Loneliness is one of the main problems of modernWomen. Some of them await a lifetime for a prince who can not come to everyone at once, others are constantly disappointed in their chosen ones, and still others, watching the experience of the first two categories, become desperate feminists. Few people rationally approach the question of the appearance of their own, a real man. Girls either think that the men giving them attention are unworthy, or they scare the elect with their onslaught and desire to plant pions in the common garden tomorrow.

It is also worth noting that inIdeal men, we very often do not notice the marks of attention of "ordinary" members of the opposite sex, because they are very keen on their thoughts and stereotypes. Many girls are often lost when they get acquainted with and do not support this man. But not all men can now show courage, come and get acquainted. The behavior of many women further exacerbates the situation - all their appearance they show that no one is worthy of them. How can we break this vicious circle? How to get acquainted with a man?

Dating with a man - the choice is huge!

How to get acquainted with a man?

Strangely enough, but in the list of ways to get acquainted withThe most primitive and simple methods are leading the man. It is in such situations, in most cases, you can find a simple and open person. So, where to get acquainted with a man?

In the courtyard. If you have a dog, then it's beautiful.A way to find a man who also passionately loves animals. Going out to walk with your pet, you can go outside your yard and stumble upon a man with a dog that at least has similar interests to you.

At the stop. If you liked a man who is also,As well as you, waiting for transport at the bus stop, you can check with him whether the transport you need for a long time passed. If you are with him at the same time came to a stop, you can pretend that you are late and ask him for time.

In the shop. In a store or supermarket you can alwaysAsk for advice: "Have you tried this wine already? And how do you like it? ". Men like to feel that their opinion is important. As an option - you can ask to help get some goods off the top shelf - men like to feel their superiority.

On the street. How to get acquainted with a man on the street? The most elementary and popular way of all ages is an accidental collision and falling of your thing. Next, he will pick up your item, apologize and may invite you to a cup of coffee as compensation for your clumsiness, if this is, of course, your "man", and not a sassor who will follow you on foot.

If you smoke, you can always askSmoke or a cigarette from passing by and the man you like. However, this method has its own drawback - if a man does not smoke, he can negatively perceive your addiction.

In the sports section or gym
. If you, on the contrary, adhere to a healthyWay of life and visit the gym three times a week, there you can always meet a good and strong man. You can go and clarify how this or that simulator works, ask whether you are doing the right exercise.

How to get acquainted with a man?

On a rest
. Do not know where to get acquainted with a man? Go on vacation! You can always meet an interesting man in the resort or even in your favorite cafe. You can meet at the bar, carefully choosing what to order. A man will always be happy to give you advice, and perhaps even treat him with a cocktail or a cup of coffee. As for holiday romances, then remember that they tend to be short-lived and in most cases end on the same day when the end of vacation comes.

In club. Now in all more or less large citiesNightlife prevails over the daytime. Therefore, most often you can meet a man, ready for new acquaintances, it is in the club where he is liberated and, probably, also wants to meet his mate.

With friends. This method is considered one of the most reliable,Because no friend will introduce you to someone who does not like him. In any case, the probability that a friend will offer a worthy candidate for a place in your heart is high. Yes, and ask friends about the favors of a common acquaintance will never be superfluous.

In places where men are concentrated
. It can be, for example, an electronics store or a boutique with men's clothing. How to get acquainted with a man in this case? Just ask the man for help in choosing a gift to his brother or father.

In the Internet. On the web you can always find many interestingPeople - only here you need to know where to look. The most optimal options are social networks and sites (forums) for interests. On dating sites, mostly losers or people looking for short-term relationships "for one night" are registered. The main thing when you meet on the Internet is to take into account the fact that very many people hide behind imaginary images that have little to do with reality. Therefore, do not postpone the meeting for a long time, so that the possible disappointment was not strong.

At the evening of ex-meetings. This option is good because you can immediately communicate with a person, find out what he does, feel the first impression, which rarely deceives. Especially since you both know why you came here.

Places of interests. If you are fond of something, for example, you areIn a paratrooper club or visit a karate section - this can be an excellent occasion to meet a man who has a similar hobby to yours. You will not be bored with it, and you will have a great time.

Mistakes that women often make when dating men

Very often, women do things that, when they meet, obviously scare a man away. What are these mistakes?

How to get acquainted with a man?

A strong manifestation of excitement. A man likes to conquer, and if a woman is trembling before him in front of him, he becomes very uninteresting very soon.

Expressing your long-term plans
. A man is very frightened by a woman who, at the first date, tells him about the names of her future children.

. Any civilized person will be unpleasantly embarrassed if a woman is illiterate and foul language.

Laugh or tears for no reason
. This will be a clear sign of your unbalanced mental state. It's unlikely that any man will think about another meeting with such a person.

Excessive emotion. Such manifestations of feelings can also confuseYour interlocutor. Although this situation can be considered in two versions. If you constantly wave your arms and push it into your shoulder, remembering an anecdote, you yourself understand what its reaction will be. And if you just show positive emotions, then they can infect him and fall in love with you at first sight.

Lack of own opinion. Any of us always want to learn new andInteresting people who have their own point of view on a particular issue. And if the interlocutor is deprived of his opinion on this or that topic, then what else can we talk about? Communicate with such a special boring and monotonous - a potential choice may soon leave you bored alone with yourself.

Mention of former cavaliers. Such things are generally contraindicated for men, and when they meet - even more so.

Command tone
. A woman should be simple and pleasant in communication and in no way should she pretend to be a commander. This will repel the romantic mood of the man.

Calls to girl-friends
. Men can not stand when women throughEvery half hour running around powdering a nozzle, and they call their girlfriend to convey his last words. A smart man will always guess that this is what you do in the toilet, and he will not be pleased at all. And if your elect is stupid, then he can just think that you have problems with the bladder - which, you will agree, is also unpleasant.

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Tips that can come in handy when meeting a man

Nuances always play a very important role for the formation of the first impression of you. Remember them if you want to know how to get to know a man seriously and for a long time.

Do not forget that men love eyes, so try to always look at all 100. Nobody knows when you will meet your destiny.

Try to radiate as much positive and optimistic as possible. Then a man at least will see in you a cheerful and pleasant person.

Be natural to be conquered by your true spiritual beauty.

Learn to make a man laugh. They appreciate it most in women.

Appreciate yourself, and then the man will always appreciate you.

Let's have a chance to get acquainted with you men. Maybe it's just at first glance, he seems uninteresting because of his shyness, but in fact has a mass of very different knowledge and hobbies.

In conclusion, I would like to add: Remember a simple truth - a woman is easy to attract the attention of a man, but it is more difficult to keep him. Therefore, remain a mystery to him, and then, after acquaintance, he will necessarily want to meet with you again!