before curling it.

How beautifully to wind hair with an iron we wrote in this article, how to get elastic curls using tongs, you will learn here.

Here are some recommendations on how to beautifully wind hair:

  • If you decide to make spiral curls, then in the process of winding, the fuse should be in an upright position.
  • The longer you have hair, the shadow is thinner should be a winding strand.
  • Locks can also be obtained by winding the hair onCurlers. By the way, they can be replaced with papillot (these are bundles of paper or fabric, which wind hair a few centuries ago). Before winding, the hair should be slightly moistened with water.
  • When winding hair on hair curlers strands should be located at different levels (best in accordance with the direction of how the hair grows), then the curls will look more natural.
  • If you want to get large curls, then do notToo thick hair strand should be placed in a direction that is opposite to the growth of the hair, roll it from the ends to the roots and fasten the clamp. Large curls give hair more volume.
  • Determine what size curls or waves youWould like to receive as a result, and depending on this, select the desired size of hair curlers: the size of the wave will correspond to about half the thickness of the curler. Stylists advise with fine hair to choose more thin curlers, and if the hair is thick and stiff, then the hair curlers should be larger.
  • Placement curlers on the head - vertical orHorizontal - depends on the direction in which curls will be placed. With the vertical arrangement of hair curlers, the hair is wound starting from the base to the ends of the hair, and with the horizontal - on the contrary, from the ends of the hair to the roots. To make the hair look more voluminous, curlers should be as close as possible to the roots of the hair.
  • When hair curled on hair curlers dry, theirYou need to straighten it up with your hands, form your hair, turn the tips in the right direction. To give volume to the roots, you can make a small haircut.

How to wind hair without curling iron and ironing

How to wind hair without curling iron and ironing

And do not forget to get a successful styling,Special means are needed. Thanks to modern varnishes, mousses and sprays for styling, the hairstyle will not only last longer, but it will also look more natural. In addition, they provide hair protection against negative environmental influences.