Heagami for fashionable hairstyles

The current fashion trends prove the truthThe expression that everything new is a well-forgotten old. Everything that once was fashionable, now again acquires its relevance. This applies not only to the style of clothing, but also hairstyles. So, one of these hair accessories, which is rapidly returning to its fashionable positions, is heagami.

For those who are not already familiar with thisMiracle-adaptation, it is worth explaining that the word "heagami" means a set of special accessories, thanks to which in a few minutes you can create a variety of different hairstyles. Especially valuable this device will be for those ladies who do not have enough time to create a hairstyle or visit a beauty salon.

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With the help of heagami you can create the mostA variety of hairstyles of any complexity. They can be either simple or exquisite. In addition, constantly experimenting, every girl can invent her own unique hairstyles. It's easy enough to use the heagami, and the result exceeds all expectations.

Classical hairstyle with hеагами

For those who have not yet mastered the skills of working withHegami, it's best to start by creating a classic hairstyle. For this, you need to comb your hair well, open the hairpin and place it almost at the very ends of your hair. Next, holding the heagami with both hands for the tips, you need to wind the hair on the barrette, until it is at the back of the neck. Then you need to turn the hairpin, connecting its ends with each other. To finish the hair, make the final stroke and evenly distribute the hair on the barrette so that there are no gaps. This option is well suited for office or solemn events.

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That the hairdress turned out more youth andPlayful, you can collect the hair in a high beam. As in the previous version, the hair needs to be combed well. Next, gather the hair in a pony tail, placing it on the top of the head. Take a hairpin or roller and wind hair, as in the first hairstyle. When all hair will be wound on a hairpin, they need to be evenly distributed over it. It remains to fix the bunch of hairpins or invisible, and the hair is ready.

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Hairstyle «Dragonfly»

The original use of heagamiIs a hairstyle with an equally original name "Dragonfly". To create it, you need to fix the lock barlock at the back of the head. Then you need to divide this strand into two parts, one of which is twisted and fixed outside the heagami. The remaining strand should also be twisted, but fasten it already over the barrette.

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Funny spiral

To create this hairstyle you will needSpecial spiral barrettes (rings), which also refer to accessories "heagami". To make the classic and simplest version with spiral hairpins, you need to comb the hair for the beginning on the crown and twist them into a tight tourniquet.

The first spiral hairpin must be enclosed by the heagiTo the bottom of the harness and screw it into the hair. It should be noted that the spiral ring should pass as close as possible to the scalp (it is better, if it touches it), so that the hair will last as long as possible. Of the hair that remained unused, you also need to twist a tight tourniquet, in which, similarly to the first, you need to fix the second spiral ring.

When the preparatory work is completed, you canTo form from hair any hair, the most intricate form. If you have long hair and after twisting of hair there is a tail, you can wind it on a curling iron, giving a romantic touch. Thanks to spiral hairpins, heags, your wildest fantasies will take the form of a beautiful, hairstyle.

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This is one of the most elegant options for hairstyles, which can be done with the help of heagami. "Shell" is ideal for work, gatherings in cafes, walks, as well as for solemn events.

To create such a hairstyle you will needA fairly wide range of tools and accessories. Stock up with three combs of different thicknesses, which will perform the functions of hair distribution, smoothing, as well as fleece. In addition, you will need hairpins and invisibility, and, of course, hegami.

Just before you startStyling, wash your hair, apply a volumizing agent on them and dry well with a hairdryer. To volume was more effective, it is better to dry hair, tilting your head down. When the hair is completely dry, they need to be combed well.

At the base of the head, it is necessary to assemble the hair into a bundle andStart twisting it in a tourniquet so that the hair is lifted to the head. As the hair will curl, they need to be constantly smoothed with a hand or a comb with small teeth, so that the surface of the hairstyle is perfectly smooth. When you finish twisting, there will be a small tail. It must be carefully hidden inside the shell, carefully secured with invisibility. It does not matter in which direction you will twist your hair. Do as you like, or as you prefer.

The resulting "shell" is needed on one sideFastened with studs. You can use both ordinary hairpins and decorative ones. At the final stage you need to walk through the hair of a small comb to smooth them. Stranded strands can be fixed with hairpins or sprinkled with varnish.

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Why should you give preference to the hegas?

  • One of the undeniable advantages of heagami isThat they do not damage the hair. Due to the fact that the hairpins are made of quality materials, you can create the most intricate hairstyles without damaging the appearance of your head of hear.
  • Thanks, again, to quality materials, andAlso good ergonomics, hair clips are very gentle to the scalp. They do not squeeze blood vessels, do not injure the skin and do not cause painful sensations. Thanks to this, you can walk the whole day with a hairdo created with the help of heagami, without feeling the slightest discomfort.
  • Hairpins hеagami arranged so that hairstyles,Performed with their help, practically do not need fixation by special means. This will allow you not only to save a considerable amount on varnishes and stains for styling, but also will save the health of your hair.
  • Many women allow themselves beautiful hairstylesOnly for some solemn occasions, because in a beauty salon such a service is not cheap. Having in your arsenal a heagami, you can surprise the people with exquisite styling every day, creating them in a matter of minutes, without resorting to the services of hairdressers.

Heagami is a unique invention of JapaneseHairdressers, to which they inspired the art of origami. And indeed, just as the master of origami creates intricate figures of paper, thanks to these hairpins, hair can be given a variety of forms.

At first glance, the devices can beSeem strange and difficult to apply. In fact, you will master the art of creating hairstyles much faster than you might think. Thanks to the heags, you will no longer have problems with creating hairstyles. In addition, you no longer have to spend several hours to beautifully lay your hair.

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