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Among the female hairstyles are those whoAre able to give the hair extra volume (which is often not enough), as well as those that do not require much effort to create a stylish and fashionable image. "Italian" - a haircut is just from this category: it is like women of all ages and supporters of different styles.

This hairstyle was invented back in the 80's. Last century stylist Arland Tossi. He himself - originally from Milan, perhaps, therefore, without philosophizing slyly, he called his offspring "Italian". Women who choose this hairstyle, thanks to her become elegant, charming and excitingly beautiful - just like the true native of sunny Italy.

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"Italian" features

Hairstyle "Italian" is unique. Its distinctive features:

  • - suitable for ladies of any age;
  • - goes to the owners of different types of person;
  • - well lays down as on dense, disobedient hair, and on thin and fragile, requiring creation of volume.

It is performed in several variations, which givesThe ability to experiment, emphasizing the virtues and neatly hiding the imperfections of the face. So, if such a haircut is chosen by a teenage girl, it will look best, harmoniously fitting into the image, a haircut "Italian" for short hair (or even for ultrashort).

An adult of a romantic warehouse will suitLong haircut, when the curls descend soft waves, giving their mistress mystery and charm. The heart of any man will start to tremble when he sees such a beautiful stranger somewhere in the theater or in the park for a walk.

The ladies who are in the prime of "golden autumn"Also like the Italian. They prefer a haircut "Italian" for medium hair or for short, length to the chin: this hairstyle rejuvenates, refreshes the face.

Round your face, narrow, triangular in shape orOval? It does not matter: a good hairdresser will pick up the option that will make the views of others focus on your merits, leaving behind the scenes a small "flaws" of nature.

"Italian" is a steppedHaircut - a sort of Italian cascade, when strands of hair beautifully framed face. Why cascade? Just for the basis of this haircut is taken the familiar to all "cascade", somewhat improved.

Put the "Italian" simply: You can even do absolutely nothing, just wash your hair and dry it, combing, for example, a bang on one side. This hairstyle provides both the presence and absence of a bang, and the most different length and shape - depending on the shape of the lady's face. Careful care and regular visits to the hairdresser does not require: the hairstyle retains all its charm even for a few overgrown hair. Well, of course, sometimes you have to cut the tips, so that they do not get stuck.

The universality of the "Italian" is stressed by the fact thatThe fact that she was loved not only by women but also by men. They make themselves a super-short version of this hairstyle and go in search of lonely beautiful strangers.

And are there any drawbacks to this hairstyle (by the way, it has a second, less common name - "Aurora")?

Attention: if your hair is very thick and strongly curly, it is worth to abandon the "Italian". It will simply be invisible and lost in such a hair.

Another important point: if you have a large head compared to body volumes, also better look for other models of haircuts: "Italian" will further increase the head.

That's all: there are no more bans for those who want to try this haircut.

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"Italian" and your type of face

Is your face definitely round? Surely you are very attentive to choosing a hairstyle. Try this variant of the shortened "Italian": very shortly cut hair on the vertex to create a "cap" - it will help to ensure that the face visually stretches.

This is not the whole secret: You can add to the image of "pepper", making a small chelochku, less than the middle of the forehead. This haircut "Italian" with bangs will turn you into a mischievous, cheerful person who loves life and hastens to enjoy all her joys.

Now consider the opposite: Face narrow, considerably elongated. The task of the stylist is to slightly round the lines, to achieve their smoothness. We choose the "Italian" for short hair and we complement it with a thick long bang.

The triangular face will look the most advantageous if you make an "auror" long to the chin and profile the tips of the hair, paying special attention to those strands that lie along the line of cheekbones.

The square face: here too it is optimum to stop on a hairdress from hair of average length.

Note: For a square face, such a detail as a bangs is very important. Let it be asymmetric. Unusual shape is very good for owners of this type of face. Strands that make up the basic length of the hairstyle are laid so that they gently cover the cheekbones.

The oval face does not require correction. His owner was lucky:

  • - long;
  • - Average;
  • - short Italian -

All these haircuts can be safely practiced at least alternately. In addition, you can grow a bang or refuse it - as you wish.

We perform "italian" at home

In principle, with a strong desire to tryIndependently make a haircut, standing in front of the mirror. This requires some courage and confidence in their abilities, but how much money and time can be saved if you learn the method of execution of the "Italian" at home!

So, what will be needed? The list is small:

  1. - A frequent wooden comb;
  2. - scissors;
  3. - hairpins "crabs" or hair clips;
  4. - A piece of cloth to cover the clothes.

Your hair should be slightly damp - thisIt is necessary in order not to be mistaken with the length, since dry hair can curl and tangle. Well comb your hair, put on the fabric so that when working with scissors, the hair does not fall on your dress.

  • Now you need to make a parting. It will pass from ear to ear, touching the highest point of the head. We fasten the hair with clamps.
  • Next, carefully separated the side and temporal zones, also fixed with hairpins.
  • Lateral and temporal departments should be separated on the back of the head by a pair of cuttings.
  • On the parietal zone, grab one strand andShorten it to the desired length. When we then take the remaining strands, then their length will be equal to this, the first. All the strands with a haircut are directed to the face. Procresses should be parallel to each other.
  • The turn of the temporal departments has come: they are cut with stairs, after which we pass to the lateral and occipital zones.

To check if it's enough neatA haircut is done, we collect all of the hair on the vertex in the tail. Their length should be the same. If it turned out not quite smoothly, it is necessary to work a little more on the image.

Short and medium hair: haircuts "Italian"

If you are the owner of straight or slightly curly hair, then experiment with a short haircut "Italian". It will be necessary to take into account that all lines of the hairstyle should have a clear graduation.

Perhaps you'll like the short "Italian" withAn interesting bang, made in the form of an arch. In this case, the length of the bangs does not differ much from the total length of the hair, and an unusual, very soft and romantic image turns out.

Very good in this case, bangs, laid on one side. Just do the "Italian" and in the morning before you leave the house, brush your bangs on one side. Note that the bangs should be long and thick.

What hair is suitable for the definition of "medium length"? Usually hairdressers talk about haircuts on medium hair, meaning the length to the shoulders.

Here we give the volume to the hair on the vertex, thenThey descend "ladder" down, and bangs can not be at all. If it is, then let it be easy, as it should be processed thinning scissors. By the way, the variant with a thick long bang - for a narrow face is not bad either.

Looks great "Italian" with a bang perfectly flat length. Thus hair on the basic length lie slightly carelessly, giving to an image some playfulness.

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Italian girl for long hair

Italian haircut for long hair - for those,Who likes to emphasize their femininity. Locks fall cascade, flying up with each movement of its owner. The spring breeze plays with light strings, playing with them, throwing or removing from the face ...

You can do without a bang, especially if you have an oval face or close to an oval face.

If the choice is made in favor of a bang, shear itSmoothly, neatly. Magnificently look a little curly long curls in combination with a perfectly straight bang, the line of which runs just above the eyebrow line.

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How to pack?

Italiana lay just on the hair of any length. Most often, to create the right image, use a brush (it's a round hairbrush) and a hairdryer.

Washed hair combed, usingBrashinga the necessary volume on the vertex, after which we spray with varnish. If you lay the side strands so that they "look" in the direction of the face, the image will turn out to be provocative, young.

Now we will do everything exactly the opposite: Just lift the hair on the vertex, giving them a volume, and then lay, sending the tips out. Very strict such a haircut, too, can not be called, but why do we need excessive severity?

You can just brush your hair, you canColor individual strands, you can curl the hair on curlers, giving them even more volume - for the "Italian", any options are acceptable. You need to orient yourself to your own taste, the circumstances that require styling, as well as the shape of your face and hair type. All in your hands - experiment!

"Cascade" and "Italian": find seven differences

Well, it's probably not worth looking for all the seven differences, but these two similar haircuts do differ. Both of them are executed by a ladder, due to the necessary volume appears.

But sometimes only an experienced stylist with confidenceWill say that his client is Italian. Her technique is based on the "cascade" techniques, but the lines are not so strict and strict. "Italyaku" is distinguished by the obligatory presence of a magnificent "cap" on the crown, as well as softness and not so strictly defined gradation.

If you have a question: What to choose, "cascade" or "Italian", proceed from what you would prefer: strictness and completeness of lines or slight negligence, "understatement"? Experienced temptresses, versed in the subtleties of male psychology, often choose the second option and make the "Italian". It is interesting, always fresh, it provides a lot of opportunities for experiments, so you can go out with it, as they say, "to the feast, to the world, and to good people."

Thanks to the Milanese master, who gave us, women, such a wonderful haircut!

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