Nail decoration at home with rhinestones and sequins

Nail decoration with sequins and sequins

It is impossible to imagine a modern woman,Which knows its own worth and strives to always be at the highest level, without a good manicure on healthy and well-groomed nails. But if you want to make the nails look not just beautiful, but great, then the nail art will come to the rescue.</ P>

Nail art is a nail design, in whichColored varnishes, stickers, sequins, crystals are used. The very name comes from the English words nail (nail) and art (art), that is, the art of painting on nails, decorating nails.

Fortunately, no rules or laws forNyl art does not exist. In front of you is an unlimited world of fantasy and art. Fashionable is all that you like now and today. It all depends on what style the outfit will look like, what impression it is necessary to produce and your capabilities.

If you need to attend a solemnEvents "in full parade", and to visit the beauty salon does not remain, then you can quite make spectacular nails at home, yourself, if you follow our recommendations.

Nail decoration with rhinestones

Very impressive on the nails look rhinestones.

First, bring your nails in order, makemanicure. After all, no, even the most refined manicure, will not be attractive on the well-groomed hands with a coarsened cuticle and burrs. Prepared nails cover the base under the varnish. Then apply that varnish, which corresponds to the designed design. Perhaps this is only a one-color coating or several colors for a certain pattern. After all, you can decorate any manicure with rhinestones.

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Rhinestones, depending on the size, are glued in different ways.

  1. Minor rhinestones must be applied to the freshly painted nail, immerse them in the varnish and gently squeeze until the varnish dries. Then apply a fixer.
  2. For gluing large crystals use glue or colorless varnish. The large paste is glued as follows:
  3. In the place where the rhinestone is attached, put a dot on the glue or a colorless varnish, the rhinestones are attached with a toothpick, a needle or a pointed stick (preferably wet) and place it on a droplet,
  4. Then press the rhinestones so that it sticks,
  5. Top coat with a clear varnish or fixer.
  6. Another little secret. In order not to muffle the shine from rhinestones and stones, do not apply more than one layer of fixer.

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Correct manicure with rhinestones

  • In some cases, a manicure involves the use of just one single pebble. Let it be so as not to create the impression of bad taste.
  • Rhinestones of large sizes are decorated with long, often extruded nails. On short nails, they are inappropriate.
  • Observe the color balance. Sometimes the contrast of shades is appropriate, and sometimes it is important to combine the color of varnish and rhinestones.
  • For beginners in the field of nail art is the easiestUse transparent rhinestones. They are suitable for any manicure, from pastel everyday to wedding or New Year. And colors of varnishes are also allowed absolutely everything.
  • Strasses can be glued on one by one, but it is possible andCreate from them whole compositions. The geometric arrangement of rhinestones can be used for daily manicure or use with office style. For a romantic or wedding manicure is more suitable chaotic, zigzag arrangement of the stones on the nails, as well as curls and floral motifs. It is practiced to decorate all nails equally, and still decorate only one or two marigolds. Rhinestones can be glued on both natural and false nails.

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Nail decoration with sequins

Nails can also be decorated with sequins and dust -Glued figured glitter, colored sand and shiny dust. This is an excellent alternative to rhinestones, and it's much easier to make a manicure with various glitters on your own.

Today you can buy varnishes with sparkles,Separately glitter in small jars, colorful shiny sand or dust, large and small curly glitter. Now it's up to you, come up with a unique design and embody it with suitable sequins.

They can also be applied to the nail in different ways.

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There are figured glitters with an adhesive backing, andSometimes they must be fixed with a special glue or varnish. To apply a coat of glitter and sand, a sharpened stick or needle is used, the dust can simply be sprayed on the surface or use a stencil. After drying, the excess should be removed with a soft brush. It's easiest to make a French manicure with dry sequins so. Apply a clear varnish or fixer to the free part of the nail. Immediately immerse the nail into a jar with glitter of the appropriate color. After a few seconds, gently shake off the excess sparkles and then the chic fashionable jacket is ready.

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In order to make a transparent manicure withWith sparkles, try to take a colorless varnish, soak the brush in it, put it in dry glitter and immediately apply to the nail. Do this procedure carefully, because there will be a lot of sparkles on the brush, so there is a risk of overdoing the glamor of the nails. Spread and spread the varnish evenly.

You can specifically apply a clear varnish or glueSo that the glitter does not cover the entire nail, but created a picture. To do this, the brush should be thin so that you can draw even complex curls, geometric shapes or flowers. Once the transparent pattern is ready, take a dry brush, put on it prepared glitter and sprinkle them with the surface of the nail. Then shake off the excess decoration and enjoy a gentle and attractive manicure.

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With the help of a variety of application techniques,Colored varnishes, rhinestones and sequins can give each nail a personal image, decorating in its own way. But nevertheless one definite character, style of manicure should be traced.

Despite the limitless possibilities of decorationNails, it is very important to observe moderation. Do not overload the composition with excessive accessories in the form of stones, mother of pearl, flowers, sparkles, mica and other. A subtle taste and a sense of proportion are always on your side. Elegant and unique design of your manicure will be worthy of admiration.

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