Detailed schemes of weaving braids with ribbons, original ideas for festive and everyday hairstyles


There is an opinion that the plait is boring,An obsolete and too conservative hairstyle worn by a woman with a limited imagination. Such a statement is an absolute misconception. Enough creative approach and a little wit, as the notorious spit is transformed into a real work of art, a kind of standard of hairdressing skills.

In most cases, to create such a masterpiece, no special pretentious devices and accessories will be required. Narrow or wide tapes are enough.

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Basic Weaving Options

There are a great many schemes of weaving braids. Each is characterized by its unique beauty and charm. The most popular variants are Koloski, Korzinochki and 3D braids. Consider one of the types of weaving - spikelet. This is the most simple technique of weaving. It can be easily mastered by anyone who wishes.

The first thing that needs to be done is to applyFor hair styling. You can use lacquer, light foam or gel. Next, you need to select a small strand in the root region and divide it into three parts. Do not hurry. Prjadki should be thin. Only in this case the hair will be more neat and tender.

The principle of weaving is based on the crossing of the right and left parts. In the next round, it is necessary to grab the lower part of the hair and insert it as gently as possible into the future ear.

Strengths of such a hairstyle

Various pigtails have gained popularity not so long ago. Even at the beginning of the twenty-first century, they were considered a relic of past years. But fashion is an unpredictable phenomenon, it is difficult to predict.

The braid with ribbons has a lot of advantages:

  • This, without a doubt, a universal hairstyle, it will be appropriate at any event (both on a walk with a girlfriend, and at a responsible business meeting);
  • Hair can stay for several days, and in some cases for a whole week (the ribbon adds a pigtail of vitality);
  • There are a lot of techniques and techniques that allow us to weave the tape into the braid;
  • Hairstyle perfectly retains its shape even under the headdress;
  • Spit with ribbon - a great way to impress others with their skills.

Scythe with ribbons for a long time will not lose popularity. Therefore, it will not be superfluous to get acquainted more closely with the technique of their weaving. Such knowledge will help to stay in trend and look perfect under any circumstances.

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Important trifles and necessary accessories

All the necessary materials should be prepared in advance, before the beginning of the process of weaving. In this case, nothing will distract from the most important thing - from weaving beautiful pigtails.


  • Ribbon - it should be a little longer than the hair itself;
  • Means for styling;
  • A set of combs (a large one with a soft bristle and a thin one with sparse teeth and a sharp finish);
  • Gum - you need both thin and thick (each kind should be several pieces each);
  • Other materials (these can be: special clips, crabs, invisible, hairpins, etc.).

Buying all of the above will not hurt the budget. The cost of these items is low. In the future, they can be used to create other hairstyles.

It is important to know one small trick - moistened hair is easier to weave.

Classical scheme of weaving of three strands

The question arises: "How to weave a ribbon into such a braid?". The first few times weaving can not work. Do not get upset because of this, you need to quietly continue what you started. Especially hard will be in those cases when a woman does her hair on her hair. It is better to practice before that on a friend or (even better) on a mannequin.

After several successful attempts it will be quiteIt's easy to repeat this on your head. This method of weaving is very simple, it can be mastered in the shortest possible time and without much effort. The main thing is to have a desire to do it!

  1. The first rule of any hair style is clean hair. Therefore, before you start creating a masterpiece, you need to thoroughly wash your head and comb the strands.
  2. Then all the hair is divided into three equal parts. The middle curl should be tied with a ribbon.
  3. Next, the first strand is superimposed on the second (thisGoing from left to right), pass it under the ribbon and impose a third. Then the ribbon is held under the central lock and slips between the second and third strands. The weaving continues according to the described algorithm. After it was possible to finish the hair, they need to be fixed with an elastic band.

To fix the result, you can slightly sprinkleHair lacquer medium degree of fixation. Such a tool will help hair look more natural. When using a more resistant option, the hair will have the effect of crusts. It looks completely unattractive.

Scythe according to the scheme of four strands

Every woman spends a lot of time and energy inPursuit of beauty. Fantasy in such an important issue knows no bounds. It's no wonder that today there is such a variety of variations of weaving braids with ribbons. It is worth highlighting the time and how to properly understand the basics of the technology of creating such hairstyles. Next, you can create new unusual (modern and very beautiful) hairstyles at least every day.

Secrets of an ideal braid, made on a four-row pattern.

  • To make the braid look more voluminous, it is recommended that we include hair on both sides as we weave it.
  • As for ribbons - they can be any color, texture, thickness, material. To select the characteristic of this accessory follows directly to the side.

Piglet will be a harmonious addition to any image.

Scythe of five strands

Weaving two ribbons into a scythe is not an easy task. Substantial preliminary preparation will be required. The following recommendations will help to achieve the desired result in the shortest possible time.

  1. You need to comb your hair properly.
  2. It is recommended that the hair be slightly sprinkled with water. In this case, the curls will become more pliable, working with them will be much easier.
  3. Separate a small part of the hair in the crown area. Under this part of the locks tie a long ribbon. Tie it in such a way that the knot divides it into two halves. Those. In the end, you get two ribbons. The separated hair is divided into three identical parts. Hair is distributed in the following order: two strands, two ribbons, the last strand. Countdown should be in the direction: from left to right. Ribbons replace two other strands of hair.
  4. The weave starts on the left side. Extreme left string intertwines with the second. The first goes through the second. Next on the first ribbon and stretches under the second ribbon. In this case, the left hand should hold one curl and a pair of ribbons.
  5. To begin to take hair it is necessary from the right side: the extreme lock is laid under the nearby one. Next, apply one tape and pass under the second.
  6. Ribbons can not be swapped.
  7. The above actions are repeated on the remainingHair. Only the curls are now taken from the total shock of hair. To do this, separate the strand to the left of the temple and fasten it to the leftmost string. So begins the weave. The combined curls are held under the second strand and are put on the first ribbon. Pass under the second. In the left hand, as a result, one strand and both ribbons must remain.
  8. The same manipulations are carried out with the second part. The lock to the right of the temple is picked up and connected to the extreme lock. Then the hair is passed through the tapes. Change places they can not.
  9. With the correct alternation of these actions, very soon it will be possible to get an oblique pigtail of their three strands and with a ribbon in the center.
  10. After the weaving is finished, the tip of the braid needs to be fastened with a rubber band or tape.
  11. If you pull out the curls a little, the hair will look more voluminous, laced.
  12. To fix the effect, sprinkle the hair with varnish.

A few words about French scythes

Unexpectedly, but the fact is that this varietyWeaving has nothing to do with France. The first French spits were mastered by the representatives of the south-eastern part of Algeria. This conclusion was made thanks to wall drawings and other ancient artifacts. A little later, similar hairdos began to make residents of ancient Greece.

French braids look attractive. They are always elegant and effective. Therefore, the fashion does not pass on them. Any woman or woman can master the technique of their weaving. If desired, you can vary your hair. To do this, just add a ribbon to it.

Scythe Waterfall

The technique of weaving such braids at a glanceIt seems very simple. But this is an erroneous opinion. Few will manage to master the technique on the first attempt. But do not stop half way. All efforts are guaranteed to be justified. A girl who can master the secrets of creating such a hairstyle can at any time and already without much difficulty create an ideal: a delicate and modern hairstyle.

The algorithm of weaving:

  1. It creates an even part in the crown area.
  2. Select a small patch in the form of a square and divide it into three equal strands.
  3. On the middle lock, tape is attached.
  4. Initially weaving is carried out according to the scheme of creating a classical braid: the strand lies on the left side, the ribbon is on the bottom, on the right - the ribbon from above.
  5. In order for the ordinary spit to transform into a waterfall, it is necessary to leave an extreme lock with each new curl and replace it with a new one.
  6. When weaving reaches the level of the ear on the other side of the head, we must return to the classical method of weaving (without adding new curls).

Especially good are these hairstyles in summer and spring. In these seasons, girls wear luxurious dresses from the lightest fabrics, and the spit-waterfall becomes an optimal addition to these clothes.

Thus, we conclude - the technology of weavingSuch braid is not easy, but it certainly needs to be mastered. In the future, you can include two or three ribbons in your hair. This will add extra luxury to the spit.

A beautiful braid with a bright ribbon will add to the image of femininity and fill it with special softness and tenderness.

And in conclusion, we offer some more simple schemes of weaving braids with ribbons.

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