Cutting cascades on short hair for giving volume - photo of fashionable folds


A woman at all times has sought to lookBeautiful and modern. But you will agree, the image can not be completed without a beautiful haircut, which would correspond to all fashion trends. In addition, it is very important that the hairstyle emphasizes all the natural virtues of a woman and conceals minor shortcomings. That is why, the haircut should be selected taking into account the features of the face.

There are universal haircuts. These include a cascade of short hair.

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What does a haircut look like?

Cascade for short hair gained popularity in the eighties of the twentieth century. And today, such a hairstyle is adorned by many representatives of the fair sex.

The cascade is performed in such a way that each strand on the head ends up in different lengths, i.e. Stacking resembles a step or cascade. In the people such haircuts are also called "ladder".

When a hairdresser does a haircut with this technique, he takes any short haircut (this can be a bean, a square, etc.) and complements it with cascade elements.

First of all, the master must select a controlStrand in the crown area, the entire subsequent haircut will be equal to it. The length of such a lock is determined by the hairdresser depending on the face oval. For an elongated narrow face, the length to the chin is considered ideal, for a round one it is necessary to stop on an option to the temples.

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The distinctive features of the short cascade

Traditionally, this haircut is custom made onLong or medium hair. But, recently the short cascade is becoming more popular. For a basis it is possible to take absolutely any short hairdress.

An important advantage of such haircuts is the possibilityIndividual selection of hair length. Everything depends only on the features of the face, the color of the eyes and the fantasy of the woman. Stairs of hair can be straight, and wavy. In the region of the occiput and the temporal part, in most cases, there are peculiar hairy "feathers" or stepped tips.

Haircut in the style of "cascade" adds hairAdditional volume and visual ease. This effect is achieved due to the milling of individual strands with special scissors. Aerobatics is a thinning with a sharp razor. But do not decide on such a trick without thorough preliminary preparation.

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Who should make a choice in favor of the cascade?

Cascade is suitable for almost everyone. Especially well it will look at the ladies with an asymmetrical face. Haircut will visually smooth out uneven angles, will make them more proportional. Owners of hard and excessively curly hair are advised to choose another variant of the hairstyle. Otherwise, you will have to use daily special foams, whey, mousse and other cosmetics that can smooth unruly curls.

Often curly beauties straighten their hairWith the help of plaques and ironing. But regular heat treatment is dangerous to the hair! Such procedures make them brittle and dry. To avoid unpleasant consequences, it is better to choose a different hairstyle.

Variations of a female hairstyle "cascade on short hair"

Cascade for short hair is able to noticeablyRefresh your appearance. Women with these hairstyles look stylish and feminine. In this case, the cascade is as simple as possible in maintenance. Time for daily styling takes very little. To date, there are several varieties of the female cascade:

  • Graduated;
  • ragged;
  • double.

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Graduated cascade

Such haircuts create an ideal volume in the upperParts of the head. But women, whose hair is soft and too thin, should avoid such haircuts. Otherwise, they will face serious difficulties: the hair will lose its shape too quickly.

That the cascade always looked well-groomed andAttractive, you need to trim the tips in time. An excellent addition to the graduated cascade will be a straight or slanting bangs. But it needs to be properly profiled.

Stacking the graduated cascade means tightening the ends. To do this, you need a round brush of medium size. The bangs must be left straight, if twisted, then very small.


  • Hairstyle looks voluminous even without the use of special packing means;
  • A woman can forget about the problem of disobedient strands.


  • Complexities when laying for owners of curls.

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Ragged cascade

The peculiarity of this haircut is that it gives the woman a light playfulness, negligence. At the same hair style is popular with serious, business people.

The ends of the strands in this hairstyle in the endAre of different lengths, which allows them to be stacked in a chaotic manner. As a result, gets a modern, romantic image. Haircut looks attractive both with a bang, and without it.


  • Haircut can be performed on fine hair;
  • No daily styling is required.


  • Does not suit chubby women;
  • Bangs have to be laid every day.

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Double cascade

A distinctive feature of this type of cascade is the presenceSmall locks at the top of the crown and longer at the bottom. Properly made in this technique, the haircut will give a puff even to delicate hair. If the hair is thick and curly, such a hairstyle will give them extra lightness and elasticity.


  • Suitable for curly, thick hair;
  • Gives extra volume and splendor.


  • It is difficult to lay the upper strands.

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Cascade for short hair with bangs

In most cases, the cascade is complemented by a neatbang. It can be short, heavily milled (creates a "torn" effect), straight or oblique. For owners elongated face suitable cascade with a thick and long bangs. Those who have a round face, it is better to choose in favor of a shorter version of the bang.

This haircut is suitable for almost any woman. A new hairstyle will not leave anyone indifferent to her surroundings. The standard variant of a hairstyle can be supplemented with a bang of an unusual invoice or beat by ointment accents or original design decisions.

The bang adds a special charm to the cascade.

The most suitable bang variants are:

  • Slanting bangs. Delicately falling on one side bangs will give the woman a femininity and a little playfulness.
  • Thick bangs. Harmoniously it looks in combination with magnificent head of hair. Girls with such cheeks look mysterious and romantic.
  • Ragged bangs. This option is suitable for emotional and outrageous women. In combination with a torn cascade will give an image of courage and audacity. The people around will notice the owner of such a hairstyle in the crowd. An excellent way to attract attention.
  • Arched bangs. Such bangs have an elongation to the temples and become part of the cascade. Haircut will especially go to women with pronounced cheekbones.
  • A long bang. Conservative option. Such a bang slightly leaves on one side. The elongated bangs will join the total weight of the hair. Due to this, the hair will get extra splendor.

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How to make a cascade at home

To get the desired result and to achieveStunning effect must strictly comply with the technology. Professional hairdressers own equipment in perfection. Is it possible to create such a masterpiece in-house at home?

The answer is unequivocally positive. And it's not so difficult to do it. It is important to follow the following instructions.

  1. First of all, you need to thoroughly wash your hair and dry it with a hairdryer.
  2. Then the hair is divided into separate large strands (two temporal, one occipital and one parietal).
  3. So that the hair is not confused, they are fixed with special clips (an ordinary hairpin will do).
  4. Work begins with parietal strands. You need to separate some hair and comb it over your face. The lock is cut so that it reaches the bridge of the nose.
  5. Then, leave the string. She will be the control.
  6. The remaining curls from the parietal zone are cut according to the same scheme.
  7. Pass to the occipital region. Here they take one small string. Cut must be parallel to the control strand.
  8. The lateral zones are cut in the same way as the parietal zones.
  9. Locks that are located near the face, milled with special scissors. If enough experience, you can use a sharp razor.
  10. The obtained result should be fixed with any of the packing means.

It can be concluded that the technique is sufficiently simple inPerformance. It is not necessary to be a professional hairdresser to perform a stylish neat haircut at home. But this skill will save a significant part of the budget.

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What color of hair most harmoniously looks with a short cascade?

The ideal shade for such a hairstyle is golden-wheat or chocolate. If desired, you can use more bold, vivid solutions.

Popular coloring, highlighting or bronzing today will help to emphasize each line of the cascade. With their help, you can visually add to the hair volume.
On the contrary, a monochromatic coloring will help smooth over the excess volume. "Harmonious union of color with form" is one of the main rules of all stylists and hairdressers.

Cascade on short hair will do anyBlonde more mysterious. Thanks to coloring, you can increase the volume on dark hair. Do not be afraid and avoid sudden transitions. A professional master will help to choose a tone that will make the transition of one shade into another smooth and almost imperceptible.

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Secrets of an ideal styling

Home care for the cascade does not have anySpecial aspects and fundamental differences from other hairstyles. The most important thing is to learn to quickly and correctly style your hair. Even at home, you can give this haircut an original fashion form. In this case, you do not have to spend a lot of time on laying. It is only necessary to work out a few important skills.

To create the perfect laying you will need the following items:

  • Foam or mousse;
  • Gel (can be replaced with wax);
  • Varnish;
  • Round medium-sized brush;
  • A hairdryer;
  • comb;
  • Hair iron.

Do not choose cheap styling products. A large saving of money to achieve all the same it will not turn out, and here to spoil hair chances are great. In addition, quality materials allow you to keep the shape of the hairstyle for a long time.

Cascade on short hair due to differentMethods of styling may look different. How to arrange a hairstyle a woman defines herself. It depends only on her mood, motive, clothes, etc.

For a round face, laying in the formHats. This option will visually narrow the wide face. To make the styling, you should pre-moisturize your hair. Further, the strands are raised slightly at the roots with a round brush. The ends are screwed into the inner side. If the oval is elongated, it is recommended to lay the strand upwards and slightly back. In this way it will be possible to create an additional volume and slightly open the face.

Young and brave girls (especially those who loveExperiment with the image) often make a choice in favor of chaotic styling. To create it, you must first apply a foam on your hair (you can replace it with mousse) and dry all the strands at the roots. This will give them volume. Next, select a few strands in the area of ​​the temples and the back of the head and curl them with forceps. Then they need a little rasprepat. Straight hair in combination with curls is always relevant and original.

In order to give even more volumeHairstyle, you just need to scratch a little hair on the back of the head. You can focus on individual strands or torn tips. To do this, they are isolated with wax or gel.

If you have to go to an important andResponsible event, you can wind all the hair on large curlers. Thus it will be possible to receive not curls, but beautiful and accurate waves. To create an evening hairstyle, you should not invent anything special. It will be enough to straighten the hair with an iron. Perfectly smooth, radiant hair looks stylish and attractive.

Cutting cascades on short hair - goodVersion of the modern hairstyle. It will suit both a young girl and an aged woman. Her owner will look stylish and modern. Cascade favorably emphasizes the natural beauty of the eyes and slightly corrects minor imperfections of the face.

Home care is quite simple and (which is important) does not take much time.

A short cascade opens up a woman for experimentation. Hairstyle can be modified depending on the mood and the case. To do this, just change the styling a little.

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