Sex and Women's Health

The vast majority of people have sexFor the sake of obtaining pleasure, satisfaction of physiological needs, removal of sexual tension. And few people know that sex is a universal prevention against many serious diseases. How are the two interrelated Sex and health?

Scientists have repeatedly examined the question of how health affects sex. And they came to quite interesting conclusions.

Undeniably the positive effect of sex onHealth and for the cardiovascular system. During sex, the heart swings blood more quickly, with great pressure rushing through the vessels. This prevents the formation of blood clots, blockage of veins, serves as a good tool for vegetative-vascular dystonia. Improved blood circulation promotes better saturation of body tissues with oxygen, activation of brain activity.

Scientists have also proved that in the process of trainingSex in the saliva increases the number of antibacterial substances that are destructive to the microorganism that destroys the tooth enamel. Thus, sex is useful for dental health and serves as a remarkable prevention of caries.
But the lack of sex, on the contrary, is negativeAffects the condition of the body. In particular, sex is healthy for the prevention of diabetes. During an orgasm in a person all the glands of internal secretion come in tone, the work of the endocrine system, in particular, of the pancreas, is normalized. As a result, carbohydrate metabolism improves, insulin production increases.

Sex and Women's Health

Asked the question about how it affects healthSex, and scientists at the University of Pennsylvania. After conducting a series of studies, they came to the conclusion that regular sex work contributes to the production of antibodies to immunoglobulin A, strengthening the immune system, increasing the body's resistance to infections.

Sex also promotes hormone productionProlactin, responsible for the generation of new cells in the brain. This fact was established by scientists of the Queensland Institute, answering the question about how the health affects sex. They also advise to have sex regularly to avoid old age of Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases.

Well, the fact that during sex in the blood is thrown awayKnow a decent dose of hormones of joy (oxytocin, endorphin). They not only contribute to the appearance of a feeling of euphoria, full of happiness, but also affect the decrease in the level of cortisol - a stress hormone. Thus, sex is the strongest antidepressant and the best remedy for stress. Endorphins, in addition, are a good analgesic and are especially good for headaches. So that very much in vain women refuse to the men in sex, referring to a headache.

By the way, Women's health and sex - this is generally a separate topic of research. During ovarian sex, hormone estrogen is produced, which has a positive effect on the condition of the skin, nails and hair of a woman, is the prevention of heart disease, pain in premenstrual syndrome. And the prostaglandin, a hormone released during sex, prevents the occurrence of prolonged depressions in women. Thus, sex and women's health are directly interrelated.

Sex is good for health too. Men. After all, lack of sex contributes to unnecessaryAccumulation of the male hormone testosterone, and this, in turn, leads to an acceleration of protein metabolism in the body, its rapid aging. Therefore, in particular, men live less than women, because their body "wears out" faster. In addition, testosterone is a hormone of aggression. Regularly engaged in sex, a man is more calm and balanced, so is released from unnecessary aggression, "pouring" her into sexual energy. In addition, sex is the best prevention of prostate cancer.

Also scientifically proven is the fact that regularSex (at least three times a week) reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes exactly two times for the male part of the population aged 40-55.

Sex is also useful for the health of people who suffer fromInsomnia. Promoting complete relaxation, the emergence of a sense of peace and tranquility, sex significantly improves the quality of sleep. However, to have sex, you need not only before bed, but also in the morning - at this time of day, love games contribute to improving the general tone of the body, give a charge of energy, vigor, positive for the whole subsequent day.

Sex and Women's Health

Sex and health are inseparable and in the issue of combatingOverweight. During one sexual intercourse, an average of 200 calories is burned (equivalent to about 30 minutes of aerobics, 40 minutes of ice skating, 35 minutes of cycling or half an hour of tennis). During sex, even those muscle groups that are not "subject" to any sports are strengthened.

The only, but rather significant moment,Which should be clarified - sex and health will be interconnected if you deal with it with a regular partner. Disorderly sexual relations with different partners most often lead not to an improvement in the state of health, but to the appearance of certain problems with it. The same heart attack or prostate cancer threatens not exemplary family men, but men who have on the list of their amorous victories an impressive number of women. Not to mention the beauty of fighting sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS and hepatitis C.

Being engaged in regular sex with a constantPartner, you not only get pleasure from each other, but also greatly improve the condition of your body, prolong its youth, protect yourself from many diseases and disorders of the psyche. Healthy you sex!