How to make your face look perfect at home?

Many women are worried about the question: how to achieve the ideal skin of the face? This is possible if you correctly cleanse your skin and pick up cosmetics that are suitable for your skin type.

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Here are some tips on how to take care of your skin so that it always looks fresh, young and healthy.

  1. We used to cleanse our skin in the evening, taking offmakeup. However, professional cosmetologists insist that the skin needs to be cleansed not only in the evening, but also in the morning. Therefore, getting out of bed, immediately take care of your skin and clean it after sleeping. To do this, you can use milk, foam or gel, which must necessarily match your skin type. A delicious feeling of freshness will give you a tonic, which is a component of every cosmetic line. If you prefer natural remedies, then use olive oil or a decoction of medicinal herbs.
  2. As you know, the cells of our body constantlyAre updated. The skin of the face is not an exception. Dead cells of the epidermis, however, will not disappear from its surface unless you specifically remove them, otherwise the skin will lose its smoothness, become lethargic, and wrinkles appear earlier.
  3. The optimal means for removing dead cellsSkin - scrub. With it, you can perfectly hold peeling and at home. Peeling, or exfoliation (English peel - "sanding" or "strongly scrape") - is the removal, exfoliation of the upper stratum corneum, which prevents its breathing, nutrition and worsens the appearance of the face. You can also regularly conduct chemical peeling in the beauty salon, where dead cells are dissolved due to the content of acids and active protein substances.
  4. After you clean the skin with a scrub thatLining the skin and open the pores, you need to apply a thick layer on the face of the mask, without affecting the area around the eyes and lips. This mask perfectly nourishes the cleansed skin and moisturizes it.
  5. Before going outside, use a tonalCream that should match the color of your skin. The cream is applied by light driving movements of the pads of the fingers, starting from the center of the face. The tonal cream will help visually adjust the shape of the face. So that the face seemed narrower, you can apply a slightly darker shade to the sides of the cheeks, forehead and nose. If the skin has small defects and pimples, they can easily be masked by a corrector.
  6. For oily skin it is better to choose matting means, and for dry and normal - with reflective particles.

The topic of sunburn today is a lot of controversy andObjections, especially from doctors. Yes, tanning really contributes to skin aging, but how beautiful it looks! You can do without a tanning salon if you use a tanning cream or make a tanning salon in a beauty salon where you will professionally apply bronzians, and tanning can also moisturize your skin and enrich it with vitamins.

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