Perfect make-up for a woman, one of the importantStages on the way to success. Transforming, you change yourself from within. Proper use of decorative cosmetics in combination with your natural beauty will cause delight not only among the surrounding people, but also in yourself.

What is makeup?

Make-up is the art of changing and improving the formsAnd complexion, with the help of decorative cosmetics. Make-up allows you to hide minor flaws, emphasize virtues, and most importantly to show individuality. The psychology of a woman is such - to support and emphasize her natural beauty. This is because any well-groomed woman feels confident.

In his performance, make-up is simple and complex:
  • Complex make-up. Here the main goal is any correction or correction of the form (for example: correction of thin lips).
  • Simple make-up. This make-up is performed on a face with the right forms and ideal proportions, and also has the goal of emphasizing expressiveness and individuality.

Types of makeup

evening make-up

Types of makeup

If you plan to go to a restaurant, orReceived an invitation to a holiday, of course, this will require some preparation. Make a haircut, choose the appropriate outfit, and of course you can not do without makeup. When evening make-up is applied, it should be borne in mind that the lighting will be muted, therefore, the make-up becomes more expressive. Make-up should be in harmony with your image and chosen clothes. It is desirable to use the tonal basis for tone darker. The pencil or shadows emphasize the lines of the eyebrows. Shadows are best used in saturated colors or shiny, just as their color can be picked up in tone to along. The outline of the eyes should be vividly emphasized with the help of black mascara and eyeliner. In the end, lipstick or gloss is applied to the lips. You can use a contour pencil in order to bring your lips. If the eyes are painted too expressively, it is better to refrain from bright lips. Do not forget that the bright time of day, this make-up will seem ridiculous.

Wedding make-up

Types of makeup

The most memorable day for any woman iswedding day. On this day, the bride must be irresistible, because around so much attention to the guests, relatives and, of course, the photo operator. Bride's makeup is quite an important detail for such a celebration. So, let's start with the fact that make-up should look very gentle and natural. To do this, the makeup base should match the tone of your skin. The main thing here is moderation, a qualitative correction of defects and minor flaws on the face. Use shadows of gentle tones to match your eye color. Not bad will look light or translucent shadows with brilliance. Use mascara to emphasize eyelashes. On the upper line of the eyelashes, you can draw the outline of the black cayal (liquid eyeliner), slightly by going beyond the outer corners of the eyes. Lips are better to make up in a natural tone, or slightly emphasize shine. Do not put a lot of makeup on your face, because too bright makeup in combination with a white dress will seem vulgar.

Elegant make-up

Types of makeup

Elegant make-up is used for such cases,As business meetings, employment arrangements, business events, as well as for people occupying managerial positions and other. The main thing here is to stick to a single style in everything. Makeup, hair, clothes should be in harmony. In this style, there must be restraint. Business make-up is performed flawlessly, given that it must last all day. To do this, it is desirable to use persistent cosmetics. Shades and lipstick are used in natural shades. The color of the lipstick is roughly the same as that of your lips. Do not use colored mascara or mascara with sparkles for eyelashes, it is better to use a classic black color. Eyebrows are clearly highlighted with a special pencil or shadows moistly. It is allowed to look at the upper eyelid at the edge of the eyelashes with a thin contour of black color. Do not forget that this make-up is performed in order to look perfect and neat, while not attracting attention to makeup. It should be deleted too bright cosmetics.

New Year's makeup

Types of makeup

In such a bright holiday, you can not especiallyAdhere to the rules, it is better to include imagination. The tonal basis is applied to the tone darker, as the new year is celebrated in the night. Use a variety of sequins - dry, liquid shade-glitter, mascara with sparkles. Bright shadows will look great in combination with a black eyeliner. But do not forget about the measure!

Romantic makeup
There are many reasons for creatingRomantic image for a girl. It can be a date, an evening walk with a young man, Valentine's Day, candlelight dinner and much more. The main priority is the creation of a romantic make-up. This make-up should look very feminine and gentle, while it can be quite expressive. To begin with, a tonal foundation is applied in order to get rid of minor flaws, then the tonal base is fixed with powder. To complete the foundation for make-up, blush is applied according to your face shape. Next, we turn to the means of decorative cosmetics. To create a romantic image, it is advisable to use light shades, as well as pink and lilac shades. In the exception, you should not use such tones, if you have very tired eyes or capillaries, as pink tones will further emphasize such a shortcoming. Allowed and use of brighter shadows.

Types of makeup

At the end of the eye make-up, the outline is blackPencil, and then with black ink dye eyelashes. The standard way to emphasize eyebrows with a pencil, or shadows (preferably matte). The main thing in romantic make-up is to make out the lips. For this, lipstick of a coral shade, or even red, is suitable. It is also desirable to apply a lip contour with a pencil. Lip pencil is chosen to tone darker than lipstick. Make-up will require a little time, but will give a good result in the end.

Everyday make-up

Types of makeup

Some women do not present makeup withoutA huge amount of cosmetics, but do not overload the skin with excessive make-up cosmetics for everyday make-up. The basis for make-up is used in cases where you need to eliminate flaws, such as blue circles under the eyes, redness, or unhealthy complexion. The eyes are slightly emphasized with the help of mascara and shadows. In the end, apply a weakly noticeable lipstick, or not a bright lip gloss. If you have a natural pale complexion, you can use blushers. Do not forget that in doing so, you should make a distinction between the holiday and everyday make-up. You need to give the skin a rest.

Makeup for young girls

Types of makeup

When a girl grows up and feels quiteShe wants to emphasize her natural beauty. The main thing here is not to apply unnecessary. Young girls should only slightly emphasize their dignity. As for young girls, the skin looks flawless in most cases and has a healthy hue, then it is not worth using a foundation and applying makeup. If you still use blush, then you should adhere to gentle tones, such as golden or pink. On the young face is applied the very minimum of decorative cosmetics. You can slightly highlight the eyes with a gentle shade of shadows (for example, purple, golden, or natural). On the lips it is best to apply a transparent shine or a glow of a gently pink hue.

Permanent makeup
Permanent make-up is gaining more and morepopularity. This kind of makeup has a great advantage over the others. With the help of it you can perform correction of the lips, eyebrows or eyes. For example, if the lips are asymmetric, you can adjust and give the lips a shape that is close to the ideal. Also with the help of correction, flaws are corrected. The choice of colors depends primarily on the customer's desire, but ideally the color is selected in accordance with your color, and for the base of the pigment used natural ingredients. This is a wonderful way of applying makeup for those who do not imagine themselves without makeup. You can safely swim, while the make-up will not wash, and will look perfect. With the help of this make-up, you can emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes and highlight the eyebrows.

Do not have to spend long hours at the mirror,Transforming itself with the help of short-term decorative cosmetics. This makeup will last approximately 2 to 7 years. Do not forget that this procedure should be performed in a specialized salon with observance of all requirements, including sanitary ones. The approximate cost of the procedure is 3000-7000 rubles.

Types of makeup

The procedure for applying makeup does not passWithout a trace, since it is applied with a special device that introduces the pigmentation pigment approximately 1 mm under the skin. As a result, swelling and redness remain for some time. After the procedure, you should carefully take care of irritated skin. For a while you will have to refrain from sauna, solarium, including sports activities in order not to increase sweating. This kind of makeup is not suitable for everyone. For some, there are contraindications (for example, such as dermatological diseases, or weak coagulability of the blood). Before applying makeup should consult with a specialist, if you are suitable for such a procedure.

Tips of the day!
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Competently using cosmetics, you can transformAny girl. Some tricks of using decorative cosmetics will help you create any image. Knowing this, you can easily choose the appropriate colors for make-up and cosmetics. Combine the make-up with the clothes and hairstyle chosen by you. Create any image in accordance with your mood and reason.