How to improve the condition of the facial skin at home?

How to improve the condition of the skin of the face?

Skin is able to experience discomfort from changingConditions of life, it reflects everything that is happening to us, as it is designed to remove toxins and slags accumulated in the body. Deterioration of health, lack of sleep, alcohol abuse and smoking affect the skin, aging it, causing clogging of the pores, the appearance of vascular asterisks and wrinkles. Noticing that the condition of the facial skin has worsened, it is necessary immediately to sound the alarm and determine the cause, looking from the side to your lifestyle.</ P>

Beautiful and elastic skin is one of the mainOrnaments of women of any age - thanks to her you can look attractive and much younger than your years. The condition of the facial skin should be under our control all the time, because without care and preventive measures, it will quickly lose freshness and radiance.

If the skin does not look blooming and distinctly on itWrinkles have appeared, it is dry and lifeless, that means you are either very tired, or the body signals about any hidden disease. Having found out the reason, immediately start liquidation of consequences and change a way of life.

How to improve the condition of the skin of the face?

The condition of the facial skin reacts well toPermanent care, in which the main role is played by cleansing with soft means, moisturizing and nourishing. Do not leave cosmetics for the night - mascara and shadows clog the pores, dry the skin around the eyes, cause irritation of the mucous eyes. The tonal cream and powder, on which the dust settles, clogs the pores, causing skin inflammation, pustules and acne. Be sure to force yourself to cleanse your face for the night with milk, applying a moisturizing or night cream. Excellent effect on the condition of the face and scrubbing, it should be done twice a week, but not more often, so as not to deprive the skin of a natural protective film.

It should be noted that it is impossible to look good,If you drink a little liquid - it is important to know that most of the daily amount of fluid is best to drink clean water, not abusing juices and coffee. Green tea, herbal teas, mineral water have a beneficial effect on the skin condition.

Irrational nutrition, which prevailsCarbohydrates and fats, badly affects the appearance, and cereal cereals, legumes, fatty fish, milk, vegetables, unsweetened fruits and lean meat improve the complexion, since they contain all the vitamins and microcells necessary for beauty and health. For the beauty of the skin, you need vegetable oil - sunflower, soy or olive oil. To correct metabolic disorders, which are often manifestations of rashes on the skin, a separate diet will help, the rules of which exclude unfavorable for digestion combinations of products that cause fermentation and congestion in the intestine. Cosmetologists say that the use of germinated grains of wheat, carrots, nuts, oats, green peas, beets, melons and watermelon helps to improve the complexion.

Speaking about how to improve the condition of the skin of the face,It is necessary to stop and on physical activity: work in the closed premise crowded with home appliances, there where the air is overdried, negatively affects a skin which loses a moisture and oxygen. To somehow compensate for this shortcoming, you simply have to go as much as possible outside, jogging or walking away from the central streets with a high level of gas contamination.

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Very important for women's attractivenessHealthy sound sleep, it is desirable to fall asleep before the onset of midnight and sleep for at least 8 hours. Well, if during the sleep in the bedroom, the window is slightly ajar, and the fresh air flows will saturate the body with oxygen all night (of course, if the windows do not go out onto the roadway).

If you feel that the skin needsAdditional measures, then contact a beautician and take a course of special procedures: peeling, massage or creotherapy. Will help improve the appearance and "grandmother's recipes", among which the first place is given to procedures with chamomile and fruit and berry masks.

In order for the skin to clear of pimples andBecame velvety, you need to steam it over a container with a decoction of chamomile. To do this, brew two bags of chamomile in a glass of boiling water and steam the skin of the face, covered with a towel. After the procedure, it is necessary to get wet the skin with a decoction and leave it until the morning. The remaining broth should be drunk two times - at night and in the morning. The procedure should be done every day until the rash disappears (usually 1-2 weeks).

Improve the complexion and normalize blood circulationWill help wipe with aloe juice - prone to dryness, peeling or rashes of the place you need to wipe with juice or apply cotton masks soaked in juice for half an hour.

If you have problems with ageChanges in the skin and the appearance of a network of wrinkles around the eyes and near the lips, you need to make masks of yeast, honey and lemon juice. On 50 g of fresh yeast, take a tablespoon of honey and the same amount of lemon juice. Mixing, put on the face skin for half an hour.

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