One of the most nasty feelings in a relationship isjealousy. She was, is and will be. We can not completely remove it from the outside world, but we can erase this feeling from our own lives. How to get rid of jealousy?

Jealousy and how to deal with it

First of all, you need to start by clarifying the causes of jealousy. Many people think that this is a groundless remark, but in reality everything is completely different. As a rule, any female jealousy arises from Fear of losing a loved one. If this is your problem, then solve itIs as follows: sit in a quiet environment and think about why you are afraid of losing this person. The problem of the majority is that they are afraid of leaving a man for another woman. But judge for yourself - if a man leaves, then it's not your man, not your second half. In this case, you just have to be happy, because in the future you will necessarily meet the man of your dreams. Awareness of this fact leads to the fact that fear is gone, and jealousy is self-destructive.

The second common cause of jealousy lies in the fact that A woman who is too idealistic for her man. It seems to her that this is the best person on earth, andIf he leaves, then life will end. To get rid of jealousy in this case, you should take a piece of paper and write down everything you do not like about this person. Perhaps the first time you will find this a difficult exercise, because your lover - the top of perfection (in your opinion). However, each person has his own flaws, and your loved one is no exception. Try to abstract, to look at the situation objectively. Write everything that you will remember, starting with the most ambitious, that I would like to change, and ending with minor trifles. It can be both a character and bad habits. Write, until the fantasy ends. When done, read everything that has been described, and realize that your man is not an ideal. So why does he need someone with such shortcomings? They can be tolerated and loved only by you!

Jealousy and how to deal with it

The next point concerning women's jealousy is low self-esteem. Very often a girl, falling in love with a man,Afraid that it will lead to another. A will lead just because she's prettier, sexier, smarter ... The list goes on forever! You may think that it's a man, but the problem lies in you. How to get rid of jealousy in this case? Just like you described all the negative qualities of a man, write down your positive traits. And again - write everything!

After that, describe everything that, in your opinion,Is not entirely ideal in you. Look at this list and ask the question: "Why do I think so?". In most cases, low self-esteem is a consequence of self-doubt. Stop being embarrassed, open up. Go to a nightclub with your girlfriends or just relax in a public place, most importantly - feel yourself a Goddess. Set your little goal to please men just like that, doing nothing while just being yourself. You are ideal only because you are a woman. Do not doubt that the opposite sex will be from you without a mind and already your lover will have to be jealous of you, and not you. Realizing this, there will be no trace of jealousy.

Jealousy and how to deal with it

Another reason for this insidious feeling is Dislike for each other. At first glance this may seem like somethingIncredible, but it's just that. If a couple does not have true love, sincerity in a relationship, if the relationship has become obsolete or has never existed, then the woman should think about it. We must carefully weigh all the pros and cons. Jealousy in this case is not the cause of love, but on the contrary, it can serve as an indicator of some fatigue from a partner. In this case, it only includes the habit of being close to a person, a kind of possessive instinct, but no more. Think - what keeps you next to this man? Dream, as it would be nice to have a man who worshiped you, with whom you would arrange romantic evenings, with which you would simply be cozy and calm. Realize this fact and release jealousy, and with it an unloved man.

The last The common cause of female jealousy is the man himself, Which gives cause for his beloved. How to get rid of jealousy in this situation? The best way will be your communication. Talk sincerely to each other, tell the man about your experiences. Do not cry before him or suffer, on the contrary, let him see your strength and confidence. Such conversations are very helpful, bring together and provide an opportunity to better understand each other. In the end, you will understand that this man loves you. And if he communicates with women, perhaps because of his activities, this does not mean that he is changing you - it's just part of his life.

Crying in front of a mirror - also not worth it, there are many reasons why you can not look in the mirror when you cry.

Follow our advice, be yourself, love and enjoy these pleasant feelings and emotions!