Healthy food - beautiful skin ...

Healthy food - beautiful skin ... Or proper nutrition for beautiful skin of the face

If you just think about what our skin feels likeDuring the day! Sun, wind, rain, temperature and humidity changes, daily make-up (which, incidentally, some of us even wash off in the evenings do not bother!).</ P>

You can not even talk about ecology, especially inLarge cities, where the smog hanging and from the exhaust gases in the evening, there is simply nothing to breathe. And look what we eat! Fast snacking is incomprehensible than - in the morning in a hurry even to have breakfast once, but this awakened in the people's love for a terrible fast food ?! So where does the radiant skin come from? In the hectic of everyday worries and problems, women do not sleep at all, they do not get enough sleep regularly, and chronic lack of sleep immediately gives an earthy complexion and an extinct eye. So why blame the mirror?

How to keep youth for a long time?

And now - our eternal question - what to do?

  1. First, if possible, at least a little walk,Cool air after stuffy offices will pleasantly revive and refresh the skin of the face, especially since the winter is ahead. Have you ever wondered why northerners tend to look younger and fresher than southerners? It's all about the skin's love for coolness, and the heat and the sun prematurely age it, so the lucky half in our country is lucky, with our climate we have the right to count on a long youth! During the walk our body is saturated with oxygen.
  2. Secondly, lovely women, pity yourself, allYou can not change everything, try to get enough sleep, and not from time to time, but constantly. Nothing is so capable of killing our beautiful image, like the absence of a full sleep. The face turns into a gray mask, an unhealthy shine appears in the eyes, the person looks haggard and much older than his years. No wonder they say: until 12 o'clock - a dream beauty, that's let's try to capture this period of beauty.
  3. Thirdly, and most importantly, - carefullyRefer to what you put in your mouth. Our skin, as a litmus test, reflects all the processes in the body, if the body is healthy and well-fed, then the skin will look fine. Because proper nutrition for beautiful face skin is the guarantee of its blooming kind. How to eat, and most importantly - what?

Remember, one time (maybe 15 years ago) allOnly they said that about French salads of beauty. One of the options was as follows: 3 tablespoons of oat flakes pour hot water (to close the flakes, no longer needed), after a few minutes, add pieces of different fruits, grated carrots and spoon with olive oil. It was recommended to eat it for breakfast. The French knew what they were saying: the most important components for the beauty of the facial skin in this salad are present.

Products for beautiful skin, photo

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What else should be considered when preparing your diet?

  • Drink more water, it improves metabolism.
  • Start the day with a glass of freshly squeezedOrange juice, or just squeeze a few drops of juice from a lemon into a cup of drinking water. But fried and fatty try to exclude, such food contributes to the clogging of pores, the occurrence of inflammation and redness.
  • Excess of salt, entering the body, leads to a delay of excess fluid, the person can swell and look puffy.
  • Do not abuse coffee, it spoils the complexion. And yet, do not get yourself hunger strikes and strict diets, in a few days it will affect your beautiful face, it is like a book, immediately tell all the problems of the body.

And now consider the products that are shown for the beauty of our skin.

  1. Grain bread from wholemeal flour with bran is a wonderful option for daily use, it helps the intestinal peristalsis, the process of slag removal is accelerated.
  2. Cereals, lean meat and especially fish can not be better suited as a protein and carbohydrate supply of our vitality.
  3. But fruits and vegetables can eat how much the soul(Or stomach!) Anything, due to the liquid contained in them, the skin becomes saturated with moisture, besides it is the main supplier of vitamins and microelements to our body.
  4. Low-fat dairy products and berries are also great for our diet.
  5. Magnificent effect gives vegetable oils of cold pressing: olive, sunflower, linseed, sesame.

As can be seen from all of the above, the correctFood for beautiful face skin - not such a complicated business; Of course, they will have to limit themselves in some way, but these requirements are not so impossible. Adhering to simple rules, the result will not take long to wait, and this will be noticed not only by you.

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