Fashion braids of luxurious long hair

Long luxurious hair is customary to wearDissolved only on holidays and especially solemn occasions. And on weekdays they can be laid and braided in a variety of braids, which were in vogue always and now do not want to surrender their crown positions. In the hands of a professional master, long hair turns into a genuine work of art. But even in ordinary days, you can create especially original hairstyles by using simple weave.

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Face shape and choice of styling options

People's faces have a variety of forms,Therefore experts subdivide them into 5 main categories. This classification helps make-up artists, stylists and hairdressers-professionals for each type of person to look for the most appropriate images.

From the point of view of the classical beauty of theThe correct oval shape of the face is considered, and therefore all kinds of hairstyles or stitches are selected so as to try to bring the face visually closer to the oval, while hiding the disadvantages available to women and girls.

Experienced stylists, considering various forms of the face, offer to choose such variants of weaving-hairstyles:

The most ambitious experiments with weaving braids are allowed with an oval face. On dense ringlets, the most varied variations and models of braids will look great.

  • Girls with a round face mostIt is rational to use the weave that begins at the top of the head. This will give the person greater expressiveness, visually extending it. The braid is braided over the entire length of the hair, only a small tail or knot is left below.

Braids for the oval face, photo

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  • The smoothest lines are used forVisual smoothing of the angular shape of the square face. First, over the entire head braids are plaited, remains on the side or behind the traditionally braided tip of the braid. Braids braided by these variants, visually eliminate the excessive angularity of the face, smoothly bending around its contours.

Hairstyle with braids, photo

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  • Girls who have a triangular face shape shouldTo use the techniques, visually increasing its volume at the bottom. Stylists recommend to release a long bang, then you can start braiding the braids from the back of the neck in a classic way or on one side.

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Girls with a rectangular face should visuallyShorten its shape, while smoothing the angularity of the face. Here it is desirable not to use long traditionally straight braids. Wonderful will look like a three-dimensional weave as braided across the head of a large spikelet or a French pigtail. Visibly shortens the face and due to an elongated bang. Choose a hairstyle in this case will be much easier.

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Daily hairstyles with braids - basic weaving

To truly diversify jewelry from long braids will help mastering different variants of weaving - this will allow creating original and elegant hairstyles for every day.


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In certain cases - a spikelet, openworkWeaving, French plaits - to create an unusual hairstyle quite a single element - braids. Sometimes with the help of braids, as an additional element, you can create a very interesting laying:

  • The classic option is to separate the hairFor 3 uniform parts by volume. Then the right strand of hair is moved to the center, between the middle and left strands. Thus, the right strand becomes central. The left hair strand moves between the right and middle, this process repeats to a certain length, then leave a small tail at the end. You can decorate a classic braid with a rubber band or a bow.


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  • Fish tail - unlike the classical version, only 2 strands are used here. The braid comes out voluminous due to thin striae. The thinner the strands are taken, the more gorgeous the hair looks!

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Hair gather in a low beam and divideIn half. A thin strand separates from the right side and moves to the left. Uniform in size, thin strands on the main strand always fit from above. The strand on the left, respectively, moves with another thin strand to the right.

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Weave continues with alternatingShifting from the different halves of thin strands, while the two main strands always remain in their hands. There remains in the end a free tail, fixed with a trim rubber band or ribbon.

  • French pigtail - this model differs from the traditional version in that the hair begins to spin, starting from the top of the head.

The hair is divided into three equal parts,Move the right strand to the center, adding to it a thin strand to the right of the free hair. The same action is performed with the left strand - it is thrown over the middle strand, to it is added a new thin string on the left. The French weave repeats over the entire length of the hair and ends with a classic braid or tail.

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The French weave option allows you to createThe most fantastic hairstyles. Strongly tight little strands make it possible to create a thin neat pigtail. In the coming season, there is an actual slight negligence, so women of fashion must take this moment into account.

If weaving adds volumetric strands, then the braids are thick enough, creating the effect of thick, chic hair.

  • Air braids are one of the variants of the French weaving. The result of this weaving is a visually airy and weightless design on the head of a fashionista.

Creating an open-air model, you should takeOn the back of the head 3 small strands, interlacing them with a classical weaving twice. Then, in the right temple, take the same large strand, move it to the lateral extreme. The same is repeated on the left side - a new strand is attached to the left side of the left temple. The weaving continues to the end, with the constant attachment of additional locks from the temples. Air-laced laying is fixed with a beautiful rubber band.

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  • Cable rope - this option helps to create fashionableAnd stylish hairstyles quite quickly. The "Kanat" stitch looks good, keeping the long hair tight and strong throughout the day. The laying of this weave is simple and is available for execution to any girl.


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Make a tail high on top of the head, divide it in halfIn two parts. Each of the two strands is twisted clockwise, so as a result, a weaving similar to twisted rope is obtained. Small rubber bands fix each tip.

Then begin to twist between the two pigtails already counter-clockwise. An important condition for this type of weaving is a fairly strong tension of the buckles and tight twisting of the "ropes".

Separately protruding hairs are additionally treated with gel and smooth. This laying retains an attractive appearance for a long time. The hairstyle is fixed with an elastic band.

  • Double reverse braid - weaving such a large original spit is somewhat more complicated than conventional styling.

To get this extraordinarily beautiful optionIt is necessary to divide all hair into 2 equal parts, mentally numbering them. Each of the two parts is gradually divided into three more. Twist braids are not a classic option, but vice versa - down.

Each of the woven "reverse" braids is fixed with thin multicolored elastic bands, to give extra volume, carefully pull out the braids and fasten them down with a trim band or elastic band.

To give yourself an impeccable appearanceYou should learn the basics of weaving simple braids, which consists of any most original hairstyle. Slightly showing imagination and fiction, you can freely create magnificent styling, creating a wonderful mood for the whole day!

Schemes weaving braid with ribbons:

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Detailed master classes of weaving braid

We offer you 20 variants of fashionable, but at the same time simple hairstyles with elements of weaving.

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And in conclusion a few videos on weaving chic braids.

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