How to grow long eyelashes?

Long eyelashes are the dream of every woman. Today, the leading manufacturers of cosmetics offer a variety of types of carcasses "with an extension effect," but you want the eyelashes to be long and thick! And did you know that eyelashes, like hair, also need to be "fed", that is, to feed the necessary substances? The lifespan of each individual cilium is only about 150 days, and if you properly care for the eyelashes, you can hope that the following will grow thicker and become longer.

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Long eyelashes at home. Folk remedies

From the arsenal of folk remedies, we borrow the mostEffective and 100% natural means. These include castor oil, which you need to lubricate your eyelashes along the entire length before going to bed. Convenience of castor oil is that it is thick enough to not spread and not get into the eyes.

Castor oil can replace otherVegetable oils: jojoba, santalic, pink, almond and flaxseed. If you make a mixture of jojoba, castor, pink and santalum oil, this will help get rid of the inflammation and swelling of the eyelids, smooth out fine wrinkles around the eyes, and in addition, it will very well affect the growth and beauty of the eyelashes. Burdock oil for the care of eyelashes, perhaps, should not be used because of its liquid consistency, so it does not fall into the eyes.

The very process of applying oil to the hair is very simple. First of all, take some brush for the eyelashes, which you no longer use, as follows, wash it off the carcass and cover it with boiling water. Now this brush is dipped in butter and put it on the eyelashes along their entire length, as if "comb" them. If you are too lazy to mess around with a brush, you can use ordinary earbands.

Long eyelashes at home. Correct makeup

To give the eyelashes more density and volumeBefore you paint them with mascara, they are recommended to powder a little. However, do not use the brush that you powder the face with, you need to pick up a thin foam sponge, which sometimes comes with a powder. If there really is not anything suitable at hand, you can apply powder on your eyelashes just a finger.

After that, apply the first layer of the carcass on the eyelashes, and after it dries it the second. Mascara should be applied from the roots of the eyelashes to the tip with a slight pressure. Is not it true, eyelashes look amazing!

Salon procedures - eyelash extension

The practice of eyelash extensions is becoming more and moreWidespread and affordable, build-up can be done in many salons and beauty centers. In this case, you can make the eyelashes longer or increase their volume, and you can do both. The emphasis on the outer corner of the eye with eyelash extension visually lengthens the cut of the eyes, gives a look to the languor and mystery. And you can build up not only the upper but also the lower eyelashes, and an experienced master will do it in such a way that no one will guess that the eyelashes are not quite real. But the main thing is that the dream of long eyelashes has come true!

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