How to remove vertical wrinkles on the forehead

Vertical wrinkles on the forehead - how to get rid?

The location of wrinkles on the forehead can talk aboutCertain traits of character or even the predestination of fate. With such arguments one can argue, but two truths remain unchallenged: it is most often an age-old phenomenon, and early wrinkles - from a harmful habit frown. It is noticed that before all changes in skin tone appear in women of two types - in laughter and, conversely, gloomy individuals with ever-frowning brows and compressed lips.</ P>

Until it's not too late

What can be done while the raysDid not turn into deep furrows? First of all, learn to control your facial expressions. Not one hour will have to be spent at a mirror, studying itself, favorite, in all displays: laughing, frowning, grimacing. How do facial muscles behave in this way, where they stretch themselves forcefully, and where they gather in folds? Proceeding from this, it is possible to prevent a lot of problems before the vertical wrinkles on the forehead appeared - how to get rid of them is the second, more difficult stage.

Specifically, wrinkles on the forehead. Due to the peculiarities of this part of the face - the absence of the fat layer under the skin and excessive mobility here, the muscles lose their elasticity early, and the skin - the elasticity. Do not wait until the process becomes irreversible, it is better to start acting immediately. And to begin first of all with special gymnastics. It is necessary to tune in psychologically, because it is based on changing habits.

Many of us, hardly waking up, in literalSense "pierce the eyes," while collecting the forehead in accordion. So, we acquire a new, useful habit. Still not opening an eye, pads of fingers press a skin above brows, and already then we lift eyelids. Gradually you can learn to open your eyes without the participation of the frontal muscles.

Another simple exercise. Put your fingers on the brow towards each other. It is not easy to pull the forehead's skin down, while trying to raise your eyebrows - such a counter-effort. This well strengthens the muscles.

When doing any exercises, remember thatThe skin has a habit of stretching easily, but it returns to its original state reluctantly. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid sudden movements, excessive zeal and wrong massage.

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Meal for the forehead

Nourishing cream is like daily washing,The usual procedure. But even the best cream is not enough to work on vertical wrinkles on the forehead - how to get rid of them without resorting to additional efforts, such as masks?

For stubborn wrinkles, heavy masks are recommended -Paraffin, honey-protein, honey-flour. The dried mask on the forehead brings unpleasant sensations, but it will take 20 minutes. After removal, apply a light moisturizer to restore the skin a sense of comfort.

Many women use nutrient dressings forForehead. It's very simple: impregnated with a nutrient composition, sometimes - with liquid paraffin, a strip of tissue is tied on the forehead and held for half an hour, increasing the time with time. If you are not lazy and perform this procedure on a daily basis, wrinkles on your forehead will be greatly reduced.

There are radical ways

Yes, they are, and they are all run by the plasticSurgery. The most simple and bloodless way - an injection of Botox. You can treat it as you like, but there are two obvious advantages. First, wrinkles on the forehead are smoothed out, which was required. Secondly, for those six months that the effect of the drug continues, a woman is weaned from a harmful manner by playing her eyebrows, wrinkling her forehead, frowning about and without reason. Of course, this is provided that the injection is made in a specialized medical institution, and not in a hairdresser, and a tested drug.

In a word, all means are good and necessary to preserve beauty. Good luck to all in this noble field!

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