How to achieve an even color at home?

Smooth complexion. How to make the complexion equal?

There are lucky people who have a perfectly smooth and clean face from birth. Alas, they are in the minority. And most of life is concerned about one problem: how to make the complexion smooth?</ P>

Take care of your face from youth

There is a misconception that acne, acne andAcne is a purely age-related and harmless phenomenon. Yes, they go away with age, but more often still leave a trace in the form of irregularities and dilated pores. Therefore, do not rely on the natural course of time, it is better to do it in time and without harm to the skin to treat inflammatory processes. Only in this case it is possible to count on an even complexion in the future.

The scourge of youth is teenage pimples, andInexperience of young men and girls struggle with them in the most primitive way - extrusion. This is what causes the lumpy skin. Released from the contents, the inflamed pores heal with scars, which can only be relieved by deep skin resurfacing - the procedure is painful and unsafe.

At the initial stage of the skin disease itselfCompetent - it is to seek help from a dermatologist, because treatment often involves, in addition to purely cosmetic manipulations and procedures, also medicamental and dietetic treatment. Proper salon treatment will help to avoid micro-trauma on the skin of the face. There are also universal tips how to make the complexion level: regular cleansing, rejection of bad habits - smoking, alcohol, spicy and fatty foods, excessive coffee entrainment and chocolate sweets.

Do not be lazy to look after your skin

The skin should be protected, nourished and in every possible way indulgedOnly expensive creams and lotions, but also improvised means. Home masks guarantee an even complexion, if not be lazy to do them regularly, and not once a month. The choice of a mask is determined by the skin type and the specific problem. For example, masks for bleaching skin and treating inflammatory processes are not the same thing. Here are some simple but very effective masks.

Wheat embryos germs are sold both in whole andIn the ground form. Their use in food has a pronounced heal and rejuvenating effect. And if this flour is dissolved with warm milk, add honey, egg yolk (with dry and flabby skin is better than protein), mix and apply on face for twenty minutes, the skin will freshen, its color will become even and matte.

There is such a "predatory" grass - badyaga. It, of course, biting and unpleasant, but the effect exceeds all expectations. First, it has the ability to quickly resolve small and large bruises, in addition, badyaga is a natural peeling. Redness and discomfort will soon pass, and smooth skin will remain. Naturally, after such a procedure, the face requires a lot of moisturizing cream.

Masks based on cucumber, parsley, lemon are known for their bleaching and vitaminizing properties. Even the usual wiping them will help to approach the cherished goal, how to make the complexion even.

There are a lot of people's means. A prerequisite for the application of any of these is that the skin must first be cleaned of dirt and grease. Otherwise, the effect will be directly opposite.

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And do not forget about the possibilities of decorative cosmetics

Masks are masks, but nothing guarantees instantaneousResult. A beautiful must always be. That's why decorative cosmetics are invented. Fortunately, the possibilities of modern cosmetology allow you to cope with almost any problem and disguise skin defects.

The first remedy is correctly selectedFoundation. What does "properly selected" mean? Not lying on the face like plaster, namely the skin that balances the skin, preserving its natural radiance. In a word, do not smear on your face, which is horrible. Of course, good tonal means and cost accordingly. Such a light cream can not cover serious defects, so on top of it, if necessary, use a light corrector.

On the rules of applying make-up should beEvery woman is aware so as not to allow gross errors, for example, in the form of a visible border between the color of the skin on the face, chin and neck. And again - one fundamental rule: decorative cosmetics is applied only to clean skin and is never left on the face for the night.

And what to do, beauty requires, if not sacrifices, then constant efforts. Love yourself, and will be loved.

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