Proper home skin care for men

The blossoming and youthful appearance of Western businessmen inLargely due to not only a healthy lifestyle, but also the use of male cosmetics. Our men use not so much arsenal of cosmetics: soap, creams before and after shaving, cologne, - that's almost all. However, men who want to make a successful career, pay more attention to their appearance and, in particular, the skin.

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Men's leather, which has some featuresStructure in comparison with the female, also needs regular care, that is, purification, nutrition and protection. Face care for men should include both daily and weekly procedures.

Face care for men. Morning procedures

The skin needs to be cleaned from theNights of cutaneous excreta. To wash it is better not to use soap, but a special cleaner, appropriate to the type of skin. Because of shaving, men's skin is subject to additional stress and irritation. Alcoholic lotions are better to exclude altogether, as alcohol stimulates the release of fat, which can lead to inflammatory processes, and contribute to the weakening of small blood vessels, which causes skin reddening. To cleanse the skin, you need to use a mild cleaner that does not contain alcohol.

After shaving, skin care is necessary, it is best to rub your face with a toner and apply a protective cream. This is especially important in the summer.

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Face care for men. Evening treatments

  • In the evening, the skin needs to be cleaned with a mild cleaner, and not with soap or a cleaner with alcohol. It is very useful to apply a night cream on the skin.
  • For face peeling, use only soft abrasive ingredients and do it no more than once a week.
  • Male skin is also very useful different masks -Nutritious, moisturizing, for deep cleaning; Their frequency is determined by the manufacturer's recommendations. In the salon, the application of the cream is accompanied by cosmetic facial massage.

However, men should not be limited toFacial care. It is necessary to look after the skin of the whole body. The upper layer on the skin of men is thicker and coarser than that of women, so they need regular peeling using a special cream.

Special care is required in the hot season, whenThe work of the sebaceous and sweat glands is activated. Due to cutaneous secretions, cutaneous respiration is impaired and, as a result, general health worsens, as breathing of the skin is difficult. With the help of regular peeling, you can perfectly clean the sebaceous and sweaty ducts and improve the breathing of the skin.

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