How to whiten the skin between the legs?

Many women have a small problem with which they hesitate to see a doctor.

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However, this problem is not as small asMay seem at first glance. We mean the darkening of the skin between the legs, where due to constant friction the skin becomes darker. This may be due to the anatomical structure of the figure, in particular, to the fullness, when the legs are rubbing against each other during walking. But even for not very complete women and girls who wear tight clothes, shorts, trousers, and especially jeans, sometimes rubs the skin in the zone of the step cut. Conventional creams will not help to solve the problem of how to whiten the skin between the legs.

We can offer a simple remedy: apply a slice of lemon for a while on this problem area, and then lubricate them with baby cream, then the skin will gradually become lighter and softer.

How to whiten the skin between the legs with hydrogen peroxide?

Another way that ourReaders are the bleaching of the skin with hydrogen peroxide. Take hydrogen peroxide (a tablespoon), add to it a little bit camphor oil and spread the mixture with darkened places. Leave the composition on the skin for 30 - 40 minutes, and then rinse.

Good luck, hope our recipe will help you.

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