Beautiful eyebrows at home

Beautiful eyebrows. Eyebrow Care

Although in the rating of the parts of the female face, for whichFirst of all draw attention of the man, eyes and lips are confidently leading, do not forget about the eyebrows. Well-groomed, moderately dense eyebrows - a magnificent decoration for the female face, they give it brightness, expressiveness. In Ukrainian folklore, for example, beautiful eyebrows - almost the main sign of maiden attractiveness. This is confirmed by specialists in physiognomy ("reading in the face"): in their opinion, women with long, beautifully outlined brows are always a great success for men.</ P>

We care properly

Care for the eyebrows in general is simple and, as a rule,It does not take much time, but it can not be neglected in any way: if neatly beautiful eyebrows give the look a special appeal, just as well-groomed, shapeless, "disheveled" can spoil the sweetest face.

The shape and thickness of the eyebrows are sometimes determined by the fashion(For example, in the 30s and 40s of the twentieth century, thin, arched eyebrows were extremely popular, such as the actress Marlene Dietrich introduced into fashion), but certainly in this case it is better to proceed from individual characteristics. There are a number of rules for choosing the shape of the eyebrows, depending on the shape and type of face, hairstyle, etc. To find the most suitable for you option will help a professional cosmetologist or make-up artist. Subsequently, you can regularly adjust the shape of the master in the cabin or do it yourself - with tweezers. The plucking is more convenient to do after a hot shower or bath - then it will be practically painless. Hairs need to be plucked along the line of their growth. Experts do not advise removing hairs from the upper part of the eyebrows - first, it visually reduces them, and secondly, can lead to excessive growth.

Sometimes, even for perfectly plucked eyebrows, an additional means of shaping may be needed: for these cases, there are special gels and other eyebrow formulations.

Healthy appearance

A full and proper eyebrow care is usuallyIncludes even such simple procedures as combing and massage. Combing is recommended to do every day, in the direction from the nose to the temples. It is very useful to moisten the brush in some nutritious oil - olive, burdock, castor. Eyebrow massage, which can also be done daily, is a small complex of simple movements: tingle, pushes and circular massage movements with your fingertips. These simple actions can improve the appearance of not only the eyebrows, but also the entire zone around the eyes.

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If you are unhappy with your natural colorEyebrows, it is easy to fix with the help of cosmetics. Also, it can be needed if you radically changed the color of your hair - for example, too dark, black eyebrows in combination with blond hair will look extremely unnatural and ugly. The color of the eyebrows can be darker than the color of the hair no more than 1-2 tones.

The simplest means is a pencil for the eyebrows. The basic rules of its use:

  • The pencil should always be well sharpened.
  • The eyebrow should be painted not with one continuous line, but with separate small lines - this will look more accurate and natural.
  • To hide the traces of applying a pencil, you can use powder.

In beauty salons, you can also offer persistent eyebrow staining or permanent make-up: these eyebrows will always look rich - from six months to several years.

Take some time for good careBehind the eyebrows - this will help you feel much more confident and attractive, because beautiful eyebrows are almost as important as expressive eyes and seductive lips.

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