There are many female tricks forUnderscore female beauty. Expressiveness of female eyes largely depends not only on her natural data, but on how the woman herself cares for eyelashes and eyebrows. The correct technique of make-up for eyelashes and eyebrows, as well as giving the right shape to the eyebrows will help to transform a woman's face.


Mascara allows you to emphasize the depth of the eyes, the densityAnd the length of eyelashes, while protecting them, thanks to special components that strengthen the ciliary hairs and even restore them. It is very important that mascara does not irritate the mucous membrane of the eye. Quality mascara should significantly increase them, while not gluing eyelashes, not crumbling and leaving no prints on the skin, it is easy to wash off without leaving mourning circles around the eyes.

Make-up of eyebrows and eyelashes

Types of mascara

Non-waterproof mascara.

Creamy, in tubes or cartridges. Such mascara consists of fat, water, dyes, hardening resins, as well as keratin for hair strengthening and lanolin for elasticity of eyelashes. Non-waterproof mascara is considered more sparing, easily washed with cosmetic milk and even water. The disadvantage of this carcass is that it flows from tears, rain and high humidity. Not suitable for swimming.

Waterproof mascara.

It added waterproof resins, mascaraInsoluble in water, forms a strong film on the eyelashes, thereby adding length to them. The disadvantage of this type of carcass is that it can form dark circles under the eyes, since it is soluble in fats. It is also imprinted on the skin. In this case, a light nonfat gel should be used. To remove such mascara it is possible by means of fat-containing preparations (a fat cream or milk for putting off or taking out of a make up).

Colorless mascara.

Contains oils, protein, keratin and other active substances, which give elasticity and beautiful shine. Colorless mascara can be used not only for eyelashes, but also for styling and comb brow.

Make-up of eyebrows and eyelashes

Colored mascara.

Ideal for parties or anyVarious holidays. It looks original, when the color of the carcass is chosen according to the color of the eyes, as a result of which the natural color of the eyes becomes even more expressive. Also, colored mascara is not recommended for everyday make-up.

Make-up of eyebrows and eyelashes

Correct application of mascara on eyelashes

Eyelashes before application of mascara should bePreliminary degreased, as on fat and dirty hair mascara is kept badly and lumps are formed. The lashes begin to color from the middle of the century, after which the mascara is applied in the zone of the outer corner of the eye, and at the end at the inner corner of the eye. You can first cover the eyelid and how to comb the eyelashes, then zigzag movements to comb the eyelashes in the open eyelid and finish with stretching movements. Then take the brush and in the vertical position again walk through all the eyelashes, staining each cilia separately. All hairs, even in the corners of the eyes should be evenly colored. If necessary, you can paint it again, giving a little drying before this. Eyelashes should be combed with a special scallop, when the ink is not completely dry.

Make-up of eyebrows and eyelashes

Tip: Mascara should be fresh, it is necessary to monitor its shelf life. If the paint begins to curdle in the crumbs, then the ink should be replaced.

Curling irons for eyelashes

To lash the eyelashes in the right place, forcepsBring to the very roots of the eyelashes, first applying a thin layer of carcass. To do this, it is necessary to fold all the upper eyelashes into open forceps, after which the eyelashes gently clamped them and hold for two seconds, then the result is checked. If the effect is insufficient, repeat the additional procedure for curling the eyelashes. It is necessary to perform this procedure very carefully! Do not forget about caution, so as not to damage your eyes.

Make-up of eyebrows and eyelashes

How to paste false eyelashes

A set of false eyelashes consists of twoFringed hairs, fixed on a very thin base. They are glued with special glue over their own eyelashes. It should also be borne in mind that at first the shadows are applied to the eyelids, only then the eyelashes are stuck, and after that the liquid eyeliner is applied. First, you need to choose the length so that the edge of the thread of artificial eyelashes slightly reached the outermost corner of the eye. If necessary, shorten false eyelashes. Artificial eyelashes are gripped by tweezers, and they are applied a thin layer of glue on the inside of the base.

Make-up of eyebrows and eyelashes

We begin to stick from the middle of the eye. The eyelashes are applied as close as possible to their eyelashes, after which they are fixed for a few seconds with their fingers. Then, with a pencil for eyes or liquid eyeliner, a line formed by false eyelashes is painted over. In the end, mascara is applied to carefully mix natural and false eyelashes. Before removing the make-up from your eyes, carefully remove the eyelashes, put them on paper and empty the milk with cosmetics.

Make-up of eyebrows and eyelashes


Eyebrows perform an important protective function fromCurrent sweat and dirt. The shape of the eyebrows is fashionable. In general, they should always look natural and well-groomed at the same time. They change their facial expressions. The ideal is an eyebrow, where the hair growth is uniform and the same. Hairs smooth and shiny, well colored. The eyebrow has the shape of an arch. The growth of the eyebrows from the bridge of the nose begins, where the thickness of the hair is maximal. The eyebrow consists of three parts, starting from the bridge of the nose: head, body and tail. Typically, the tail should be the most clear and dark.

There are several forms of eyebrows, such as: Ascending, an eyebrow with a kink, arched,Horizontal and eyebrow house, as shown. As a rule, the natural shape of the eyebrows fits most of your face, not counting the shallow growth, on the bridge of the nose, or on the upper eyelid under the tail. Fused eyebrows give the person sullenness, so all the hairs in the nose region should be removed.

Make-up of eyebrows and eyelashes

Methods of tinting eyebrows


Tinting is done with a pencil for eyebrows,Which should be sharp. You should not draw a solid line, but it is better to tint individual hair with short, feathered strokes. If the lines are too coarse, clear or solid, the eyebrows will look unnatural. If the eyebrows themselves are rare or short, then pencil under the color of the hairs will darken the existing lumens in the eyebrow (empty places). Just tinted and the tail of the eyebrows, then a special brush and comb your eyebrows. In addition, the brush will remove excess paint.

Make-up of eyebrows and eyelashes


Shadows of walnut, gray-brown, beige,Gently brown. The color of the shadows is chosen depending on the natural color of the eyebrows. Special hard brush, without leaving the natural border of hair growth. It is best to apply shades in a moist way, then the color will be more saturated, and the shape will be more clear.


Tinting can be done with colorless mascara for the eyelashes, which gives the gloss and shape enough dark and dense eyebrows.

Gel or varnish for styling hair.

In some exceptions, eyebrows can be stacked withUsing a gel or hairspray, first applying it to the eyebrow brush. It is used mainly when the eyebrows are unruly or too long.

Selecting the color of the eyebrow tint pencil

Depends on skin color and hair. Radical black eyebrow is not suitable for anyone. The face becomes vulgar, angry and unnatural. The femininity and charm disappears, especially if the hair on the head is painted in an unnatural color or discolored. If the nature of the dark eyebrows, and the hair is light, then in this case you can use for lightening the eyebrows light beige or golden pencil, which draw strokes between the hairs or on the hairs themselves, too. In the classical version, the color of the pencil is selected in the color of the eyebrows.

Eyebrow correction with plucking

Avoid full plucking of eyebrows. You can mark the hairs that need to be removed with a white pencil or corrector. If the eyebrows are wide and optically pressed against the eyes, pluck them in width, but only the bottom edge. Be sure to remove the hair on the bridge of the nose, as well as small shoots on the upper eyelid under the eyebrows. Remove hairs need fast and sharp movements in the direction of their growth, while tightly holding the skin with your fingers. Hairs need to be removed together with the root. Before the plucking procedure begins and in its completion, the skin should be treated with an alcohol-based lotion, including tweezers. You can make a hot compress before plucking, and after it - cold from the decoction of chamomile or oak bark. In the end, apply eyelid cream. If the hairs are long and do not fit into your chosen ideal shape, they should be combed up and neatly trimmed.

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When performing eyebrow correction, remember:
  • Eyebrows with ascending ends visually reduce the face.
  • The horizontal eyebrows visually expand it.
  • Arcuate eyebrows do not change the proportion.
  • If the fracture of the eyebrow is located closer to the outer end, the upper part of the face visually expands.
  • As the outer ends of the eyebrows drop, they seem to widen the lower part of the face. To visually enlarge the eyes, it is necessary to raise the eyebrow line as high as possible.
  • Thin eyebrows are suitable for a small face with small features.
  • Broad eyebrows counterbalance rough features.

Simple eyebrow and eyelash care will helpTransform your face. For this, it is enough to get acquainted with useful tips and recommendations. Now any woman to get a fascinating look is not difficult.