Use of almond oil for skin

Almonds are a close relative of the plum, and its fruitIn shape resembles a peach bone. Almond oil, which is obtained from almond seeds by cold or hot pressing, is the most valuable product and is widely used not only in the food industry, but also in the pharmaceutical and perfume industries.

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Thanks to its softening andAnti-inflammatory effect of almond oil is indispensable for skin care: it cleans, nourishes, softens and moisturizes it, prevents peeling of dry skin and sunburn burns.

In almond oil, obtained by coldPressing, all its active components are preserved, which ensures the effectiveness of its impact. This natural product can be used without any chemical additives.

Benefits of almond oil

Eco-friendly natural almond oilExcellent effect on all skin types, providing gentle and gentle care and protection under any climatic conditions. This is due to the high content of almond oil glycerides of oleic and linolenic acids, an enzyme of emulsions, vitamins and protein substances.

Allergy to almond oil is extremelyIt is rare, therefore, it is indicated in all types of skin care, including those with increased sensitivity, a tendency to irritation and allergies. A high content of oleic acid provides a rapid absorption of almond oil in the skin, a soothing and soothing effect.

In addition to skin care, almond oil is widelyIt is applied at hair care, as it naturally strengthens them and stimulates growth. Thanks to the natural components contained in the almond oil, the nutrition of the hair follicles improves, and the hair not only grows faster, but also becomes more shiny and elastic. In addition, almond oil can also be used when removing mascara from the eyelashes. In this case, a double effect is achieved: you not only painlessly remove mascara, but at the same time nourish and strengthen your eyelashes.

Ecologically pure almond oil - a natural effective remedy for skin care and hair, it is easy to use, and he is not greasy.

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  1. To provide your skin with a full and natural diet, apply a few drops of almond oil to the fingertips and gently massage into the skin.
  2. To cleanse your face, moisten with a warm water tampon, wring out and apply a few drops of almond oil on it, then wipe the face clean with it - you will get both cleansing and nutrition at the same time.
  3. To remove the make-up from the eyes, moisten with a warm water tampon, wring out, apply 2-3 drops of almond oil, and then gently blot the eyelashes and eyelid skin until they are completely cleansed.
  4. Quickly and without much trouble you can cookAn almond mask that will replace washing. To do this, carefully rub 1 yolk with 1 teaspoonful. With a spoonful of water and 10-15 drops of almond oil, apply on face, and after 10 minutes rinse with warm water - soap will not be needed.
  5. Almond oil is used for massage. For this, some oil is applied to the skin of the face or body and rubs it lightly with massage movements until it is completely absorbed. To strengthen hair rub almond oil in the roots of hair, and after an hour wash your head, as usual.


Individual oil intolerance.

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