Types of haircuts - square without bangs and double quads

Haircut kara won the love of the female halfOf the world's population during the First World War, however, historians hint at the more ancient roots of this popular hairstyle. A number of legends say that the first owner of a haircut was the Egyptian queen Cleopatra - known to this day, as one of the most beautiful women of all time and people. Later, this type of haircut has acquired a new name - "classic quads."

The modern beauty industry does not cease to amaze the fair sex with new types of cutting hair. To date, there are several dozen.

This article is intended to introduce the reader to the two most popular types of haircuts: square without bangs and double quads.


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Square without bangs

Kare without bangs - this is a classic version of the female haircut, which remains at the peak of fashion for decades.

What kind of girls are suitable for this haircut?

  • Kare without bangs is an ideal option forGirls, endowed with nature with the right features of an oval shape. Simplicity of a hairstyle does not pull the main attention to itself, allowing associates to see all beauty of the person standing before them.
  • In addition, the haircut is great for girls -Holders of a round and wide face. This hairstyle can be worn with any parting, however, stylists recommend oblique, as it not only lengthens the contours of the face, but also teaches it in a more advantageous light. There is no reason not to follow the recommendations of specialists.
  • For a square face with broad cheekbones, this speciesHaircuts will suit only in the case when the girl has a magnificent head of hair. If you have rare hair, then the hair will break the proportion of the head and not betray attractiveness. The elongated shape of the face also makes you think about choosing a different haircut - a square without bangs will significantly lengthen your features.
  • Particular attention should be paid to curly hair. Owners of disobedient head of hair should avoid cutting the square - it is better to choose longer hairstyle options or a haircut with a layering that will give a certain charm. If your hair descends to the shoulders with soft, beautiful curls, then the square is the ideal haircut for you.

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  • For this type of haircuts, it is best when laying to give the hair an easy natural volume - this will make your image complete and beautiful. But strong naches should be avoided.
  • Styling the hair is done in a few simpleSteps. First of all, dyeing agents are applied to damp hair, which should be chosen considering the condition of the scalp - for dry use of cream, for normal - froth, and for fat it is better to pick up light emulsions.
  • Further, the selected agent is evenly distributedOn the entire length of the hair comb with rare denticles and only then directly proceed to styling with a hair dryer and a round brush. Choose a small strand, wind it on the brush and dry, while it is recommended to lift it at the roots to create a volume. To make the installation easier, experts advise tilting the head in the direction that you dry.
  • After the drying is completed, do not rush to fix it with a varnish, as this will considerably weight your hair, the best option is to use a sprayer that gives the shine a shine.

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In order to avoid the effect of fatty hair, at the time of using fixation tools, put a palm on the parting part - this will give your hair a healthy and well-groomed appearance.

Double quads

This type of haircut is much less common than the classic quads. His preference is given to girls who have sufficient self-confidence and are ready for experiments.

The main difference from the classical penalty isTwo levels of hair cut. This gives the haircut the appearance of a short square, which was imposed on the elongated square. The main drawback of this haircut can be called the difficulties that arise when styling hair. Ideally, this hairstyle suits girls with thin brittle hair, since the strands trimmed in this way will better keep the shape and volume. And the executed radical trimming will give extra curls to the locks. On a thick head of hair, the hairdresser performs a deeper parting.

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Double quads do not fit excessively busy orLazy females, since it requires daily styling. If you chose this type of haircuts, you can easily correct the defects of the face. It is best to do this with a bang. Mature ladies should choose soft smooth lines, while for young and bright girls, stylists recommend choosing a bang with torn edges or graduation.

If you are young and do not fear being inThe center of attention, then in addition to the double penalty you can make coloring or highlighting. Different lengths of hair can be emphasized by staining them in different contrasting hues. Such a decision, definitely, will not leave you in the shadows.

Variants of a hairstyle double square

Cutting quads has been known for decades, and allThis time it is at the peak of its popularity. The classical version of the square is chosen by a lot of TV stars. Double, however, a more unusual version of the haircut, also very feminine, appeared much later. There are several variations in the performance of the haircut - it differs in shape, cut-off angle and length. But whatever length you choose, you can be sure that you will make the right choice.

  • Double quads on medium length hair

Double quads are one of the best optionsFor girls with hair of medium length, since it fits almost any type of face. Hairstyle is often performed in combination with a bang. Its shape can be different - for the classic square do a straight bang, and for the square on the "leg" choose a triangular version.