How to make a temporary tattoo at home with henna, pen or pencil?

Here you look at yourself in the mirror: a beauty, a figure slender, smart, skin and shines with health, but only something is missing ... And not enough tattoos!

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I can already see how you frowned and twisted intoDisdainful smile his beautiful mouth, but do not rush to conclusions, I'll prove it to you now. Let's remember the good word of our Soviet pride and start: "Let's go!"

The best alternative for girls who are afraid of a real tattoo "once and for all" is a temporary tattoo. Yes, and such are, moreover, they are not inferior to their permanent comrades.

Let's take a quick look at the main types of such drawings and choose the most suitable method for applying at home.

Unconditional leader is henna - the famousA plant for dyeing hair and, as it turned out, to create a temporary tattoo. However, even with a natural dye it is necessary to keep the ear in sharpness especially for those who suffer from skin diseases and allergies.

Equally popular is the specialA pencil for tattooing. Its plus is an ideal combination with the human skin. Such tattoos are one of the most short-lived, but they are easy to create at home.

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And here is the "heavyweight" - aerography - is appliedSpecial paint on the skin and lasts much longer than its predecessors. The only drawback is that such a drawing itself can not be done and paint, which is none, but still a chemical dye.

Quite ridiculous and childish are considered translations. Remember, as a child, we bought them along with the chewing gum? We will not stay with them for a long time, but we will pass to a more important question: How to make a temporary tattoo at home?

As we have already found out, the best lungs in creating and unstable samples of tattoo are pencil tattoos and henna tattoos. Therefore, boldly proceed to take decisive action and go to the store.

Choose the necessary ingredients for us is not difficult: we buy an accentuated shade of pencil or henna in the pharmacy. For convenience, the further description will go separately, and the first in line is a pencil.

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Recipe number 1.

So, before us is a pencil for tattooing, a sponge and oil (eucalyptus is best, although sunflower is an excellent choice). It's like that? Then we begin.

Tip: Draw a future tattoo first on paper to catch nuances and avoid ridiculous accidents, because you need a decoration, not a masterpiece of surrealism.

Then the work is as follows: Just apply a neat and confident drawing on the skin, quickly erasing the oil sponge "ochepyatki." The process is not only interesting, but also fascinating: it is unlikely that you will stop on one tattoo. Only then the "darling" of the day will disappear in two, although you can extend her life a little. How? For this there is one trick: spray over the hairspray or cover the picture with a colorless nail varnish - the tattoo will last longer, will shine, although the sensation from the varnish is not pleasant. What do you want? Beauty requires sacrifice!

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Recipe number 2.

For work, it is better to buy ready-made pasta fromNaturprodukta, so that extra time not to mess around in the kitchen. Although, if you are a chef, and do not trust cooking even such a "food" to an uncle, listen and remember: mix ground coffee, black tea, green henna and lime juice - it's all safely cooked and mixed until a uniform glaze is formed. Then, "hot thing" we send an hour for three in the refrigerator, so let's say, cool the heat.

And at this time we prepare stencils and stuff our hands. The easiest way is "parchment": we put a pattern on the above material with a water-soluble felt-tip pen, then we clean the place for the future tattoo with a scrub, dry it and lubricate it with a ball deodorant. Next, apply parchment sketch to the skin, press and carefully remove it, and "drawing" is covered with cooled henna.

It is important that the hand does not flinch, and the drawingTurned out without blots. For direct application of henna any brush, a cotton swab and even a toothpick will do. We leave the glaze on the skin until it dries completely, and then we wash it with a handkerchief. It is not advisable to wet the newly made jewelry for two days, and then at least to the fire, even to the water and copper pipes. Although, of course, care for the tattoo should be carefully: lubricate with oil and avoid prolonged contact with water - then a windy "beauty" will be true to you for up to four weeks.

Well, dare and remember: it is better to have a temporary natural tattoo than a harmful chemical for life.

Author: Lobastova Oksana

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