Nail art nails or drawings on nails for beginners ...

Nail art nails or drawings on nails for beginners ...

Nail Art (Nail Art) (from the English. Nails - "nails", art - "art") is a decoration and painting of nails and is one of the most fashionable and dynamically developing areas of aesthetic cosmetology.</ P>

Thanks to the nail decoration, women have the opportunity, first, to always have beautiful, well-groomed nails, even if they have flaws, and secondly, to bring a zest to their image.

Drawings on nails for beginners ...

Get the desired result will help youBoundless imagination, as well as the level of skill. The motif of the picture, the color scale, decorations in the form of rhinestones, sequins, mica - all this you can choose to your taste. And it is not necessary to contact a professional master. If you need to practice well, you can learn how to perform a not too complicated nail yourself.

  • You can draw anything from abstract divorce to landscapes that turn a nail into a miniature work of art.
  • For the nails painting two basicMethod - using a thin brush or needle. They can be used either individually or in combination, as they give a completely different effect and can successfully complement each other.
  • Before you start, it's also important to choose the right colors for varnishes, most often contrasting colors.
  • If you use a brush, you can paint both on dry and liquid varnish. In this case, different varnishes will mix with each other.

A few subtleties for a successful start.

In order not to lose interest in such a wonderful lesson as nail art, after the first unsuccessful manicure, you need to be patient and pay attention to the following rules.

  • First, prepare everything you need for your manicure so you do not have to break down to look for varnish, needles or napkins.
  • Do not hesitate to use stickers, stencils, toothpicks and other auxiliary materials. At the initial stage, they can provide invaluable assistance.
  • Set a goal to perform a simple and uncomplicated manicure. When the result will please, you can aim at a more complex pattern.
  • Before you open a bottle of varnish, you need to decide exactly what pattern you will be depicting. In fact it is necessary to operate quickly enough, yet the varnish has not dried up.
  • To the pattern is not smeared a new layer and the color of the varnish should be applied only if the previous one has already dried up.

Nail art nails or drawings on nails for beginners ...

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Painting with a needle

It is produced, as a rule, on a liquid varnish. To get an elegant figure, the needle should be very thin. The technology of painting is as follows. The surface of the nail is covered with a transparent base. When it dries well, a copious layer of base lacquer. It is immediately applied to small droplets of other colors and, until the varnish is dry, using a needle create different patterns, leading the needle circles, from a drop to a drop, etc. So you can get very nice flowers and twigs. To make a beautiful drawing, you need a varnish of at least three colors - one for the base and two for creating the picture. To give the frescoes a festive look, it can be covered with gold, silver or bronze sparkles. Do not forget about rhinestones and foil. The final stage is the covering of a practically dried out pattern with a fixer.

Painting with a brush

For nail art at home, you canUse and ordinary acrylic paints, which are sold in office supplies. They will need a thin brush "0" or "1" from the column or squirrels. Due to its composition, acrylic paints are well diluted with water, so you can always get the right consistency of the smear. Try to wash the brushes immediately after the end of work, since acrylic is easily washed off, only until it dries, and then the brush will only be discarded. Drawing with acrylic paints can also be decorated with sequins, rhinestones, mica, etc., but you need to do this until it is dry. When the drawing dries, it is fixed with an upper coating for durability.

For the embodiment of manicure with a brush and varnishesIt is necessary to observe this sequence. Cover the nails with a transparent base. Allow to dry completely. Apply the primary color. Dry it. Next, using the most thin and convenient brush for you, with confident strokes to draw the conceived patterns. Before using a new varnish color, make sure that the previous one has dried. When the last point is put - cover with a fixer.

Nail art nails or drawings on nails for beginners ...

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Little tricks

To the hands did not shake, and because of this the picture did not deteriorate, use a support. Let the hands lie on the table. In the process of drawing, learn to move not the whole brush, but only the fingers holding the tool.

If suddenly it happened that the line went wrong or dripped lacquer, do not despair. Look and figure out how you can use the error and improve your manicure.

Perhaps you do not have all the tools you need. It does not matter, because there are probably ballpoint pens, markers, clips or stilettos in the house. These ordinary household items will help you out at first.

If you do not have enough time or experience, you canUse ready-made drawings for nails in the form of decals or stickers. The main thing is to cover your nails with a fixer to preserve their beauty for a long time.

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A simple example

Many started their journey in the world of Nail Art precisely with such a manicure.


Prepare the base and fixer, varnishes: White, yellow and basic (at your discretion pink green, blue or beige), a manicure tool with a small ball on the end. Instead of this tool, an ordinary hairpin is suitable, because it also has balls at the ends.

  • Apply and dry the substrate under the varnish. This is your canvas.
  • Main lacquer cover the nails completely on the entire surface. Wait for 15 minutes.
  • White lacquer with a manicure toolPut five dots in the shape of petals of the flower, in a circle, one point after another. In the center, there must be an empty space between the white petals. Dry for 5 minutes.
  • Apply a yellow lacquer in the center of each flower. Here are our daisies! Again, dry the nails for about 10 minutes.
  • Fixer to cover neatly every nail.

The number of colors on the nails you choose yourself. It will be a gentle manicure with a romantic highlight in the form of a single flower, or a bright chamomile field - it all depends on the overall design and mood. Moreover, it is possible to make forget-me-nots from chamomiles, replacing the white varnish with blue. Or even to depict a fairy flower-semicolour. In any case, this is a beautiful manicure and an invaluable experience in the design of nails.

Then it's up to the little one to try, experiment, make mistakes and correct the situation. You will not have time to look back, as you will create real masterpieces.

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