Darsonvalization at home. Procedure Procedure

The electrode must be inserted carefully with a baseGlass tube. With the contact technique, the glass electrode is smoothly guided along the skin. When the procedure begins and ends, to avoid the appearance of a spark, the electrode base should be held with your fingers.

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You can also treat the skin through a sterileGauze or paper napkin. Dry skin, greased with cream, processed for 2-3 minutes, greasy, sprinkled with talcum, - 5-8 minutes. Try to avoid touching the patient with your hands so that there is no spark discharge.

Skin can not be treated with alcohol lotions, as they can break out from a spark, which will cause a fire!

With the remote electrode technique, as soon asHe comes to the pustules, tear from his face, while creating a spark discharge, which cauterizes the skin. It can also move over the skin at a distance of 0.3-0.5 mm from the skin, without touching it, to create a lifting effect - lifting.

For the treatment of hair loss useA comb-shaped electrode, which must be driven through the pro-parts for 3-7 minutes. This stimulates blood circulation and causes irritation of the hair follicles, which pass from the phase of fading into the phase of active work. The course of treatment is 10-15 procedures, which are conducted every other day.

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Particular methods of darsonvalization

  • Darsonvalization of the scalp

The procedure is carried out in a sitting position. From the hair you need to remove all metal-containing objects (hair clips, etc.) and comb your hair. The comb-like electrode slowly and smoothly leads along the scalp from the forehead towards the occiput. With a short haircut, you can also drive the electrode in the opposite direction. The effect is carried out for 8-10 minutes, with low power, every day or every other day. The course is 20-30 procedures.

  • Darsonvalization of the century

The procedure is carried out in a sitting or lying position, the head should be fixed with a headrest. Contact technique.

The electrode is cylindrical or conicalForms smoothly guide the skin of the eyelid (eyes closed). Power is small. The procedure is carried out daily or every other day. Begin with 1 minute, gradually increase (each procedure for 1 minute) and bring up to 5 minutes. The course consists of 15 procedures.

  • Darsonvalization of the face area

Sitting or lying position, headIs fixed by a headrest. Depending on the readings, the technique may be contact or remote. Mushroom-shaped electrode makes slow circular movements, smoothly moving it from the forehead to the nose and chin in turn on one and the other half of the face. The procedures are carried out every day or every other day for 5-10 minutes, the power is medium or large (according to indications). The course is 15-30 procedures.

  • Darsonvalization of the collar area

Position - lying, but better sitting. Mushroom electrode make circular motions, starting from the collarbone in front and up to the 6th thoracic vertebra from behind. The technique is remote, the air gap is small. The procedures are carried out every day or every other day, for 10-15 minutes, the power is average. The course is 10-15 procedures.

  • Darsonvalization in case of skin damage (wound, ulcer, abrasion)

Convenient position. Electrode selection depends on the size of the affected area. If the wound is extensive, a mushroom electrode is used. First, within 3-5 minutes, the skin that surrounds the lesion (radius 5-8 cm) is exposed, then 1-3 minutes act directly on the focus, and finally within 3-5 minutes - on the corresponding part of the spinal cord. If the wound is bandaged, the procedure is carried out immediately after the dressing, and the electrode moves along the bandage surface. In days when the dressing is performed, it is necessary to exert an effect on the wound for 10-12 minutes, the power is small or medium. The course is 10-15 procedures.

  • Darsonvalization of warts

It is carried out by a remote method. The intracavitary electrode is held above the site of skin growth, maintaining an air gap of 1.5-2 cm. The effect is carried out once in 5 days, the power is large. The course is 3-5 procedures.

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