How to braid a beautiful pigtail girl simply and originally

If a girl goes to kindergarten or school, very muchIt is important that she had a beautiful hairstyle. A simple pigtail-spike or tail can not do, especially if the hair is long and thick. Therefore, it is important to know how to learn to weave braids to a child, especially since it is not at all difficult and is accessible even for beginners. An intricate hairstyle can be not only festive, but also used as an everyday option and significantly save the family budget.

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Fundamental rules

Before creating a beautiful hairstyle on the head of your child, it is important to follow certain rules for hair styling:

  1. Basically, we weave braids to children, sending themTo school, to classes or to the sports section. The first place should be comfort. Hair should not be over-stretched, as it can lead to headaches. To avoid this situation, you should not allow braids to braid with excessive density.
  2. Do not make the child a complex hairstyle in the morningBefore the start of the school day, as this is an excess. Time for a hairdo in this period is not so much, just a few minutes. In them, and you need to meet, without spending unnecessary nerves.
  3. It is best to braid children's braids from hair of approximately the same length. In the case of multi-layer hair, it is better to use hairpins and invisibility.
  4. Do not wait for the end of the braid to begin to weave ribbons, bows and shoelaces. This will make your hair more lush and thick.
  5. In order to separate strands, it is best to use a scallop with thin teeth. For easier styling, hair must be moistened first.
Helpful advice: To ensure that the pigtails stay neat longer, at the end of the weaving should be sprinkled several times from the spray. So pigtail will be more intact, since hair dye for children is highly discouraged.

Before learning how to weave braids, it is important to prepare the necessary tools:

  • Tape, if necessary;
  • Multicolored rubber bands of small sizes;
  • A sprayer filled with water;
  • Comb with rare teeth.

Hairstyles for short hair

With regard to short hair, the following variants of hairstyle are provided:

  1. Make a direct parting and braid two pigtails in the form of spikelets. Use a constriction in the form of rubber bands or apply beautiful ribbons.
  2. Divide the hair into a pair of pieces, making a low tail for each of them. If you wrap the strands near the place where they are tightened with an elastic band, you will get two small sized shards.
  3. After the hair is divided into 5-6 parts braids are braided in each of them. As a result of the braid, the tail is going to be higher or lower than usual.


Ideal option if the girl is the owner of not long curls. Technology of weaving:

  • The hair needs to be combed well, after which it is necessary to form a parting;
  • A small area is combed closer to the face, and other strands recline;
  • Weaving begins after the separation of a small section;
  • Stitching from the side is made on the middle section, up to the final weaving;
  • The originality of the hairstyle is that the direction of the braids is constantly changing, and weaving must be carried out to the end;
  • Remaining weight of hair is taken in one or 2 tail.

Scythes for medium hair

There are many hair styles for medium length hair. Here is a simple option that clearly tells you how to weave braids to children for beginners:

  • Locks will need to be gathered in a ponytail;
  • Then the mass of hair is divided into two sections;
  • Each section is twisted into a bundle;
  • Each of the bundles is intertwined with each other, followed by pinning.

</ P> Useful advice: to avoid brittle and split hair, do not use lacquer. As in the past case, to save the braid it will be easy to sprinkle the hair with water from the spray gun.

Waterfall from the hair

The appearance of the child's hair is quite beautiful, but due to the complexity of the performance not everyone will be suitable. Consider the execution of this hairstyle in the following steps:

  • To begin with, you need to comb your hair and make a parting of the oblique type;
  • After selecting a small area, divide it into three parts and weave the braid, leaving the new strands hanging down, as indicated in the photo below:

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Braids of long hair

Hairdo hairstyles for long hair canBe set. It is possible to braid not only pigtails, but also beautiful bundles and bundles. Some mothers can even attend special weaving courses. In this section, we will introduce several popular and available techniques that the beginner can do.


Hairstyle is a braid, consisting of four strands, and is great for long and thick hair.

Technique of execution

  • The carefully combed strands are sprinkled with water. Locks should not be excessively moist;
  • Next, you need to make a parting with the selection of the area next to the temple, which, in turn, is divided into four components;
  • The extreme section on the right is shifted to the third section. Then the second section is shifted to the third section. This process is similar to weaving the usual braids;
  • Why put the first strand under the following bottom;
  • Such manipulations are repeated with respect to the three right sections;
  • Select the direction in the middle with respect to the occiput;
  • A similar construction is performed when weaving on the other side;
  • For tying, a bow and elastic band is used.
  • As a result, we get a universal option, which is quite interesting and can be used by children for every day.

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Wire harnesses

For school classes, it is recommended to use simple pigtails with a harness decoration, which are much more effective than conventional braids.

Scheme of execution

  • Make a high tail;
  • Further, a small area is allocated and fixed with a hair clip;
  • The remaining mass is divided into three parts, after which the weave is turned on the steps;
  • In the process of weaving, several hair are drawn from each strand;
  • To fix the resulting spit, use an elastic band;
  • Now work begins with the site left initially;
  • The section is divided in half, after which there is a twisting in the bundle;
  • Next, the braid and the bundle are carefully fastened;
  • The locks are neatly stretched, as a result of which the hairdo acquires a three-dimensional appearance.

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One more variant of a simple hairstyle with harnesses:

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Another option is the fish tail, the scheme of which is quite simple.

  • First, you need to comb your hair and then divide the parting into 2 main parts.
  • Separate the small area, then put it on top of the main part. Then put it under the right side, and make the weaving to the end. Strands should be the same and thin.
  • Fix the received braid with an elastic band.

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Rim of curls

This bezel looks quite impressive andIt is a wonderful alternative to the usual rim, as the face opens. The rest of the hair can be curled. This hairstyle is ideal for a graduation party in a kindergarten.

Step-by-step execution

  • Hair is combed, and curls are prominent from the forehead. The rest of the hair goes into the tail;
  • Strands from the front are transferred to one side, and weaving of the usual spikelet begins;
  • At the end of the weaving, ordinary braids are made;
  • In order to hide the tip, loose curls are used. In order to keep it better, invisibility is used to secure it.

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Helpful Tips

  • Long hair is quickly confused. In order to avoid this, special means are used, for example, various sera. Thanks to them, the hair becomes softer and more docile. It is better if the whey or cream for children will have an unobtrusive aroma.
  • Unusual braids can be performed even on non-dense hair. Hairstyle visually will be more voluminous in case of loose weaving.
  • In order to give a hairstyle a festive look,Apply bright ribbons or beautiful hair clips. Modest braids in the hair - an ideal option for school everyday life. If a holiday is planned, an original weaving will be required.
  • Do not be discouraged if from the first time something in the plaiting braids did not work. Train and skill will come with experience and patience.

How correctly to weave braids to the child: simple schemes

The voluminous braid "Jasmin"

This hairdo is very beautiful, and with it the girl will resemble a princess from a cartoon about Aladdin. It gives splendor to delicate hair, so it's most suitable for them.

  • After combing, the hair is collected in a pony tail of the classic type.
  • On each side of the hair are separated small strands and are connected by means of a small rubber band.
  • To comb the braided hair, a thin comb is used to create the volume.
  • The next strands are selected in a similar way, then fastened with an elastic band and begin.
  • The repetition of each element occurs in a similar way, after which the tip is fixed with an elastic band.

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"Loving Heart" and "French Spit": 2 in 1

Such a hairdress will be appropriate to look in the conditions of any holiday. The technology of implementation is as follows:

  • Hair should be divided horizontally into 2 parts;
  • The lower part is pinched by a working pin and while left alone;
  • The upper part is divided into two parts by a smooth parting;
  • On the basis of the two upper halves are madeIdentical tails, are braided in a classical way and are attached to the tip by thin invisibles. The braids must remain bulging and do not fit too tightly on the head;
  • The braids bent in the outer side are attached by invisible ones, so that the hairdress takes the form of the heart;
  • The lower part of the hair may remain loose or be braided into simple French or Greek braids;

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Creative approach is always beneficial, evenIf this is due to how to braid a girl's braid is beautiful and simple. A small fashionista with a similar hairstyle will not be left without attention, revealing a true model of style, encouraging others to master this art. Moreover, there are plenty of ways for this, regardless of the length of the hair. Thus, pigtails on the hair for the girl remain a neat and convenient option. Remember that a girl who looks beautiful from childhood, grows confident and well-groomed woman!

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