The nails fracture and break: causes and treatment

Not everyone knows that unprofessionally executedManicure can permanently deprive the nails of beauty and health. What if after the manicure the nails are broken and broken, or if they are thin and layered by nature?

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What manicure is best forA professional master, no one doubts. But often, in obedience to the first impulse, we sit down on a manicure simply because we had to wait in line for the hairdresser, and the master for manicure was free, or liked the drawing made to the previous client. Anyway, a manicure from an accidental master is fraught with many problems, among which the bundle of nails is one of the most significant. Another reason for the stratification of nails can be their weakening due to lack of calcium and other elements, as well as a fungal infection.

If the cause of stratification is not in the fungal infection, but in the errors of care or ration, then it is much easier to help them.

How to strengthen the layered nails at home?

Stratified nails deliver not onlyAesthetic inconvenience, they come off, because of them are formed burrs and there is a risk of inflammation of the nail bed. That is why at the first signs of the bundle of nails, it is necessary to exclude contact of unprotected hands with household chemicals, earth and other irritating factors.

Every day you need to start and end with strengthening masks, including special oils for nails, vitamins D, A.

  • Perfectly nourish the usual nail creams forHands in which chemist's oil solutions of vitamins and aromatic oils (orange, grapefruit, mandarin) are added. The mask is applied to the hands, rubbing into the nails and insulating with cosmetic gloves. When strengthening the bundle, you need to revise your diet by adding cottage cheese, eggs, fish, carrots and spinach to it.

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  • Daily evening massage of hands with oils will helpTo improve nourishment of the nails, to do the massage the easiest way by the usual small brush, having prelimbed it with a bath with the addition of sea salt. After the bath it is necessary to put on the nourishing cream, and then proceed to massage with oils.
  • When the nails are broken and broken, it is necessaryCorrectly choose the means to cover them. As an ideal protection, you can choose one of the therapeutic varnishes, which are applied directly to the nail plate. The remedy for puffy nails contains vitamins and microelements that allow to strengthen the nails, besides it can be used as a basis for decorative coating, although it is best to give up the usual varnish for the whole treatment.
  • If the nails break and break, then it is advisableTurn to a good specialist and "seal" the nails - this procedure includes layer-by-layer application of drugs, which combine microelements, proteins and vitamins. Thus, nails receive everything necessary for restoration, but their contact with harmful substances and a rigid environment is completely excluded.
  • Along with the seal is necessary regularlyFing nails on the free edge, which stimulates their growth and renewal. To conduct filing is best with a fine-abrasive nail file (crystal), which does not injure the nails. Movements with a saw blade should be done in one direction, so as not to exfoliate the nails even more.

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  • To soften the nails, you can useNutritious baths with olive oil and lemon juice or essential oils. For example, this: add two drops of lemon, incense, tea tree, rose, and half a teaspoon of jojoba oil and wheat grains to the hot water. It's only five minutes twice a week for the nails to look much better.

During treatment, fluids should be discardedFor removing varnish containing acetone, and forget about all types of nail extensions. After all, despite the assurances of the masters about the safety of the procedure for building up, it is often the reason for the stratification of previously completely healthy nails.

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