Use of beer for cosmetic purposes. Beer for hair

A natural medicine for hair, an excellent conditioner, an excellent styling aid, and a very popular drink. All this is beer!

Beer was one of the most popular means inHome make-up of our great-grandmothers. And this is not surprising, because it has not only useful properties, but also accessibility. You can use this tool anywhere and anytime, because you can buy beer anywhere. Boldly use it and do not worry - it does not leave a smell!


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Beer for styling hair

Earlier, when the choice of funds for styling was notGreat, women showed great wit to achieve the desired result. Due to its properties, beer has become one of the most favorite hair styling products. It fixes the hair and long retains the shape of the hairstyle no worse than any modern gel. In addition, a large number of nutrients that make up its composition, perfectly affects the hair, making them shiny and beautiful and not harming them.

The essence of the procedure is as follows. Dilute beer with a little water and apply on hair. Hair can be both dry and wet. Then wind the curlers. When the hair is dry, remove the curlers and decorate the hair.

Beer for hair beauty

Today, despite a huge choice of packing means, beer keeps its popularity among women. Even movie and show business stars use this folk remedy in home make-up.

  • Recipe 1

You will need: 2 tbsp. Sage, 2 tbsp. Nettle nettle, 500 ml of light beer.

Grasses mix and pour hot beer, insist1 hour, then strain. Rub into the scalp at night every day for a month. This recipe perfectly heals the scalp and eliminates dandruff.

  • Recipe 2

You will need: 100g of rye bread crumbs or rye breadcrumbs, 500ml of beer.

Soak breadcrumbs (crusts) in hot beer,Insist 2-3 hours. Wash your head and evenly distribute the finished mixture over the entire length of your hair. Cover your head with polyethylene (shower cap) and a towel. Hold for 40-45 minutes, then rinse the mixture off the hair with not very hot water and rinse with warm water with apple cider vinegar (1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar per 1 liter of water). To keep your hair healthy, it was beautiful and shiny, you should repeat this procedure for a year at a frequency of once a month.

  • Recipe 3

If you want to give hair a unique shine and silky, and at the same time get rid of dandruff, just regularly use the beer as a conditioner for hair after washing your head.

Use beer for hair and be beautiful!

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