For our wonderful readers on the eve of the summer season, we want to talk about the trends of summer fashion, in particular, we will tell what will be fashionable in the summer of 2013.

Fashion Trends Summer 2013

What is fashionable to wear in the summer of 2013? This summer, fashion gives us complete freedom in design creativity, outlining its directions. On a summer day you can wear a stretched T-shirt, short shorts or a mini skirt, and in the evening an elegant and beautiful dress.

As for the fabrics, this season are fashionableProducts made of: silk, cotton, linen and satin. In view of the fact that the summer of 2013 promises to break all temperature records and become the hottest, the designers could not ignore it, and therefore all fabrics should be very light.

The 2013 style includes the Greek style - nakedShoulder and it does not matter what it will be: a T-shirt, jacket, dress or swimsuit. As for leggings, jeans and trousers, the trend of the season is the so-called "pipes" with a narrowed lower part, ankle and even higher.

Of course, a few words about the colors of thisSeason. Fashionable colors of the Summer of 2013 will be bright shades, rich and juicy. In addition, you can experiment with flowers in your clothes, because it does not necessarily have to be monophonic. Most couturiers used bright shades of red, yellow, blue, heavenly and other colors in their summer shows. No summer will pass without a white color, he is always in honor.

Sarafans 2013

Fashionable clothes summer 2013

Summer dresses and sarafans

The length of dresses should not be below the knee, andChoose a specific length based on where and when you will wear this dress: if it is a walk around the city - then a short one, if a business meeting - then knee-length. But sarafans this year, on the contrary, should be long. Coloring - the most diverse, as well as dress and sundresses can be decorated with decorative various inserts.

Fashionable summer skirts 2013

For the summer will be relevant so-calledSkirts, masks, they can be as lush, so narrow straight, such skirts emphasize the delicate waist of slender women, but also help those with a few lush forms or full legs. Many-tiered skirts-the sun from chiffon and with lace should be in every wardrobe of any fashionista. Another fashion variant is a pencil skirt. Well, what can be the summer without such comfortable in the heat miniskirts.

Summer Shorts 2013

In this season, women's shorts, thanks to theirStyle, can be either a weekend or a classic business. Shorts can have a free cut, and their length - has no limitations. Also, there is no limit to the type of material for tailoring shorts and their coloring. Elegant shorts were present in almost every collection of designers, so with full confidence you can say that it is women's shorts that will become a trend of the season, because they are very practical.

Swimwear 2013

Fashionable summer swimsuits

Now let's talk about the most interesting - aboutBathing suits. Swimsuits this year will include the widest color range, they can be monophonic, and also have different color combinations, patterns and animal prints. Closed or open swimsuit - does not matter. If you prefer an open swimsuit, then this season is fashionable strapless bodice. The more different decorations and inserts will include your swimsuit - the better.

Ballet flats 2013

Fashionable Shoes Summer 2013

As for shoes, it should be different. It is not necessary to focus only on stilettos, in the summer they are not too practical. But, nevertheless, it is not necessary at all to refuse shoes on a hairpin, for an evening hike in a restaurant - they will do the best. Be sure to buy yourself ballet flats, to go to them in the summer is a pleasure, especially if you have to walk a lot.

Fashion Sunglasses 2013

Fashion Accessories Summer 2013

Fashion Sunglasses Summer 2013

Of course, one of the most important attributesYour image in the summer should be glasses. Points not only protect your eyes, but will also be an integral part of your image. First of all, the shape of the points in 2013 should be either rounded, angular or with so-called cat's eyes and butterfly glasses. Speaking in general, in the current summer season, fashion glasses will be fashioned in the style of the 50's. As for the rim, it should be wide. The color of sunglasses is quite diverse, it can be like an animal print, marble coloring, as well as pastel colors. The glass should not be darkly obscured, as a rule, they are practically transparent, with a slight darkening.

Bags of 2013

Fashion Handbags Summer 2013

This season will be fashionable as bigCapacious, and small bags. For girls who like to carry in the bag "everything you need" fit large bags with small handles. For a business idea and for an evening hike to a restaurant, small evening bags are suitable, these can be handbags, both without handles and with a long handle, for carrying it on your shoulder.

Fashionable summer handbags 2013

As for the colors, the trend of the season is brightColors, most famous designers in their collections presented handbags, in which the shades of blue predominate: dark blue, bright blue, indigo, sea-blue, etc.