How correctly to kiss with the guy?

Perhaps this is one of the burning issues,Exciting every young girl in the period of first love. And although the initiator in the kiss, as a rule, is a guy, girls are experiencing about this no less. How to kiss so that the beloved melted after the first touch of the lips and remember it forever?

The most important thing in every kiss - sincerity. If kissing is not very much and want youDo only a favor in the form of a kiss, it will never work for you, even if on the eve you re-read the mountains of literature about how to kiss a guy correctly. On the other hand, you can be completely unskilled in this matter theoretically - and falling in love, passion and crazy desire to kiss your beloved will make your kiss truly beautiful.

And nevertheless it is possible to allocate the basic rules of that,How to kiss the girl correctly, so that the impressions of the kiss are only the most pleasant. This is not a direct guide to action, which you need to look at during a kiss, as in a cheat sheet, but simply useful information for reflection.

Choose the right situation

Suitable for a kiss - especially the first one -The situation is no less important than the process of kissing. Knowledge of how to kiss a girl correctly should be applied at the right time and in the right place. Standard for the first kiss is the moment of farewell: it's important not to miss the moment when the same awkward pause comes, when both are ready for a kiss. This option is especially good for individuals of the conservative, accustomed to act "in the old fashion", "as usual." After all, hardly a kiss of farewell will be a surprise for the guy.

If you are a fan of experiments and do notYou want to drive yourself into the accepted framework, you can arrange a surprise kiss, without waiting for the guy to lead you to the doors of your house. True, you need to be careful here - even if you are sure that you know for sure how to kiss a guy correctly, a kiss should be, as they say, "to the point". If you "catch up" a kiss at a time when a guy enthusiastically tells you about his hobby or plans for the future, it will look like a sign that you are simply not interested in listening to him. Hardly a guy will appreciate this trick.

In any case, with the first kiss isTo exclude the moment of surprise - both must be ready for it. Take advantage of the pause, look in the eyes of the beloved, take his hand, feel his breath. Let him understand that now you are going to kiss him, and will reach out to meet you. Take your lips slowly to him, lightly touch them, stopping so for a few seconds, and just as slowly as you can, tear yourself away. During the first kiss, it is not so important to show your ability to kiss, how to let the guy feel that you are not indifferent to him, and the kiss is a sign that you are not against further development of the relationship.

Feel a partner and express your feelings

How correctly to kiss with the guy?

In this regard, the girl is somewhat simpler - the guy offers her a certain "script" of the kiss, i.e. A girl can quite take a passive position, obeying in this matter the actions of a loved one.

On the other hand, the girl has the right to accept this"Script" or redirect it to another channel. For example, if the guy is persistent and from the very first kiss is trying to get your tongue in your mouth, and you are not ready for it yet, do not be afraid to demonstrate this unreadiness, somewhat withdrawing (but not taking your lips from the lips of your partner and especially not turning away! ) And slightly closed his lips.

Can a girl be the initiator duringKissing? Of course yes! If you are more temperamental than your partner, or are burning desire to kiss him this minute - do not deny yourself this! In the end, the kiss still does not oblige! And how to properly learn the girl to kiss, if not in practice?

At the same time, if this is the first kiss,Try to restrain your ardor and refuse to express your passion too much: biting and sucking on your lips and partner's tongue, French kisses, excessive "slobbery" and the duration of the kiss - everything has its time, everything is perfect, the first kiss is beautiful by its tenderness, modesty, a kind of "probing" . Yes, and too energetic girls, many guys are afraid.

Take care of the aesthetic side of the kiss

Many ignore this aspect of the question - and yetHow much depends on it! One can study the information on how to kiss a guy correctly, "rehearse" with a teddy bear / best friend / one's hand (the latter option, by the way, is quite superfluous - it is very convenient to "sharpen" the technique of kissing on the delicate skin of the hand) Kinds of kisses - and all will spoil a kiss near a garbage tank right after you have eaten with you a dash with garlic.

A suitable place for a kiss, fresh smell from theMouth, lack of increased salivation and other unpleasant things (chewing gum or uneaten food in the mouth, excessive sniffing / grunting / groaning) during "contact" - all this will make your kiss aesthetically attractive, sublime, surrounded by a halo of romance. And do not think that all this romance is important only to girls: many guys are not less squeamish and do not like to kiss, for example, with smoking girls.

How correctly to kiss with the guy?

Where, how and how much?

All is well in moderation - and in the matter of kisses, the qualityShould not be inferior to quantity. Aspiring to learn how to kiss faster and master all possible types of kisses, do not abuse it, otherwise this intimate moment in the life of two loving people will turn into a daily routine.

Long and frequent candid kisses in public- not only a sign of bad manners, but also a direct way to the fact that from kisses in the near future you will cease to receive true pleasure. And you really want and after years to receive from kisses the same pleasure, as well as during the first kiss? Continue to be playful, be it led, then leading in the process of kissing, do not tighten it and try to hide for a kiss from prying eyes.

Learning to kiss is never too late - a techniqueKisses can be perfected all life! Remember that the feelings during a kiss will be especially strong if you are in love and glow with passion for your partner.

Sweet and sincere kisses to you, dear girls!

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