What if the skin of the face is red and "burning"?

Most often these feelings appear at a verySensitive skin. It can start to "burn" from any trifle, therefore cosmetics for a sensitive skin need to be picked up with special attention. Sensitive skin is characterized by a very thin protective layer, which constantly needs additional nutrition and protection, at the same time, many cosmetic products provoke an allergic reaction, which makes the skin "burn".

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If the skin of the face burns ... Causes

The cause of dryness and peeling of the skin can becomeMalnutrition with a deficiency of vitamins, metabolic disorders and blood supply to the skin, as well as a lack of oxygen. Dryness and lethargy of the skin can also appear due to lack of moisture, if a person, for example, consumes an insufficient amount of liquid.

In the evening, after washing, dry skin canTighten. In the most pronounced cases, it looks sluggish or resembles parchment. Gradually dry, flabby skin is covered with fine wrinkles: the process starts from the sides of the cheeks, then spreads to the skin under the chin and the decollete zone. Dry skin has a low salivation, it looks thin, has no shine, inflammations often appear on it.

Studies of cosmetologists have shown thatThe best care for sensitive skin is to improve the nutrition that comes from the body itself. In practice, this means that it is necessary to take drugs that can provide the body with all the necessary substances in sufficient quantities, which also requires the skin of the face, that is, all known vitamins, macro- and microelements. They not only provide skin cells with all the necessary nutrients, but also antioxidants and other substances that cause the formation of protective properties of the skin and promote protection from the negative impact of the environment. And the intake of vitamins and minerals in its pure form is not at all necessary, it is enough to ingest the components that normally enter into nourishing and moisturizing face creams.

What components in masks to use, if the skin of the face burns?

With sensitive skin is not recommendedUse conventional creams designed for normal skin - neither cheap nor expensive. Cheap will not do her good, and expensive expensive concentration of fruit acids, which can cause burning sensation, is too expensive.

If the skin feels burning, forCare of it you can use wheat germ oil, fish oil, lecithin, honey, wax, seaweed, biotin, methionine, olive oil, etc.

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