How to wake dormant hair follicles: the best recipes


Thick, beautiful and healthy hair is a prideAny woman. Hair can also give her and a lot of trouble when they begin to cut and hurt. Especially unpleasant happens in those cases when the hair falls out with the bulb. The strands become liquid, the hair is sparse and slovenly, it is extremely difficult to lay the hair, and washing becomes a continuous disorder, because After him in the bath are literally bundles of fallen hair. This condition requires the fastest diagnosis and treatment.

Fortunately, nature has provided a spare option- a large number of sleeping hair follicles. If they are awakened to life by special means or methods, the lost density of the hair will be successfully repaired and even improved its curls.


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Because of what hair grows badly

On the person's head there is a huge amountFunctioning hair follicles, as well as many sleeping follicles. The hair follicle is the "root" of the hair that is in the scalp and receives nutrients for building and maintaining a good condition of the hair shaft. If the food for some reason is deteriorating or interrupted, the hair is damaged and falls out, the strands become liquid.

Hair loss with an onion causes many reasons:

  • Abuse of diets, strong restrictionIntake of beneficial vitamins, minerals and nutrients into the body. In the pursuit of harmony, many women often forget that a shortage of normal food will have a very negative effect on the condition of the skin of the face and body, hair and nails.
  • Severe diseases associated with infection, intoxication, eating disorders, surgical interventions can lead to severe hair loss.
  • Severe sudden or often recurring stresses lead to a sharp disruption of the nutrition of the scalp and hair loss.
  • Pregnancy is one of those conditions that leads to the temporary loss of a part of the hair, followed by the emergence of strands of sleeping bulbs.
  • Hormonal disorders, including the intake of hormonal contraceptives, can both stimulate hair growth, and cause their loss.
  • Taking certain medications can cause rare hair. When using chemotherapy, hair falls completely, but then begin to grow out of sleeping follicles.
  • Too aggressive means for hair and hard handling with combing and styling.
  • Excessive use of laying tools andPreparations for care, especially with a large number of silicones, leads to the fact that the formed film interferes with normal breathing and nutrition of the hair, making it heavier, literally tearing out of the skin due to a severely weakened bulb.

If a black hair bulb is found when examining a fallen hair, this can indicate that the hair papilla is damaged and the hair on this place will not grow anymore.
To understand what can stimulate a hair bulb for growth, you need to identify the cause of hair loss, after a survey with a trichologist.

Hair bulb photo

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There is a seasonal increase in hair loss,Which is directly related to the change of the seasons of the year. Very often it worsens in autumn, when the hair in summer was subjected to intense effects of natural and artificial factors. This is a normal condition, the hair will fall only those who have already lived their due time. You can just help your hair regrow through a course of masks and applications.

But if hair loss is directly related toSevere stress or the presence of a disease, it may be necessary to help a specialist, otherwise it is possible to lose at least half of their chic chic locks. This especially applies to situations where the hair begins to fall out for no apparent reason, form foci of thinning or full loss. Only a trichologist can help, and sometimes a dermatologist will need help if the fallout is associated with a disease, for example, with ringworm or other diseases.

In modern clinics, trichologist's officesEquipped with special devices and devices that allow for a large increase, consider the scalp and determine the presence of the problem and its cause. With the conclusion of a specialist to fight the disease is much easier, because. There is clear evidence of its origin and a list of recommended drugs for treatment.

Important! One must be aware of the fact that one knowledge of how to restore the bulbs of the head is not enough. It will require a complex effect on the entire body and the regular use of special preparations, careful care and the rejection of aggressive methods of affecting the hair.

Massage of the scalp

To stimulate hair follicles to activeGrowth, has long been used massage. Our great-grandmothers practiced combing hair with a brush of badger bristles 100 times in each direction. This helped to get the effect of massage and effectively cleared long hair from dirt, distributed the skin fat along the entire length of the hair and made them more elastic. But this method is good and can be used only for completely healthy hair, when the doctor does not find weakened hair follicles, that is, the process of loss is natural. Weakened hair, such combing can loosen, especially if you act carelessly and strongly pull your hair.

It is much more effective and safer impact onSleeping hair follicles are a usual manual massage. It is done very gently, with soft pressing and stroking movements, in the direction from the forehead to the nape. Massage causes a rush of blood to the scalp, it improves the nutrition of the hair roots and promotes the "germination" of new hairs, strengthens the old bulbs.

To carry out manipulation, you can useA special massager for hair bulbs, the main thing is that in the process of work, he does not tear his hair and does not act too aggressively. Procedures should be regular, from the fact that the massage will be done from time to time, there will be no pronounced effect.


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Balanced nutrition and vitamins for rapid hair growth

Often, the cause of deterioration of hair and theirFalling out becomes woman herself. In an effort to conform to fashionable standards, it does not just feed itself wrong, but sometimes it literally starves itself. At the same time she often does not know that in this way she deprives nutrients not only her stomach, but also her skin, hair, nails, teeth. It is not surprising that regular or prolonged abuse of hungry or unbalanced diets leads to complete exhaustion of hair follicles, hair loss, dryness and flaking of the skin, brittle nails and tooth decay.

In order to revive the hair follicles,It will be necessary to switch to a competently balanced diet that does not add extra pounds, but will restore the former beauty. To do this, it is best to consult a dietician, but you can do something yourself at home.

Hair needs vitamins, minerals,Proteins and omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids. For this, it is necessary to switch to food rich in these components. Particularly important is vitamin B9, which is contained in a rather large amount in curds, natural cheeses, legumes, fish and seafood, brewer's yeast. In general, the whole group of B vitamins is important, so you need to include in your menu buckwheat, black (rye) bread, liver, which also contains useful vitamin A and vitamin E - a powerful antioxidant. Vitamin C and others are saturated with fresh fruits, vegetables and berries.

To awaken the hair follicle and give a pushTo the development of a new hair, protein is needed, so you can not refuse meat. Another thing is that it's worth going past sausages and smoked products, but choose lean boiled or baked poultry, beef and mutton. But with sweets, baked goods, carbonated and sweet drinks can be safely abandoned. This is a completely useless food, which leads only to the formation of rollers at the waist.

Important! As an aid to the body, you can use special multivitamin complexes for hair and nails, fish oil and other biologically active additives, but only as an addition to a normal diet, and not as a substitute for it.


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Shampoos to strengthen hair, stimulate the awakening of bulbs

To properly strengthen the hair follicles, the skinHead and hair itself, you need to thoroughly and regularly wash them, trying not to use too aggressive shampoos. Choose these funds by experience, solely by the type of hair and scalp. In order to revive strands, various substances are used, which are contained in shampoos and other hair products:

  • Argan oil.
  • Camellia Oil.
  • Ginseng extract.
  • Extraction of reindeer antlers.
  • Extracts from various medicinal plants.

If the hair is very loose, you should avoidExcess weighting, that is, less often use shampoos with a high percentage of silicones. It is recommended to change shampoos on a regular basis, since the hair gets used to their action and ceases to respond positively to them.

Important! After washing your head, you must always use a conditioner and do not comb the wet strands. In this condition, the hair is very easily damaged and pulled out.


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Folk and home masks and hair growth products

In folk medicine has long been usedVarious natural remedies that provided the restoration of hair bulbs. To feed the roots and hair, always used oil: burdock, castor, olive, which in the old days was called wooden. They often greased hair and men and women. In addition to oils, to stimulate the growth of new hair, masks and wraps from onions and garlic, mustard, and later with red pepper were used.

The action of oils is based on nutrition and mitigationScalp and hair, but onions, garlic, mustard and pepper stimulate increased blood circulation. The root of the hair receives an active inflow of nutrients and begins to grow rapidly.

The most effective mask with onion or garlic,Which works very well, but has an exceptionally unpleasant odor that persists on the hair for a long time. Moreover, with each wetting of the hair with water, the smell is restored. To help comes hair balm "Onions", which has all the useful components of a natural mask, but devoid of a deadly scent. On the contrary, this remedy has a very pleasant slight smell, stops hair falling and makes it light and silky. It is recommended to use the balm paired with a similar shampoo from the same 911 series.

A mask of ordinary mustard also helps. For this, the powder is poured in moderately hot water, but not with boiling water, since otherwise it activates essential oils with toxic effect and they will burn the scalp. Mustard is used in the company of other components useful for hair: yolks, vegetable oil, honey, kefir, curdled milk or fresh yogurt.

Mask for dry hair:

  • Mustard - 1 teaspoon.
  • Egg yolk - 1 piece.
  • Olive oil - 1 tablespoon.

The mixture is thoroughly stirred and rubbed into the scalp, insulated and washed off after 15 to 20 minutes.

Mask for oily hair:

  • Mustard - 1 teaspoon.
  • Kefir or any other sour-milk drink - 2 tablespoons.
  • Honey - 1 tablespoon.

Mask is done exactly as well as a means for dry hair.

Important! All components of house masks can provoke an allergy, so if burning or other unpleasant sensations occur, they should be washed off immediately and an antiallergic agent taken.


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Procedures used in beauty salons

If the hair falls out with the bulb, and the homeProcedures do not help or assist, in such situation a direct road on treatment to the cosmetician-trihologu. Modern cosmetology offers strengthening of hair bulbs and treatment of high greasiness with the help of ozone, massages with special devices, for example, special attachment of the device of Darsonval, and also the most popular and effective method - mesotherapy of the scalp.

This method helps to treat various conditions,At which hair grows poorly or often fall out. The cosmetologist always chooses the composition of preparations for mesotherapy individually, based on the client's problem and his personal characteristics. It is this approach that guarantees an excellent result of the course of procedures.

Forecasts and results of treatment

Activate hair growth on the head only inIf there are no organic lesions of the bulbs themselves and they are alive, they are simply in a state of temporary sleep. In the vast majority of cases with the help of timely correct treatment it is possible to get rid of falling hair and grow beautiful fluffy hair. Only in the event that the hair sac is badly damaged and does not keep the bulb, hair loss and full or partial baldness may appear.

But such cases are quite rare, because Modern medicine and cosmetology has developed and implemented a lot of very effective tools that help quickly restore beautiful thick hair.

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