Ragged bangs - the naturalness and ease of the image

A long period of torn bangs is fashionable andIn demand among the beautiful half of humanity. Its popularity is easily explained. It perfectly combines with almost any styling and haircut, making it is not difficult for even a layman. That's why girls prefer this kind of brow.

Modern trends make it possibleExperiment with the bang stitching, its shape, length and performance. Ragged bangs can be absolutely any: deep, oblique, sparse, straight, thick, short and long. Thanks to this you can easily select it for a particular haircut and a certain type of face. One constant condition is the consideration of the external features of the future owner.

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Fashionable long bangs

This kind of brow almost does not require stacking. You can shape it with a hair iron. A long bang will give the image a business look and solidity.

A long bang is suitable for girls with a round or rectangular face and a high forehead.

  • Slanting torn long bangs

This is a modern haircut, which looks great both on rare thin hair, and on dense hair. However, owners of curly hair such a haircut will not work.

It's great for girls with a round face. It will allow you to visually stretch the face, making it oval.

Torn long bangs, photo

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Strip on the side

Gives the square face elegance, corrects the form.

  • Torn short bangs

The best choice for girls with a triangular, oval or round face. This bang rejuvenates, gives sexuality to the image.

Light carelessness and charm will give the hairdress a bang with slanting cuts, uneven ends and a slight dishevelment.

The undoubted advantage of a torn bang is the lightnessWhen stacking. To create an ideal hairstyle it will be possible independently by means of the usual hair dryer, a small amount of means for stacking and several free minutes.

To ensure that the uneven sections of the bangs lookMore effectively, you should use gel or wax during laying. To make the volume you need mousse. To fix the obtained result is best with the help of a varnish.

That hair looked neat and not tooDisheveled, you do not need to apply intensive drying during laying. The disorder that is created with a torn bang should be carefully organized and thought through.

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How to make yourself a straight and oblique bangs

In the instructions for creating bangs, there are several options. If you want to make a fringe yourself, you should follow the rules and try not to experiment on the image.

Ragged oblique fringe

Cut experts advise dry, goodCombed hair. This will allow you to shear the necessary length without cutting off excess hair. The bangs can be cut as standard scissors, or with scissors for filing or with a blade.

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  • Modeling.

Strands of bangs must be twisted into loose bundles.

  • Sections.

Using a sharp blade, you need to make shortSlices in the direction of the planned laying. In this case, manipulations must be performed at different levels. Thanks to this, a long bang will look bulky. Slices need to be done slowly, working through all the strands in stages.

  • Adjustment.

After cutting, bangs should be combed. If any detail does not fit into the overall pattern, then the protruding hair must be twisted again into a tourniquet and cut.

Straight Torn Fringe

  • Make a triangular part in the area of ​​the future bangs;
  • Hair slightly moistened with water and carefully combed;
  • Hair is sheared with ordinary scissors. In this case, they should be moved in a zigzag manner along the entire width of the strands. The thicker the bangs, the deeper you want to make a zigzag.
    The trimmed curls are divided into vertical punches 1 cm thick.
  • Each curl must be fixed betweenFingers. Then pull them to the hair that will be near the face. Step by step it is cut by an even cut a triangle that extends beyond the area of ​​the fingers.
  • The final stage will be drying and laying the resulting torn bangs.

The use of a torn bang in model haircuts is explained by the ease with which it is carried out. For this reason, even a person far from hairdressing activities is able to perform this element on its own.

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Faces according to the type of face

  • Torn long bangs

By right it is recognized as universal. It suits perfectly to almost any hairstyle and face shape. But it is best combined with cascading and graduated haircuts. A long bang gives the image a slight negligence and naturalness.

Owners of the face of the square form are recommended to make a long bang, which will fall over the line of cheekbones. A similar bang perfectly combines both with long, and with short hair.

  • Straight Torn Fringe

Magnificently hides the angularity of the face. Doing, at the same time, eyes unusually expressive. In addition, this bang helps visually stretch the face and hide the low forehead.

  • Short bangs

Gives the perfect image a piquancy. Often such a bang is complemented by a haircut of a bean or quads, as well as other graphic, even haircuts.

  • Strip on the side

If you work such a bang thinning scissors from the roots, then the hair will get volume.

Create a great hairstyle that will complementImage, give charm, hide the shortcomings of appearance and, conversely, emphasize virtues, only a real professional is capable. You can try to make a torn bangs on your own, but it's best to entrust this job to a hairdresser. Only this way the haircut will look harmonious.

Photo of haircuts with a torn bang

Haircut with a torn bang, photo

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Ragged bangs - an excellent solution for those who are looking for their individuality, seeks to emphasize their dignity.

Laying a torn bang with the help of packingMeans, you can easily get an ideal hairstyle that will not leave anyone indifferent. Lightness, naturalness and singularity of the image will attract admiring glances.

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