How to make hair white: 2 recipes and recommendations

Marilyn Monroe for half a century remainsAnd the ideal blonde. What a girl did not dream of lightening her hair and becoming as feminine and desirable! However, sometimes even professional hairdressers can not achieve the right effect right away. Therefore, let's talk in more detail about how to make hair white.

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The first and most important thing is hydrogen peroxide. Without it, it is unlikely that it will be possible to impart a more fresh or fashionable shade to the natural color of the hair. With the help of peroxide, you can lighten even fairly gray hair for two, three or even four tones. In addition, if the desired tone, which you want to achieve in the end, is much lighter than your natural hair color, then hydrogen peroxide is also used to prepare for painting.

If you have many times colored your hair, then discolorThey will be quite difficult, especially if they are very dark. This can take from 30 minutes to 2 hours, and you can not count on a 100% result, sometimes you end up with just a pie color in the color range from white to orange. Then you will have to resort to re-treatment of hair. If, however, this time you can not achieve complete discoloration, it is better to choose a nut, light chestnut or some other darker color.

Some lines and colors for clarificationAre provided for self-coloring at home. However, if you do not have the coloring skills, you should consult a specialist, preferably in a hairdresser. Remember that discoloration, or blonding, is a real stress for the hair, because due to intensive chemical exposure, it is dried and depleted.

Many paint manufacturers emphasize that theirPaints are supplemented with plant extracts, however it is not able to completely eliminate the negative consequences for the hair of discoloration and coloring. Therefore, do not resort too often to discoloration, especially if you have recently made a perm.

Lightening the hair with a lightening agent

If you still want to do hair decoloring at home, then you need to prepare:

  • Own hair - they must be dry and unwashed,
  • Old, unnecessary towel,
  • Comb with wide teeth,
  • clock,
  • A preparation for lightening hair together with the instruction (it is obligatory!),
  • Gloves.

The process of discoloration of hair

First of all, read the instructions andPrepare a clarifying compound. 2/3 of the solution spread to the hair along the entire length to the very tips, without applying the solution to the root part of the hair. The holding time is determined depending on the desired degree of clarification: if you just want to lighten a little, it's about 15 minutes, and a strong clarification will result if you keep the paint for half an hour. That third of the composition that you have left, apply to the radical part of the hair along the entire length and hold 10-25 minutes. After that, the hair should be washed with water, then with shampoo and rinse.

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Clarification with hydrogen peroxide

Despite the fact that the world embraced the fashion on theNatural, platinum blond is still a sign of beauty and femininity. Few people know that this effect can be achieved not only in an expensive salon, but also at home, using the available means.

What is needed for staining?

In order to whiten hair, you will need the following set of tools:

  • - hydrogen peroxide in the form of tablets;
  • - a bubble of ammonia (ammonia);
  • - Rubber medical gloves to protect the skin of the hands;
  • - shampoo (also suitable for soft liquid soap);
  • - cream with a dense fatty texture;
  • - Brush for application of coloring composition.

How to paint

First of all, you need to prepare a solution of peroxideHydrogen from the tablets that you previously bought at the pharmacy. Concentration will depend on the condition of your hair, and what color you want to achieve. So, if you have thin and fairly light hair, then the saturation of the solution should not exceed 8%. But for hard dark hair, concentration is allowed up to 12%. For hair up to the shoulders, one-third of the solution (50-60 grams) will be enough, to which about 5 grams of ammonia and a small amount of shampoo (or soap) are added. Remember that for the preparation of this product you can use only glassware, not plastic or ceramic. A prerequisite is work in gloves.

Before you proceed directly to painting, you need to do some preparatory work.

  1. Protect clothing with an old towel or any other cloth.
  2. Skin at the junction with the scalp should be lubricated with cream to avoid burns or irritation.
  3. Also note that the staining is done on dirty hair.
  4. Starting to apply the composition to the hair, do not touch about 2 centimeters from the roots, treat them last.

The composition should remain on the hair from 20 to 40Minutes, depending on what kind of result you want to achieve. Next, you need to thoroughly wash the composition of hair and treat them with a rich nutritious balm. To curls were soft and obedient, complete the procedure by rinsing with water with lemon or vinegar.

In some cases after such a homeColoring can appear a slight shade of yellow in the hair. To get rid of this effect you will be helped by special shampoos, which are sold in cosmetic shops.

If you have tight and thick dark hairShade, then you should not expect that you will become a platinum blonde after the first procedure. You will need to repeat it several times with small interruptions. In this case, note that peroxide destroys the hair, and therefore you will have to make every effort to care for the hair. Do nutritional masks and herbal rinses to prevent hair loss of its attractiveness.

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