Dreaming of eternal youth ... Facial massage against wrinkles

The writer Juliette Benzoni in his famousSeries of novels "Marianne" tells the legend of the Italian princess Lucinda. Lucinda was incredible, fabulously beautiful, even rumored that her beauty was the result of a deal with the Devil. Men went crazy from her, and she reveled in her power over them. For many years her face remained impeccable, but one morning, admiring herself in the mirror, the beauty noticed a wrinkle in the corner of her mouth. This became for the princess such a shock that her life lost all meaning for her - she did not want her marvelous features to distort old age, and she considered immediate death a better fate for herself. But the thought that her incomparable body would smolder in the grave was also unbearable. Therefore, the beautiful Lucinda burned herself ...

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This terrible, but at the same time beautiful storyBears a deep meaning. Is it not enough in our time for women who are ready for anything, if only to stay young and charming longer, if only to delay the inexorable flight of time? Plastic surgery, Botox injections and much more - no matter what complications and side effects may occur after all, because Beauty, like an insatiable pagan idol, always requires sacrifice.

These "victims", however, can sometimes even bePleasant. It will be a question of such a method of combating the signs of aging as a facial massage against wrinkles. This is a common salon procedure, however, you can do this massage yourself at home. The main requirements: a comfortable position (lying or sitting with a straight back), a warm room. Movements should be smooth, without scope; Do not press too hard on areas with inflamed skin and in the eye area. Each movement is repeated several times until the tension decreases and a pleasant feeling of peace and relaxation appears.

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Technique of face massage

Before beginning the massage, rub your hands a little to keep them warm.

A classic version of facial massage against wrinkles - using olive oil, you can also add one or two drops of lavender. The basic techniques of this massage:

  • - smoothing the pads of the thumbs of the skin in the direction from the middle of the forehead to the temples;
  • - "rubbing" movements of little fingers in the area between the eyebrows;
  • - movement with the pressure of the middle fingers from the eyebrows up to the hair line and from the eyebrows to the temples;
  • - smoothing movements with ring fingers around the chin;
  • - stroking the palms of the clavicles up the neck and face to the top of the forehead;
  • - sliding movements of hands in the area under the chin;
  • - circular massaging of the pads in the area of ​​the chewing muscles (on both sides of the face);
  • - Sipping the palms of the auricles upward.

Another classic complex can be done andDry hands, but with the use of a cream (any daily cream is suitable), such facial massage against wrinkles will be more effective. Basic techniques (repeated several times):

  • - light stroking movements of the palms from the corners of the mouth towards the ears, from the bridge of the nose to the chin, from the center of the forehead to the temples;
  • - Circular "pushing" movements all over the face from the bottom up (cushions of the index, middle and ring fingers);
  • - circular massaging with the palms of the ears with a slight pressure, tingling the lobules with the pads of the thumb and index finger;
  • - massage the fingers of the scalp (palms lie on the temples, and the tips of the fingers move from the forehead to the back of the head);
  • - circular movements of the pads of the fingers in the lower part of the cheeks from the chin to the ears;
  • - smoothing the pads of the thumbs of the skin over the upper and lower lip in the direction from the center of the mouth to the corners;
  • - easy pressing movements of the pads of the fingers to the eyelids with closed eyes or a slight tapping on the eyelids (very carefully, no more than 2-3 times).

If you do facial massage against wrinkles regularly(At least once a week), it will be effective enough, as it has a relaxing effect, improves blood circulation, thus fighting with aging and withering of the skin.

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