Today we want to continue the cycle of our articlesDedicated to beauty. One of the components of female beauty is well-groomed eyebrows. Someone's eyebrows do not grow or they have a too thin shape, and someone on the contrary - they are too thick. In the first two cases, eyebrow tattoos are made, in the third - plucking.

If you have too thick eyebrows then, likeAny other hair on our body, they have the property of growing, and that eyebrows have an aesthetic appearance - they must have a clear form. To give the eyebrows a certain shape, they must be pruned and plucked. Surely you've heard about plucking a brow with a house. This is the most simple form of eyebrows, which does not require any complicated procedures and special efforts to create it. We will tell you about this procedure.

The procedure of plucking the eyebrows

What tools are necessary for plucking eyebrows

In order to trim, pull out and shape the eyebrows you will need:

  • Mirror;

  • Brush for eyebrows;

  • Scissors;

  • Thin stick;

  • Tweezers;

  • Eyebrow pencil;

  • Disinfectant.

Of course, first of all you will needmirror. It is desirable that the mirror was large, with the possibility of adjusting the angle of inclination. For the convenience of many girls, when plucking eyebrows, use 2 types of mirrors: the usual and magnifying mirror. In order to comb the eyebrows, the girls use bristles with stiff bristles. Instead, you can use a special comb for the eyebrows. As for the scissors, they should be small in size, with their help we will trim the borders of our eyebrows. A thin stick will help us to determine the points for outlines of the contours of the eyebrows, it should be long and even. Tweezers are necessary for the immediate plucking of the eyebrows. Usually, 2 tweezers are used: with pointed and flat tips. A pencil for the eyebrows will be necessary for us to outline the shape of the eyebrows. Be sure to complete the procedures, the area of ​​the eyebrows must be treated with a disinfectant. In addition, before proceeding to the procedure, you need to pre-process tweezers.

Thick eyebrows

How to pluck your eyebrow painlessly

As you know, plucking the eyebrows prettyA painful process, especially at first plucking. In order to pluck your eyebrows without pain, it is recommended to use a steam bath for the face. To do this, you can both use the inhaler and simply pour hot water into a small container, lowering your face to it and covering yourself with a towel. Thus, it will not hurt you to pluck your eyebrows, and besides, the hairs will be much easier to separate.

How to pull your eyebrows out with a small house

The first procedure is the shearing of longHairs of eyebrows. To do this, we brush the hair of the eyebrows with the help of a brush or comb, after which we carefully trim the parts of the hairs protruding beyond the eyebrow contour. Then we do exactly the same procedure, just brush the hairs down. After cutting your eyebrows, brush them in the direction of hair growth.

Contouring of the contour of eyebrows

The next thing you need to do is outlineOutline of the eyebrows, from which we will pluck out the eyebrows. To do this, take a thin long stick or a brush and draw a pencil with control points, as indicated in the figure.

Eye contour

From the control point in the figureEdge of the nose, we make a straight line with the help of this rod, at the intersection of the rod and eyebrow there will be a point A - the beginning of the eyebrow, we put the first mark with a pencil for the eyebrows. Then from the control point, tilt the stick so that it passes through the center of the eye, this we will have point B - the highest part of the eyebrow, make the second mark. Passing from the control point through the edge of the eye, the line forms the point C - the end of the eyebrow, at this point make the third mark. Focusing on these tags, use a pencil outline the shape of the eyebrows you want.

Eyebrow removal

Before the procedure for the removal of hairs, it is necessary to properly tweeze tweezers. For this, both an alcohol-based lotion and alcohol itself can be used.

First, the left hand should stretch the skin of the eyebrow, then pull the hair out with a sharp movement. Eyebrows should be clamped with forceps almost at the base.

To pull out eyebrows it is possible and without tweezers, using forThis is the usual thread. It is very difficult to describe the procedure for plucking eyebrows, it is necessary to see this in order to understand all the specifics of the actions, so below we will post a video in which it will be visually demonstrated.

Please note that you need to pluck your eyebrows from below, andNot on top. From the top of the eyebrow you can pull out only an exceptionally even outline of them, but not width. Also try to pluck your eyebrows "without fanaticism", as they in this place can stop growing, which will be a problem.

After you have waxed eyebrows, this area must be treated with a special disinfectant. To exclude the infection.

Video how to pluck your eyebrows correctly

Of course, for the sake of clarity of procedure we offer you a few videos about how to properly remove eyebrows.

How to tweeze eyebrows thread