How to cut hair properly?

A real master should know well howCorrectly cut hair to perform any kind of haircut. When the client is conveniently located in the armchair, the master comes to him on the right and covers him with a negligee, having previously covered his neck with lignin; Then combs his hair and determines whether there are warts, scars, etc. on the scalp, which can be traumatized by shearing. Having listened to the wishes of the client and determined the style, the master takes to work. A good master will always be able to tell the client which haircut will best be in harmony with the shape of his face and the general style.

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Long full haircut

At such hairstyle the machine do not use. The haircut starts on the left side in a certain order, the cropped place is clearly visible. It is more convenient to start work from the top, using a haircut "on the fingers" and thinning (filing).

The method of cutting "on the fingers" is used when shortening the upper hair and is recommended for all types of haircuts, except for haircuts "bobrick".

For thinning - thinning hair in places whereThey grow too thick, they use special scissors - denticles. When the preliminary work on the upper part of the head is completed, proceed to work on the nape. When using a small hand-held tuxedo machine at the back of the head, care must be taken not to cut off the hair at the back of the neck and near the ears. In conclusion, the hair is combed and the shape of the haircut is checked, if necessary, eliminating the drawbacks. Then put a cotton wool on the comb and comb out the cut hair.

Fashionable haircut - ladder on the video:

Medium short hairstyle

This is the most popular haircut, which is performed using manual or electric machines. Here you need a moderate mascara, not too short and high.

Haircut starts from the back of the head with a typewriter No. 2 or No.1, then continue with scissors or a machine on the sides. To machine the hair on the back of the head, use the machine No. 0 or No. 0000. Then they switch to shearing with scissors on the left side, like with a long haircut. Thinning is done over the entire head, after which the upper hair is cut on the fingers. Then the hair is combed forward and trimmed with scissors. If the client combs the hair for parting, do not leave longer hair on one side, as they are difficult to lay, and the hair will look sloppy. In addition to conventional scissors, you can use a thinning or a razor.

Short haircut

It is usually performed by electric typewritersCorresponding length. After the machine is stamping, spinning with scissors, then leveling the hair from above and, if necessary, perform a so-called edging by the razor. Depending on the mode, the lower part of the head is shaved with a razor, and the trace from it is leveled by a machine with a tooth length of 0.1 or 0.05 mm.

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How to cut long hair yourself, you will learn by watching the video:

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