How to get rid of hair on the body with a cream?

The cream for hair removal for ever is, probably,The dream of every woman. Alas, just a dream. Forever get rid of these bored hair with the help of some magic cream will not succeed - there is no such cream in nature.

So, again, take on a razor? Again, irritations, cuts, ingrown hairs, and a few days later - new hair that breaks out and spoils such smooth and silky skin? No no and one more time no.

Today, there are many ways to remove hairon the body. But as a rule those of them that give a guaranteed result are accompanied by strong pain sensations. But from this rule there is one pleasant exception. It is absolutely painless to remove unwanted vegetation with a specialized cream.

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What is included in the composition of these creams?

Before you buy a cream, you should carefully read its composition. So you can immediately identify those components for which you may have an allergic reaction.

The active substances of such creams areCalcium thioglycollate, sodium and keratin. They penetrate deeply into the structure of the hair and destroy it. These substances act on the skin aggressively enough. After their application, the pH level rises to 12. In order to restore the natural acid-base balance, producers introduce additional components into the composition of the facility, such as:

1. Vitamin complex. Thanks to their presence, the skin becomes radiant and recharges with energy.

2. Essential Oils. Most often in such creams there are olive, peach, sea-buckthorn and almond oils. They help to soften the skin, give it elasticity and velvety.

3. Extracts of medicinal herbs, for example, chamomile, St. John's wort or Aloe vera. They help to give the skin tone and healthy color. Simultaneously, the extracts prevent aging of the skin and promote its rapid regeneration.

4. Various components of natural origin. These include milk, seaweed, propolis, honey.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of depilation creams?

The basis of the cream is the principle of destruction of the structure of the hair due to the impact of chemicals on it. Among the main advantages of such funds can be especially highlighted:

  • 1. After its use on the skin there is no scratching or irritation.
  • 2. Gives a positive effect when applied on hair of any length.
  • 3. Suitable for removing hair from any part of the body, including the bikini zone.
  • 4. The feeling of smoothness remains for up to 5 days.
  • 5. Its use is not associated with any pain sensations.
  • 6. Some manufacturers add to their creams components that slow hair growth.
  • 7. Easy to use, so it's easy to use at home.
  • 8. It is relatively inexpensive.

But even at such an apparently idealMeans have their drawbacks. If you keep it on your skin longer than the time you put in, you can get a chemical burn. It is necessary to make sure that the cream does not get on the mucous membranes. Such creams have a sharp unpleasant smell, which does not add pleasure in the process of their application. In some cases, such drugs can cause a strong allergic reaction. Apply the cream only in gloves, so it quickly damages the nail plate.

In addition, depilation creams have a number of contraindications:

  • 1. Various skin diseases, for example, acne, herpes and so on.
  • 2. Do not apply the cream to the skin, which has scratches or open wounds.
  • 3. The presence of birthmarks or warts.
  • 4. Adverse use of the cream may occur during pregnancy and lactation. This can negatively affect the health of your future baby.
  • 5. Individual intolerance to any components of the drug. To identify the presence of this contraindication, a small test is necessary. To do this, apply a small amount of funds to an inconspicuous area of ​​the skin, soak it in the instructions for the cream time and wash it off. Observe the reaction of your body during the day. If you do not notice a negative effect, then you can safely apply the cream.

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Modern hair removal creams

Today in cosmetics storesA fairly wide range of similar facilities. In such a variety it's easy to get confused. One of the most popular at the moment are the following brands:

  • 1. Byly. A distinctive feature of the creams of this brand is the high speed of their action. In order to completely get rid of unwanted hair you need only about three minutes. The composition of this cream includes Hawaiian oil. This substance has a wonderful softening effect and helps skin regeneration.
  • 2. Veet. This cream is suitable for removing hair from any part of the body, including underarms and bikini zones. To the tube with cream is attached a special spatula, with the help of which the process of epilation is greatly simplified. This product contains moisturizing ingredients. They make the skin more smooth, soft and attractive. In addition, the composition of the cream added ingredients that slow the growth of hairs.

Veet depilatory cream spray does not pretend toThe title of magic, but how simple it helps to get rid of unnecessary hair and how long afterwards the effect of smooth legs is preserved - it really looks like a miracle!

No pain, no fuss, and most importantly - whatresult! Silk, smooth skin, which will remain so long-long. No wonder Veet is considered the world leader in cosmetic depilation, because its designs are aimed not only at maximum efficiency, but also for maximum convenience and ease of use. Now you do not have to spread a cream on the problem zone for a long time and tediously - spread the spray enough, and he will lay himself perfectly flat, thin layer. And it acts so delicately that it can be used even for sensitive underarm skin and a bikini zone.

It's enough just a few minutes to reach your goal. For this you need only:

  • With a slight hand movement spray the cream on the appropriate part of the body
  • Wait 3-5 minutes for the effect of the cream
  • Remove the cream with the specially applied Veet Perfect Touch spatula.
  • Wash off the cream leftover in the shower.

The result can be seen, touched and patted, stroked and ironed ... After all, how pleasant is the touch of silk, and your skin is exactly like him!

The advantage of Veet cream spray is that,That in the process of getting rid of unwanted hairs, he gently cares for the skin thanks to natural ingredients that have the property of softening and moisturizing the skin, restoring the natural balance of moisture in the skin, and as a result it becomes surprisingly soft, smooth and silky.

  • 3. Eveline. This cream has the softest effect on the skin. It is effective even for the removal of very short hairs. Even women with very sensitive skin can fearlessly use this product. It contains components that affect the regeneration of the skin.
  • 4. Velvet. This tool is valued for its low cost. At the same time, it is not inferior to its more expensive counterparts in terms of efficiency. Thanks to the use of this cream, you can get rid of even the coarse harsh hairs. The product does not cause irritation and does not lead to burns. In comparison with the rest, the cream does not have such a sharp odor.
  • 5. Cliven. The composition of this cream includes such skin care components as glycerin, almond oil and lanolin. Thanks to this, the skin becomes perfectly smooth and velvety after the procedure. The cream has a pleasant enough consistency and a mild odor.
  • 6. Sally Hansen. This tool can not be called cheap, but, nevertheless, it is he who gives preference to many women. This is due to its mild effect and high efficiency. It can be applied even on very sensitive skin. In the kit with the cream is sold a special brush, which greatly simplifies the process of its application. The skin remains smooth for a long time. The likelihood of an allergic reaction is minimized.
  • 7. Silium. This tool can be used on any part of the body. Its composition contains mallow extract, which has an emollient and nutritional effect on the skin.
  • 8. Shary. This tool is great for removing hard hair. The skin becomes smooth and soft. The cream has a very fast effect. Thanks to the almond oil, the skin is quickly restored, acquiring a natural pH level. Menthol has a pleasant cooling effect. After using the cream, a significant slowdown in hair growth occurs.
  • 9. Opilca. This cream has a soft effect, so it can be used even for hair removal on the face and in the bikini zone. The composition of the product includes ingredients that provide nutritional, emollient and moisturizing effects.

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How to prepare a depilation cream at home?

Depilatory products have a complex chemicalcomposition. Therefore, you can not cook yourself an equally effective cream. But at home, you can do some semblance of depilatory cream. There are several fairly effective recipes:

1. Walnuts. The walnut shell must be crushed thoroughly. In the resulting powder, add small portions of water until you get a uniform mush. This cream should be rubbed on the skin 3 times a day. This procedure should be carried out until the moment when the hair finally disappears.

Based on walnuts, you can prepare andOther cream. To do this, mix crushed nuts with a tablespoon of tar. This agent must be allowed to infuse for two weeks. The resulting cream should be rubbed into the skin daily.

2. Pine nuts. Prepare a cream on their basis is extremely simple. It is enough to turn a handful of pine nuts into flour and mix it with a little hot water. The product is regularly rubbed into the skin until the hair completely disappears.

3. Unexpired lime. This substance can perfectly stop the growth of hair on the body. To prepare the cream, take 10 grams of lime and mix it with calcium sulphite, which is sold in any modern pharmacy. Stir the ingredients thoroughly until smooth. Apply the product to the skin and wash it off after half an hour.

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